iPad | Adding files to GoodReader App

iPad | Adding CCH eBooks to your iPad using BlueFire Reader
Step 1
Download the BlueFire Reader app to your iPad. To download the BlueFire app, go to:
You will need to authorize the app using your Adobe username and password (*important* use the
same credentials as the Digital Editions library on your computer).
Don’t remember your Adobe username? Open Adobe Digital Editions and go to Library -> Authorize
Computer. The popup screen will tell you your username.
Step 2
After you have downloaded CCH eBooks to your computer, connect your iPad to your PC and open
iTunes. After the sync completes, follow the steps in the image below:
2. Click on the Apps tab.
Scroll down until you see
this area on the screen.
1. Click on
your iPad.
3. Click Add and
find your files (see
instructions below).
Open your “My Documents” folder (“Documents” for MAC users). Under “My Documents” there is folder
called “Digital Editions”. This folder should contain all of your CCH eBook PDF files. Note: If you did
not select the default location when you originally installed Adobe Digital Edition this parent folder
may vary.
Add the PDF files, sync your iPad and launch the BlueFire App on your iPad. There it is!
For more information, check out:
Download PDF