NBN 500GB Bundle

NBN 500GB Bundle
CritiCal information Summary
information about the service.
Here’s a quick summary of all the important bits about your nBn
500GB Bundle.
It covers things like the length of your contract and how much you need
to pay each month. It also covers the minimum term of your contract and
any early termination fees.
Your plan is for a post-paid Internet and Phone line bundle. It gives you
access to our landline and internet networks, a phone number, and lets
you make and receive phone calls. The Internet access allows you to
upload and download data. Both up and down data transfer contributes
to your monthly data allowance.
Depending on your requirements you may choose either Analogue Voice
delivered using a UNI-V port in NBN Fibre areas only, or Voice delivered
using a Home Network Gateway (provided by us) connected to a UNI-D
port in Fibre or Fixed Wireless areas.
Only the Analogue Voice service will be supplied using the NBN Co
Battery Backup Unit so you can use your telephone service to make and
receive calls during a power outage. The battery will provide power for
up to 8 hours if supporting a single Analogue Voice service. The Voice
service is not supplied with NBN Co Battery Backup Unit hence will not
operate during a power outage.
To receive this plan, you must have your Long Distance calls with us for
the duration that we provide you this service.
Minimum tErm
The minimum term of the plan is 12 months.
What’s included and Excluded?
NBN Broadband Internet Service
Home Line rental
The following charges and features apply:
Calls to Local numbers: 15¢ per call (untimed)
Calls to National numbers: 15¢ per minute (one minute min)
Calls to Telstra Mobiles: 30¢ per minute (one minute min)
Calls other Mobiles: 30¢ per minute (one minute min)
Calls to 13/1300 numbers: 40¢ per call (untimed)
All Calls are charged in per second increments with a one minute
minimum charge.
BroaDBanD uSaGE alloWanCE
You receive 500GB of Data Allowance each month and both Uploads
and Downloads are counted towards your usage for that billing period.
Once you have used your data allowance for each month your service
will either be shaped to 256kb/s or excess usage charged depending on
your selected plan. Quota not used in a month is not carried forward to
the next month. There is no peak or off peak restriction on your usage.
Usage means monthly upload and download data transfer, 1 Gigabyte
= 1024 Megabytes. Uploaded data is counted towards your usage
information about pricing.
Your minimum monthly charge is is 12 months:
Early tErmination
There is an early termination fee (ETF). If you choose to
cancel your service or it is disconnected for any reason within the 12
month contract term you will be charged an early termination fee of
$110.00 inc for NBN and $77.00 inc HNG early termination charge.
Both components of the Bundle need to be active in order to receive
the Bundle plan pricing.
Monthly Fee
Total Cost
(24 mths)
Cost per
If you have chosen an unshaped plan, excess data usage will be charged
at $2.50 per GB in 1 Megabyte Increments.
CallS to intErnational numBErS
Different rates apply to call international numbers. Calls are charged per
minute block. For all international call rates, see www.fairtel.com.au/
CuStomEr SErViCE GuarantEE
To receive this service you must agree to waive your rights to the Customer
Service Guarantee. (CSG waiver) You may choose to not agree to a CSG
waiver, however we will not be able to provide this service to you.
All prices Inc GST
08 97799966
Feb 2017 Version
NBN 500GB Bundle
CritiCal information Summary
ConnECtion CHarGES
A minimum of two appointments may be required to connect your service
on the NBN Network. We’ll arrange both appointments. A Standard
installation of the NBN Co equipment is included. If your installation is
non standard, NBN Co will discuss and obtain your agreement to any
additional charges before starting the work and these charges will appear
on your first bill.
The service includes Service Activation (BYO modem) or a Self
Installation Kit if you choose to receive the Home Network Gateway at no
additional charge. If you choose the Home network Gateway and elect to
receive a professional installation, a charge of $259.78 inc GSt applies.
Installation Fee
(Self Install)
Installation Fee
12 Months
$259.78 inc GST
If you are not the owner of the property where the service is going to be
installed, you must obtain the owner’s consent to the installation of the
NBN Co equipment, including where it is installed within your premises.
If you are in a Fixed Wireless coverage area, before it can be installed an
NBN Co technician will complete a signal strength test to ensure it meets
the minimum requirements. If the service can’t be installed we will contact
you shortly after the appointment to discuss alternatives.
Your internet service on the NBN offers download speeds to the premises
from 12Mbps and upload speeds from the premises from 1Mbps. Actual
speeds may vary due to a number of factors such as the destination
of the host computer or server you are accessing, the global Internet
links between us and internet destinations, the network that connects
from your location to other parts of the country, the performance of your
network, your equipment and software on your PC. The Ethernet router
that you use should also be considered as some routers cannot go as fast
as the theoretical line speed.
You may use your own router provided it is compatible with our service,
however this means that you will be responsible for the configuration and
management of the router. Optionally you may select to take our Home
Network Gateway at no additional monthly cost, however an additional
charge will apply should you choose to have this device professionally
installed. If the Home Network Gateway is required to be replaced due
to loss or damage not caused by us, a charge of $123.12 will apply plus
either $64.95 if you receive the replacement modem via self installation
kit or $259.78 if a technician attends site.
SErViCE anD Plan CHanGES
Once you take up a phone and broadband service on the NBN you can’t
move back to services on the existing copper network. You may upgrade
your bandwidth or your plan allowance once per month. You cannot
downgrade your bandwidth or plan while within contract term.
other information
We will bill you in advance for the minimum monthly charge and features
and in arrears for calls and data. Your first bill will include charges for part
of the month from when you took up your plan until the end of that billing
cycle, as well as the minimum monthly charge in advance for the next
billing cycle.
NBN Broadband Internet is not available everywhere. Availability depends
on a number of factors including whether the location has had NBN fibre
laid and new developments have completed certain requirements so that
they are ready to connect to the NBN. You must check with us whether
we can deliver a service to your location.
We will deliver your service to the Network Boundary Point at your
premises, which is defined as the physical port or ‘UNI’ on the NBN
Network Termination Device. The cabling that is required in your
premises beyond the optical network termination device is your cost and
responsibility, as is the provision of a suitable 240V AC power outlet.
WE’rE HErE to HElP
If you have any questions, just call us on 1300 714 930 so we can serve
you better. Or you can visit us at www.fairtel.com.au or additional
information, including to access information about your usage of
the service.
If you have any concerns or complaints, you can access our complaint
resolution process via the details on our website at www.fairtel.com.au
You can also contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman on
1800 062 058 or submit an enquiry at http://www.tio.com.au/
All prices Inc GST
Feb 2017 Version
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