Using the EM32 Eigenmike R Microphone Array / Amir Avni In order

Microphone Array / Amir Avni
Using the EM32 Eigenmike In order to execute a 32 channels measurement using the EM32 you will need:
• EM32 eigenmike
• EM32 interface box
• MacBook
Setting up:
• Connect a network cable between the EM32 and the interface box.
• Connect a firewire cable between the interface box and the laptop.
• Execute the command line. (“cmd” from start→ run)
• Go to c:/em32 eigenmike/
• When using the large EM32 press “em32storecalibration calvalsdb sn018.txt”.
When using the small EM32 press “em32storecalibration calvalsdb sn009.txt”.
• Press “em32SetGain XX” to set the gain - where XX is the gain in dB.
• Execute the Zynewave Podium program.
• Choose the Eigenmike32 project. You should see a window with 32
• Press record and play to start the recording.
• Press Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S to save 32 .wav files in the following directory:
C:/Documents and Settings/em32/My Documents/Zynewave Podium
Projects/Library/EM32 mono tracks/EM32 Eigenmike arrangement/.
• In order to delete the tracks - choose all the tracks and press Fn+delete.
Tip: It is useful to copy the .wav files to a new directory after saving. If
not - the new .wav files from the next measurements will have different file
names (Useful when using MATLAB)
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