M5 Parking Meter
IPS single-space meters provide customers and their patrons with a simple and
consistent parking user experience which is more cost-effective, customerfriendly, and more reliable than alternatives. The patented IPS solution uniquely
provides a credit card enabled single-space meter mechanism that retrofits into
your current on-street parking meter housing. IPS smart meters offer multiple
payment options (credit/debit card, contactless payment, coins, smart card, and
tokens), access to real-time data, solar power technology, and a comprehensive
web-based management system.
Physical Features
• Universal single-space meter mechanism retrofits almost all
single-space meter housings, including Duncan, MacKay, and POM
• Easy retrofit installation takes less than 15 seconds and requires
zero modification to existing housing
• Mechanism is protected by zinc alloy meter dome and UV
resistant, anti-fog Lexan cover
• Keypad has four easy-to-read mechanical buttons for intuitive
payment navigation—rated at more than 250,000 cycles
• Tri-colored LED lights on front and back of meter alert
enforcement officers of meter status: paid (green), unpaid (red),
and meter fault (yellow)
• Vandal resistant coin slot/chute allows for worry-free operation
and quick servicing
• Environmentally-friendly solar panel and combination
rechargeable/back-up battery pack maximize ongoing power
• Proven ability to operate under varying environmental conditions
such as snow, sleet, rain, humidity, dust storms, extreme cold, and
extreme heat
• RFID technology automatically identifies the meter location and
downloads the correct operating parameters when meters are
Model 132
Model 147
Model 795
Payment Options
• Meters accept payment with credit/debit card, coins, tokens, and smart card at the
meter terminal
• Optional features include contactless payment and NFC applications such as Google
Wallet™ and Apple Pay
• Meters integrate with pay-by-cell applications for additional customer convenience
• PA-DSS and Level 1 PCI-DSS certification ensures secure credit card transactions for
• Meters communicate wirelessly via the cellular network and are connected to a webbased Data Management System (DMS), eliminating the need for communication
hardware and customer software
• Meters wirelessly notify parking operations staff of any faults, such as a card reader or
coin validator jam, via text message, email, or both
Graphical Display
• Large 160x160 pixel, backlit LCD operates at temperatures of -40˚F to 185˚F
• Display toggles between multiple screens which can display metered time, parking
rates, maximum stay period messages, current time of day (including when meter will
expire), and other alpha-numeric or graphical messages depending on the status of
the meter
• Display can be programmed remotely via web-based DMS
• In the event of a coin jam, meter will continue to allow payment via credit/debit card,
smart card, or pay-by-cell and will display “Cards only, No Coins”. The message is
reversed if there is a card reader jam
Centralized Data Management System
• Ability to integrate with other meter, enforcement, and third-party management
• Comprehensive set of financial and technical reports and administrative tools
• Revenue and payment information available in real-time to validate parking
• Wireless integration of vehicle detection sensors and smart cash collection systems
for additional enforcement features and parking operations analysis
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