Serial Firmware Upgrade Instructions (up to Firmware Version 3.46)

Serial Firmware Upgrade Instructions
(up to Firmware Version 3.46)
Performing Firmware Upgrades
Such as the case now, from time to time enhancements or additional features become available to Versa-Tech®
Recloser users through a mechanism known as Firmware Upgrade.
This tab (see Figure 5) is the gateway which allows an end user to install these upgrades. This document explains the
procedure for serially upgrading the firmware on a Versa-Tech recloser. Units manufactured prior to July 2011 can
only be upgraded serially. Units manufactured after July 2011 can be upgraded wirelessly (provided firmware version
3.33 or higher is installed) or serially.
Requirements for upgrading Versa-Tech® Reclosers
with User Interface version (programmer) 1.3 or lower
and Firmware version 2.02 and lower
• Straight through DB9 serial cable (Figure 1).
• 7/64” Allen key.
• Computer with Windows XP or Win7 (32 bit) operating system.
• Firmware file (.a43) version 3.33 or higher.
• User interface installer version 2.41 or higher.
Figure 1
Summary of Features available through Firmware Upgrades
for Versa-Tech® Reclosers built prior to July 2011:
• Selection of Hot Line Tag (HLT) or traditional Non-Reclose using TCC1
Using the wirelessly connected user interface, the NR handle’s function can be configured as Traditional Nonreclose or HLT (instantaneous trip).
• Load current profiling (data logging)
• Current monitoring
• Instantaneous • Last Hour average
• Peak since last reset (drag hand value)
• A more streamlined user interface
• More user friendly • More intuitive • One double-click to connect for wireless communications
• Backward compatible to existing fielded units
• Simple profile save and load from one file location
• One-click complete report generation
• Offers connectivity for two different radio types
• Conventional Digi 9600BPS and
• Higher speed, longer range LSR radio
• Expanded Fault event history capacity
• Includes sequence coordination events in memory
• More secure Data transfer with proprietary communication Protocol (Hubbell Power System proprietary)
IMPORTANT: Additional features NOT available for Versa-Tech® Reclosers built prior to July 2011, but
ARE available on newer models: (Note: These are in addition to all features listed above.)
• Local Selection of either Hot Line Tag (HLT) or traditional Non-Reclose using TCC1 with a hot stick
• The NR handle’s mode can be configured in either of two ways:
1. Using the wirelessly connected user interface to define Traditional Non-reclose or HLT
OR 2. Locally with a double throw of the non reclose handle:
If the non-reclose handle is cycled to the down position, back to normal and then back down
within a 30 second window, a visible indication in the form of an HLT beacon strobe pattern
confirms that the control is in HLT mode
• Software control to flash the beacon to identify a unit actively connected to in a polyphase arrangement
• Over the air upgrade capability for future firmware updates
Some may choose to perform the firmware upgrade on previously installed reclosers in the field. If so, the recloser
first and foremost MUST be bypassed and isolated to be hardwired to whether it is taken down (unmounted) or not.
Where safe work practices allow, a 50 ft DB 9 cable can be used to connect to an installed, bypassed and isolated
recloser. Otherwise, remove any conductor leads or jumpers, loosen the two nuts holding the plate to the structure
and lower the recloser to the ground, perform the upgrade and then return the recloser to service. Upon successful
upgrade, a confirmation will be returned in the space directly above the progress meter on the Firmware Upgrade
The recloser should not be subjected to current injection while directly connected, nor should it under any
circumstances be operated by high current while directly connected. This could result in damage to the RS 232 port
on the device as well as the host computer or any adapters or converters being used at that time.
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NOTE: Hubbell has a policy of continuous product improvement. Please visit to confirm current design specifications.
Step 1
To use a DB 9 serial cable, remove the remote radio
from the recloser by loosening and removing the
two allen head screws as shown in Figure 2. A 7/64”
Allen wrench will be required to do this.
Figure 2
Connect the recloser to a laptop computer as
shown in Figure 3.
Step 2
Remove any Versa-Tech® Programmer software
version 1.3 or lower that may be installed on the
computer being used.
Step 3
Install the Versa-Tech® Programmer software
version 2.41 or higher.
Figure 3
Step 4
Open the Versa-Tech® Programmer software.
Step 5
At the main screen, select the “USB-Serial Comm Port” profile and click “Connect” (Figure 4).
Figure 4
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Step 6
Click on the Firmware Upgrade tab (Figure 5).
Figure 5
Step 7
Click “Load File” and select the location where the Hubbell Power Systems-supplied “.a43” file is located
(Figure 6).
Figure 6
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Step 8
Click the “Start” button. Enter a valid security password and click OK (Figure 7).
Figure 7
Allow the upgrade to continue to completion (Figure 8).
You should receive a confirmation: “Successful, Device is operational. Press OK.” directly above the
progress meter.
Figure 8
These instructions do not claim to cover all details or variations in equipment, nor to provide for all possible conditions to be met
with concerning installation, operation, or maintenance of this equipment. If further information is desired or if particular problems
are encountered which are not sufficiently covered in this guide, contact Hubbell Power Systems.
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