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Purpose of the device
Battery Installation
Charge the battery
Verifying device
How to work with the device
Recommendations for finding hidden cameras
Safety regulations
Page 2 of 7 1. Intended use
Professional detector hidden camera "Optic-2" is designed to detect and locate hidden (camouflaged in the interior)
camcorders such as "pinhole", regardless of their status (on / off) and the type of video signals.
2. Technical characteristics
Find the camcorder lens by light locations.
If you find a hidden camera lens in the lens device "Optic-2" will be a point spot green or red - the result of reflection of
light from the camera.
№p / n Parameter Value
1. Detection range:
1. (Depending on the light conditions (ambient light)) 2. Angle of view: 7,5 degrees 3. Multiplicity 6,5х
4. Focusing range: 0.5 m to ∞
from 0.5 to 50 meters - Solid green
- Continuous red
5. Mode: - Pulsed green
- Pulse Red
- Pulse red-green 6. Power type: Li-ion 3.7V
7. Type of light: LED
8. Number of LEDs
22 pcs. 9. The illumination color is: green, red,
red / green 10. Weight (grams)
450 gr. 11. Weight of the device in the transport bag with charger
800 gr. Page 3 of 7 - In pulse mode when using the
red / green light: at least 4 hours
12. Operating time (when fully charged) - Continuously: not less than 6
Delivery set 1. Detector "Optic-2" 1 pcs. 2. Built-in battery Li-ion 3,7 V, 800-1200 mA
1 pcs. 3. Charger 1 pcs. 4. Strap 1 pcs. 5. Transport bag 1 pcs. 6. Instructions, passport 1 pcs. 3. Installing the Batteries
NOTE: The instrument is powered by a battery, installed by the manufacturer.
4. Charge the battery.
The device is battery power charger (5 V, 0.6 A) of the unit. The charge is when instrument is off. A depleted appliance is
charging for 4 hours.
Plug the charger into a 220 V (50 Hz). The LED on the charger will light up red when connected to 220 V.
Connect the charger to the device connector labeled +5 v. When connecting the CNG indicator lights on the device,
confirming the beginning of the charge. The LED on the charger when charging is red.
The end of charge indicator on the unit will turn off CNG.
Unplug the charger from the device, then from 220 V.
Page 4 of 7 Fig.1
The device is ready for use
Warning - before use, ensure that the device charged and ready for use.
Warning - long-term storage device must be charged for at least 1 time in 6 months.
5. Controls
On / off and mode switching are one click Select. A long press (more than 2 seconds) turns on / off the device. While the
appliance briefly pressing the control switch modes. When the device will work mode, which was included last before you
turn it off.
Adjusts the sharpness of the instrument is the central focus ring located at the top of the binocular.
6. Performance testing of the device
Set at a distance of 2-3 meters test object "pinhole" (in not supplied) so that the lens is looking at the place where you will be.
Turn on the backlight, check Look through, do you see a green or red dot spot in the lens. Likewise be visible and hidden
camera checking premises.
7. How to work with the device
Operation is uniform inspection with it inspected the premises.
To detect the camcorder to be in that place, which is presumed to be subject to covert surveillance. If you walk around
the room and just look through the interior of the "Optic-2", the camera cannot be detected.
For example: If you plan to conduct covert video surveillance desk manager, you need to sit in a chair and head to search
from this point. If you find glaring point marks should look this place up close and identify the source of the flare. The basic
operation mode - continuous. Pulse mode is optional and is used when checking in normal light conditions. In the dark room,
it is recommended to use continuous mode.
Page 5 of 7 In Fig. 2 and 3 shows the detected camera
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
Page 6 of 7 8. Recommendations to find hidden cameras
The basic rule when it detects hidden cameras is the need to be in place, which are likely interested parts, the camera (or
the intended destination of the camera installation and locations).
Most likely these places are places of work (sitting at the table with them, people), leisure (chairs, couches, beds). If the
interest may be the attendance of an individual room - the camera can be aimed at the doorway.
Be aware that the cameras can be several. Detection of one or two video cameras does not give the right to conclude that
the room Check. You must check all the places from which possible video surveillance.
Search in the most difficult areas with a large amount of glare objects - a large number of mirrors, glass, etc. In the case of
the flare, which prevents any inspection of the surface, you need to change the angle at which the inspected surface. Often
enough to move a step and a highlight will disappear. In this case, the lens flare will remain.
Necessary for checking the premises to try not to stand at right angles to glare surface.
Video cameras can be installed in any part of the interior is suitable for such a facility. This may be the ceiling, video and
audio equipment, paintings, decorations, etc.
Search much easier and brightness visible spot on the lens flare increases, if the room is no direct sunlight. There is no
need to "make the darkness' - enough to create a normal operation of the lighting conditions. If necessary, you can work
almost in the direction of the sun, but the operator's eye lens is able to recognize the spot from 1-2 meters.
These recommendations are valid with any detector of hidden video cameras operating as blink detection facilities.
9. Safety regulations
Attention! The device is glass optical elements. In the case of breakage of any of them do not operate the device in order to
avoid injury.
Do not point the backlight on the eyes of people. Short-brightening of the eye is safe.
Avoid direct sunlight and heating unit.
Do not disassemble and do not throw the appliance.
Do not leave for a long time due to the low temperatures - a device designed for use in normal rooms with a temperature
range of +5 to +40 degrees Celsius
To clean dirty optics use only wipes designed to clean optical devices.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The originality of the method of detection is confirmed by the RF patent Page 7 of 7 
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