IR 167 BT B/W

IR 167 BT B/W
IMPORTANT: Please read before using and retain for future reference.
• Thank you for buying our product.
• Please read through these operating instructions, so you will know how to operate your
equipment properly. After you finished reading the instructions manual, put it away in a safe
place for future reference.
Before using the IR167BT, the following requirements are needed:
• A broadband connection in combination with a wired/wireless access point, router or similar
network device.
• The network device needs to support WiFi (802.11b/g/n) wireless connection.
• A PC or smart phone with a network ready. This network has to be the same one as the
IR167BT equipped with.
• Do not drop the IR167BT and do not expose it to liquid, moisture or humidity.
These might lead to damage to the device.
• If the IR167BT is moved from a cold environment into a warmer one, do let it adapt to the new
temperature before operate the device. Otherwise, it might lead to condensation and cause
malfunctions in the device.
• Do not us the IR167BT in the dust environment as dust can damage the interior electronic
components and lead to malfunctions in the device.
• Protect the IR167BT from strong vibrations and place it on stable surface.
• Do not attempt to disassembly the IR167BT.
• Only use the power cord delivered with the IR167BT.
• The socket outlet should be installed near the IR167BT and should be easily accessible.
• Never touch the power cord with wet hands.
• Make sure the electrical voltage specified on the IR167BT and its power plug is corresponding
to the voltage of the power socket. Incorrect voltage will destroy the device.
• If the IR167BT is not using for a long period of time, disconnect it from the power supply by
unplugging the power cord. This is to avoid the risk of fire.
• Never use any harsh or strong solvents to clean the IR167BT since these may damage the
surface of the device. Dry, soft cloth is appropriate, however, if the IR167BT is extremely dirty,
it may be wiped off with a slightly moist cloth. Make sure the device is dried off after cleaning.
• When you are necessary to ship the IR167BT, store it in its original package.
Save the package for this purpose.
EN - 2
Front View
1. Button
Press to return to the main menu
2. M button
Switch between audio sources
3. 2.4” TFT full color display
Power on/Standby button
5. Remote Sensor
Top View
6. < Left cursor / Previous button
Play/Pause button
8. > Right cursor / Next button
9. Preset 1, 2, 3, 4
10.Preset button
Press and hold to save the stations.
EN - 3
11.Volume/Navigate + OK dial
Adjust volume;
Cursor up/down;
Confirm selection
Back View
12.USB port for charging (5 V,1 A)
13.3.5 mm Earphone Jack
14.AC Socket
15.Telescopic Antenna
Remote Control
Mute button
Power on/Standby button
3. Button
Press to return to the main menu.
Increase volume button
Decrease volume button
Press to go back to previous track
Play/Pause button
Press to change to next track
9. Mode button
Press to go to main menu.
10. Up cursor button
11. Left cursor button
12. Right cursor button
13. Down cursor button
14.OK button
15.0~9 call up favorites/memory;
Input letters and numbers
16.EQ button
17.INFO button
18.PRESET button
Sleep button
20.ALARM button
21.TIMER button
EN - 4
Remember to pull out the clear plastic tab from the battery compartment before using the remote.
To remove the battery from the remote, use your thumb to pull out the battery tray.
Replace it with a AA type battery.
Caution: Risk of explosion of battery is replaced by an incorrect type.
Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions.
Symbols on the display
Connection is being established, device functioning
No wireless connection
Wireless connection established
VHF radio function selected
VHF radio reception: Mono
VHF radio reception: Stereo
Speaker off
Alarm on
Internet radio station saved as favorite
FM radio station saved
The packaging box contains the following items:
• IR167BT Internet Radio
• Remote Control
• AC Power Cord
• User Manual
• For wireless LAN(WLAN) network connection:
Check if WLAN LINK/ACT light of the wired/wireless access point or router is illuminated.
Consult the user guide of that for any questions.
Note: WiFi allows data transfer over short distances within 15 meters. Any walls
or ceilings may reduce the strength of the WiFi connectivity. Therefore try to
locate the IR167BT and/or the access point within the distance mentioned
above, and avoid any obstacles between two devices.
• Plug the power cord into the AC socket.
• When it is the first time running the device, the system will ask you to set Language
and Network Configurations.
EN - 5
• Select Yes to establish connection to the network.
• Select Yes(WPS)(only for WPS routers). Then press the WPS button on your router.
• Select No if you would prefer to listen to a terrestrial station or to use the speaker with
an external playback device.
If you answer ”Yes”, the display goes to scanning for Wireless Network and shortly afterwards
a list of available wireless networks will appear.
EN - 6
The number of bars in the wireless symbol in front of the network name (SSID) shows the
relative signal strength of the network.
The key symbol indicated that the network is password-protected.
If the device does not find any wireless networks, no wireless Networks Found appears on the
display. Change your location, if necessary, and check your WLAN router.
You can find the SSID of your Access Point in the configuration of the Access Point (router).
Select your network and confirm with OK. If your WLAN is password-protected, you will be
prompted to enter your password.
Enter the password using the number and letter buttons of the remote control or enter it directly
on the device.
Note the use of upper and lower case when entering the password.
You can rotate reel to choose the code. If it is accidentally pressed , to move a redundant
entry, press to correct.
With Remote Control
The cursor indicates the current entry space.
Press the corresponding number button repeatedly:
(delete entry)
(space) @ ! # $ % & ( ) + - . / : ; < = > ? [ \ ] ^ { | } ~
EN - 7
Alternatively, you can enter the numbers and letter using only the cursor buttons:
Go to previous entry space, entry can be overwritten
Go to next entry space, the last entry is saved
/ Select number / letter
OK confirm entire entry
It may take a few seconds to establish the connection to the network.
Once the connection is established, the main menu appears with the main menu items:
-- Internet Radio: Access to worldwide radio stations
-- Media Centre: Access to your UpnP devices via software with streaming capability.
-- Information Center: Access to weather, financial and system information.
-- Bluetooth: Access to all devices connected via bluetooth.
-- Configuration: Various system settings
-- Local Radio: Access to radio stations in a particular region(e.g. only German Stations)
• Press
to enter standby mode. The time, date and any active alarm times display on the
EN - 8
• If you have setup a network connection, and use IR167BT again within the network, it will
automatically establish the connection. In case you desire to change the network, enter
configuration to setup the corresponding connection.
• Use the letter keys to input numbers/letters. Once you are on the letter you want,
press to the next entry. When you are at the end the input, press OK to confirm.
You may press to move to the previous entry.
The IR167BT can be controlled with your smartphone via WiFi. It is recommended to use
the AirMusic Control App. Additionally to controlling the radio, the app is able to play the
smartphone’s local music files on the IR167BT.
The app itself is available for Andriod and iOS. It can be downloaded from here:
In the main menu you can select the following modes, Local Radio, My mediaU (if it is enabled,
see 5.9.2), Internet Radio, Media Center, FM, Information Center ,Bluetooth, and Configuration.
Display and playback your own mediaU station list on the mediaU server.
Set your account first.
When it is enabled, My mediaU will be shown on the main menu.
If various mediaU accounts exist in the IR167BT, select the default login account in here.
EN - 9
To activate your own station list, follow the steps below:
1. Access
2. Join my mediaU membership
3. Login to the website
4. Enter the wireless MAC address of IR167BT to the mediaU website.This information
can be obtained in Information Center > System Information > Wireless Info
5. After successfully configuring, you are able to save and view your own mediaU station
playlist(s). Username and password are not required to enter to IR167BT.
6. If there are different accounts stored in IR167BT,you can choose the one you currently
use under Configuration menu.
Each time you have made any updates on the playlist from the website, go to Configuration >
Manage my MediaU to synchronize the change to the IR167BT.
After connecting any station, the bit rate and the format of the station are displayed on the
playing screen.
Create a list of your favorite preset stations. It supports 250 favorite entries including station
and folder. During the station playing screen, press and hold Preset on the IR167BT to save the
station as my favorite. You may replace the previous saved station to the new one.
You also can save the station to your favorite while scrolling through the station list. When the
station is highlighted you can press , to enter this menu where you can add the station to your
EN - 10
If the selected station has been saved, you can’t save it again.
Under the preset station list, move to your station, press OK to listen. You may also press
enter its submenu to Delete, Shift Up, Shift Down along the list, Rename or Play.
5.2.2 Radio Station/Music
Stations are categorized into Global Top 20, Genre, Country/Location and Highlight.
Enter to continue the subcategories and choose the station to listen.
For each station, press OK to play directly. You may press to enter its submenu.
You can Add to Favorite, Auto Scan or Play.
When you choose Auto Scan, the radio introduces every station in the list by playing it for 30
seconds. This is stopped when every station is played or you press the OK button.
5.2.3 History
Shows you a list of last listened stations. It can save up to 10 history stations. For each station,
press OK to play directly. You may press to enter its submenu. You can Add to Favorite,
Auto Scan or Play. When you choose Auto Scan, the radio introduces every station in the list
by playing it for 30 seconds. This is stopped when every station is played or you press the OK
5.2.4 Service
Search Radio Station - Enter your keyword by the remote control to search radio station from
the list. Add New Radio Station - The added stations will be stored in My Favorite. Note that the
maximum character of the station name is 250.
EN - 11
5.3.1 UPnP
If you have set up shared media, you should see the shared media from UpnP. If you have more
than one computer sharing media, the alternatives are listed. Select the shared media you want
to play.
on the remote control to play previous/next music track. Press
to stop or play.
Press INFO on the remote to view the display information of the playing track.
Tips: The radio can only read the track of file names with less than 40 characters. And the
characters should be in European language. If you encounter failure of reading the track under
UpnP mode, you may try to rename the file.
However, if the track is still unable to play, you can try converting the file to a different format.
5.3.2 My Playlist
You can create a playlist of favorite music from UpnP. When you play the music, press and hold
OK to save it into My Playlist.
5.3.3 Clear My Playlist
You can remove all the saved music under My Playlist.
5.4 FM
FM radio mode received analogue radio from the FM band. (Refer to 5.7.14 for the setting
of FM band)
EN - 12
Press / to search for FM stations. The frequency display starts to run up as IR167BT scans
the FM band. It stops when it has received a station. You may press / on the remote control
to tune station manually. Each step moves 0.05 MHz.
Press and hold the PRESET on the remote control and device to save the station.
You can save up to 20 stations, press PRESET ,then press / on the remote control to
choose the saved station.
Alternatively, you can let the system scan ALL stations for you by pressing OK, the searched
stations will automatically be stored in preset station list.
5.5.1 Weather Information
There are weather information and forecasts for 2000 cities. Select the country and then the city
for the weather details.
Press / to see the weather forecasts.
It is able to display the weather information on the standby mode. On the weather information
page, press OK to set the city to displaying on the standby mode. Then turn on the weather
display as mentioned in 5.6.10.
EN - 13
5.5.2 Financial Information
View the stock index from around the world.
5.5.3 System Information
Check out the version of the system, and the details of connected network.
• Press M button on the IR167BT or
/MODE button on the remote control until the display
shows Bluetooth or select Bluetooth in the main menu, then you can hear the sound “pairing”
to pair.
• Select the speaker name: “IR167BT” from the list of found devices.
Tips: Only one playback unit can be connected to the speaker. If the speaker is already
connected to another playback unit, the speaker will not appear in the BT selection list.
• If your device asks for a passkey (depending on the device manufacturers, model, and
software version), then enter digits “0000”(four zeros) and press OK.
If pairing has been carried out successfully, a sound “Connected” can be heard.
• After connected completely, you can listen to music wirelessly through Bluetooth and select
music in Bluetooth device.
• Short press
on the IR167BT and remote control to pause or resume playback.
Press “>/<” button on the IR167BT or „ / “ to skip to next/previous track.
EN - 14
5.7.1 Time Display
You may choose the standby display with Analog or Digital.
5.7.2 Manage my mediaU
When it is enabled, My mediaU will be shown on the main menu.
If various mediaU accounts exist in the IR167BT, select the default login account in here.
Refer to 5.3 for more information of mediaU account setup.
5.7.3 Network Wireless Network Configuration
Enable / disable WiFi network. When you enable the WiFi network, the system will automatically
connected to the network.
Select your required AP.
EN - 15
Enter WEP or WPA/WPA 2 code to connect the WiFi.
If it is accidentally pressed to move a redundant entry, press
to correct. Wiress Network (WPS PBC)
If you are using a router with WPS/QSS button, you may set up the network connection
simple via WPS function. Enter it and go to press the WPS/QSS button on your router within
120 seconds. The connection between the router and the IR167BT will then be configured
automatically. Manual Configuration
You can choose DHPC (which IP assigned automatically) or manually input IP address for
wireless network connection.
When you select manual setting for wired connection, the followings have to entered:
1. SSID ( the name of Access Point);
2. IP Address
3. Subnet Mask
4. Default Gateway
5. Preferred DNS Server
6. Alternate DNS Server
You may choose (Manage) specific network if you have setup more than one network
connection within an area. Check Network when Power On
“Enable / disable WiFi network”:
When you enable the WiFi network, the system will automatically search the available AP.
Select your required AP.
Enger WEP or WPA/WPA 2 code to connect the WiFi.
If the wireless network connection is not existed or failed, the icon at the top left conner will have
a cross on it.
EN - 16
5.7.4 Date & Time
• Setup the date and time
• Set time format display as 12 Hour or 24 Hour (default).
• Set date format in the positions of YY (year), MM (month) and DD (day) – YY/MM/DD, DD/
MM/YY (default) or MM/DD/YY.
• Turn on/off (default) the Daylight Saving Time(DST).
With a wireless network connected, GMT (+00:00) time is a time reference of time setting.
Add or deduce the hour according to your time zone when you set the time.
5.7.5 Alarm
There are three independent alarms – 2 alarms of absolute time setting (Alarm 1 and Alarm 2)
and 1 alarm for relative time setting (NAP Alarm). Press Alarm on the remote control to enter
this menu directly
The first two alarms are similar to the normal alarm, turn on then set the time and set it alarms
every day, once or every specific day of week. Choose Sound to set the sound to Beep, Melody
or Internet Radio. Note that the alarm source is from the last listened or preset internet radio
if Alarm Sound is set to Internet Radio. It can only set one station for both alarms.
When it reaches the alarm time, the unit connects to the internet if the set network is available.
Therefore there may be some delay from the alarm to the radio play. If no network is connection
in one minute, the alarm will change to Melody automatically.
After Alarm NAP is set, it alarms once is 5/10/20//30/6090/120 minutes depending on which
one you have set.
You may choose Alarm Volume to configure the volume of the alarms.
When the alarm(s) is/are set, there will be a clock icon at the top of the display.
The clock icon with alarm time will also clearly display on the standby mode screen.
EN - 17
During alarm, press any key to enter snooze mode. It will alarm again in 5 minutes.
Press the STANDBY key to stop the alarm.
5.7.6 Timer
on the remote control to setup the timer, then press OK to confirm.
5.7.7 Language
Select the OSD language: English, German, Spain, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian,
Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and so on.
5.7.8 Dimmer
Configure the brightness of backlight on the display.
If you select Power Saving, you can select the level to which the display is dimmed down when
the radio enters the standby mode or when the radio gets no key input for 15 seconds.
The Turn On options keep the display illumination always. If you select it you can choose how
bright the display shall be.
EN - 18
5.7.9 Display
You may choose to set the display in Color or Monochrome.
5.7.10 Power Management
Choose the power management timer (5/15/30mins) to set the duration of the radio to switch to
the standby mode automatically when no network connection is available.
Choose “Turn Off” to ignore the power management function.
5.7.11 Sleep Timer
Turn off or set the sleep time to 15/30/60/90/120/150/180 minutes. Once the time is set, there
will be a bed icon with remaining minutes at the top right corner. The IR167BT will shut down
once the time runs out. Press
on the remote control for the shortcut of this function.
5.7.12 Buffer
Configure the buffer time of the music playback, 2/4/8 seconds.
EN - 19
5.7.13 Weather
IR167BT is able to display current weather information under standby mode. Turn on Standby
Display and set Temperature Unit (°C or °F) to get the weather displayed at the standby mode.
When it is turned on, the display will switch between time and weather while being in standby
5.7.14 FM Setup
Choose Mono/Stereo audio output.
5.7.15 Local Radio Setup
You may Manual Setup (Country / City) your location, or let the system Auto Detect your
current location. The system detects location according to the IP address of your connected
Press Local Radio to enter this local radio list directly.
5.7.16 Playback Setup
EN - 20
Select the playback mode of media center – Off (no repeat or shuffle), Repeat all, Repeat one
or Shuffle.
5.7.17 DLNA Setup
The default device name for DLNA is AirMusic. You may rename it for DLNA setup on the PC
or mobile.
5.7.18 Equalizer
Default equalizer is Normal, you may change to Flat, Jazz, Rock, Soundtracks, Classical, Pop,
News. Press EQ on the remote control to swap among the EQ mode for shortcut.
5.7.19 Resume When Power On
The system is default to resume internet radio playback if you were listening to internet radio or
media center before switch off the unit. If turn this setting off, the system will remain in the main
menu when switching on the unit.
5.7.20 Software Update
If there is an updated software version on the server, the system will inform you when you return
to the main menu.
5.7.21 Reset to Default
Restore the default settings.
EN - 21
After IR167BT is reset, the system will move to Language setting menu. And it will automatically
turn to Network setting menu once the OSD language is elected.
There is a shortcut Local Radio under Internet Radio so that you can easily go to the station list
of your location.
The device can use the IP address to detect its current location and can then automatically
generate a list of local radio stations. However, you can also enter a different country.
(Refer to Local Radio setup section 5.7.15)
IR167BT is the default device name for DLNA, and you may rename it as you like.
The information below is the introduction of how to setup up media streaming from PC or
other media server. Study the own instruction of the software or apps you use to enjoy music
streaming if necessary. Make sure the music files are in the format of MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC
or AAC for music streaming to IR167BT.
6.1 UPNP
• To enjoy music streaming from your PC, the following steps are to be done on the PC:
-- Connect the PC to the network
-- Ensure the IR167BT is powered on and connected to the same network
-- Open the UPnP platform Windows Media Player (11 or later). Alternatively, other platforms
or server such as Windows Media Connection may be used.
-- Allow to share your media to IR167BT.
-- Add the audio files and folders you want to share with IR167BT to the media library.
EN - 22
You may also enjoy the streaming music from other music server, such as smart phone (Android
-- Connect the mobile to the network
-- Search and install media sharing apps from Google Play.
-- Add the audio files from your mobile you want to share.
• After setup the shared server, choose the music and control playback on the IR167BT.
6.2 DLNA
Besides UPnP, the IR167BT also can support DLNA function. You can share music files from
PC or Android mobile and use your PC/Android mobile/iPhone/iPad to control music playback
on the IR167BT. (It is not required to control each playback on the IR167BT.)
The PC system requirement for DLNA is Windows 7 and Windows Media Player 12.
Setup as below:
Firstly, share the media on your PC to IR167BT. Control Panel > Network and Internet >
Network and Sharing Center > Media streaming options.
Open Windows Media Player to enable Allow remote control of my Player.
Right click any music in the library and choose Play to IR167BT.
There will be a window for controlling music playback on IR167BT.
You may search and install any free or commercial DLNA apps from Google Play or Apple
Store. If you are using an Android mobile, tablet or iPhone/iPad. We suggest to use Airmusic
Control or Bubble UPnP.
Some apps may not support streaming music from iPhone/iPod but iPhone/iPod could still be
used to control streaming music from other servers.
EN - 23
Procedures for playing shared music on the app are as follow:
Select IR167BT as the player. Some apps may allow to play the music to multi players at the
same time. Select music server and choose the music. Some apps can create a playlist if you
choose several music. You may choose IR167BT itself as a server, then you can view the
internet radio list and select your internet radio on the app.
Select player
Select server
View station list
• When using DLNA music streaming function on the IR167BT, you can only control the volume
and standby via the unit. It is restricted to control the other function.
Stop DLNA on PC, mobile or tablet before you resume IR167BT’s own control.
The device does 1. C
heck if the power adaptor is connected properly.
not switch on.
2. T
he device may malfunction when used in areas with strong radio interference.
The device will work properly again once there is no more interference.
No sound.
1. Turn on the sound as it may be muted.
2. Increase the volume.
No network
1. Check the WLAN function.
connection can 2. Try to set an IP address at the device.
be established. 3. Activate the DHCP function on the router and make the connection again
at the device.
4. A firewall is activated on the network – set the respective program in such
a way that access is possible.
5. R
eboot the unit to try.
1. Check the availability of WLAN network on the access point.
connection can’t 2. Place the device closer to the router.
be established
3. Make sure the WEP/WPA password is correct.
No station is
1. Check the network as well as the access point and firewall.
2. The station may not be available currently, try it again later or select
another station.
3. The link of the station is changed or the station no longer transmits –
ask the provider for information.
4. The link of manual added station is not correct, make sure it is correct
and re-enter.
EN - 24
Hiss in FM
Alarm does not
Unable to
System freezes
1. Check/move the FM antenna.
2. Move the radio.
1. Switch on the alarm.
2. Due to the volume setting, refer to the solutions of “No sound”.
3. The source of alarm was set to be station but there is no network connection.
Change the source of alarm or reconfigure the connection.
1. C
heck the connection of the network. IR167BT and your device need to
be in the same network, and test if the network in good condition.
2. Make sure the settings on your device are correct.
The normal function of the product may be disturbed by strong ElectroMagnetic Interference. If so, simply reset the product to resume normal
operation by following the instruction manual. In case the function could not
resume, please use the product in other location.
The radio is overloaded, reboot the unit.
Model No.
Network supported
Supported playback formats
Output power (RMS)
Power adaptor (included)
Power Consumption
Standby Power Consumption
Bluetooth support
Bluetooth operation range
Transmission frequency
Working Temperature
Working Humidity
Internet Radio with FM and Bluetooth
2,4” TFT color display
Input: AC 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
USB Port Output: DC 5 V / 1 A
29 W
V2.1+ EDR
up to 10 metres
2,4 GHz
A2DP 1.2
0 °C - +35 °C
20 % - 80 %
The right to make technical and design modifications in the course of continuous product
development remains reserved.
EN - 25
Disposal of old Electrical & Electronic Equipment (Applicable in the European Union
and other European countries with separate collection systems).
This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product shall not
be treated as household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to the applicable
collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring
this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative
consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise
be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this product. The recycling of materials will help
to conserve natural resources. For more detailed information about recycling of this product,
please contact your local Civic Office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where
you purchased the product.
ETA Inc. hereby declares that the product IR167BT is in compliance with requirements and
other relevant provisions of the R&TTE directive 1999/5/EC. The complete Declaration of
Conformity can be found at
EN - 26
EN - 28
Download PDF