pcProx® Nano Reader
Simplify authentication and
access with the versatile pcProx
Nano reader.
The pcProx® Nano reader incorporates all the features of the
desktop and surface mount readers into an ultra-compact USB
format. Its small size makes it easy for embedding into monitor
housings, connecting to printers or for the mobile worker to
do their job while complying with organizational guidelines for
authentication, identification and access. The pcProx® Nano
reader mounted in a laptop or tablet can help IT organizations
protect valuable information while giving employees the ability to
freely go to where the work is with the assurance of security,
easy identification and simple access. Even with requirements for
multiple passwords and access to various secured applications,
the login process shouldn’t get in the way of doing work. In timesensitive situations, every second counts.
The ultra compact, USB format Nano badge reader is available
in either 125 kHz proximity or 13.56 MHz contactless formats
and includes all of the features found on the pcProx desktop
and surface mount readers. Its small size makes it easy for the
mobile worker to do their job while complying with organizational
guidelines for authentication, identification and access.
Feature-Rich, Small Reader Profile
The revolutionary small size brings significant opportunity and
flexibility in terms of solution variety and integration opportunities.
The small form factor is not intrusive to the laptop user and
avoids breakage costs common with larger dongle style readers.
This compact reader lessens the number of pieces of hardware
required for various solutions when embedded within housings
or keyboards, for example, in solutions where access control is
required. The pcProx 13.56 MHz reader is available with up to
four badge (card) configurations. It also includes auto tuning for
13.56 MHz readers to ensure optimal read performance which can
counter the effects of card variability or environmental factors.
125 kHz Proximity Horizontal
125 kHz Proximity Vertical
13.56 MHz Contactless Vertical
Backwards Compatibility
RF IDeas products are backward compatible. The pcProx Nano
reader easily integrates into existing 125 kHz proximity or 13.56
MHz contactless smart card systems. The reader utilizes the
existing configuration utility eliminating the need to create new
applications. For partner applications that support pcProx readers,
the pcProx Nano can be easily integrated which means no
additional modification or training is required.
Secure Access
When an employee is away from the laptop or desktop computer,
it is critical to secure access to the information. A pcProx Nano
reader allows a user to easily access the device with a simple
wave of an authorized badge. No longer does the user need
cumbersome passwords. Multiple access cards can be configured
to authenticate a single device, for environments where a computer
is shared by several individuals. For secure printing, the compact
size complements the efficiency of single and multi-function printers
where print management software ensures print jobs are not
released until an employee waves his badge at the reader.
pcProx® Nano 125 kHz Proximity or
13.56 MHz Contactless Reader
Common Applications
The introduction of mobile badge readers opens the door to an unlimited number of applications. The Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) allows
independent developers to give their application the ability to read badge identification information directly off any contactless smart card.
Below are some of the most common applications in key industries.
Single Sign-on
Time & Attendance
Training Compliance
Secure Print Management
Proximity Card Readers
Contactless Smart Card Readers
Model Series
RDR-6X11AKU Enroll Vertical, RDR-6X12AKU 82 Series Vertical,
RDR-6X21AKU Enroll Horizontal, RDR-6X22AKU 82 Series
Horizontal (Note: X = Card Type)
RDR-7011AKU, RDR-7012AKU, RDR-7511AKU,
Operating Frequency
125 kHz or 132 kHz
13.56 MHz
Software Developer Kit (SDK)
Proximity Card Readers
Contactless Smart Card Readers
Dimensions (inches)
Vertical: Height 0.72” x Width 0.62” x Length 0.72” (18.3 mm x
15.7 mm x 18.3 mm) Horizontal: Height 0.36" x Width 0.62" x
Length 1.14" (99.1 mm x15.7 mm x 29 mm)
Height 0.88” x Width 0.62” x Length 0.76”
(22.4 mm x 15.7 mm x 19.3 mm)
0.14 oz (3.96 g)
0.20 oz (5.67 g)
Housing Color
Cable Length
Not applicable
LED (horizontal model only)
Form Factors
Vertical mobile reader, Horizontal mobile reader
Power Supply
Vertical mobile reader
USB self-powered
Power Consumption
70 mA typical, 100 mA maximum
60 mA typical, 150 mA maximum
Proximity Card Readers
Operating Temperature Range
Contactless Smart Card Readers
-22º to 150ºF (-30º to 65ºC)
Operating Humidity Range
5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Storage Temperature Range
-40º to 185ºF (-40º to 85ºC)
Proximity Card Readers
Contactless Smart Card Readers
Certifications (Please contact RF IDeas
FCC-United States; CE Mark-Europe; RCM-Australia; IC-Industry Canada; UL
Environmental: RoHS, REACH
Compatible Operating Systems
Windows XP®, 7®, 8®, 10® and Linux Ubuntu 12.04
for information about other global certifications)
Card Types
RF IDeas, Inc.
4020 Winnetka Avenue
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
HID® Prox, Indala®, EM 410x, AWID, CASI-RUSCO,
Kantech ioProx
Contact RF IDeas for additional card types.
For RDR-751xAKU CSN reader: HID iCLASS, ISO 14443A,
MIFARE®, ISO 15693, NFC 1 (Topaz),FeliCa (NFC 3),
Toll Free: 866-439-4884
Voice: 847-870-1723
Fax: 847-483-1129
Email: sales@RFIDeas.com
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