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This antenna has been replaced by the new model MK30ALC antenna.
TV-FM antenna Mark 20CA
Mark 20CA is an omni-directional wide band antenna (40-860 MHz) TV-FM, for maritime
purposes. It is based on a construction of circular dipoles
coupled to an amplifier via a broadband filter.
High efficiency suppression filters prevent
interference from VHF telephone and AIS
Mark 20CA is made of ABS plastic and filled
with polyurethane foam. Mounting base in
saltwater proof special alloy and bolts in
stainless acid-proof steel.
Mark 20CA is tested by “Det Norske Veritas”
for the same approval as for radar equipment.
The advantages of Mark 20CA compared to an Yagi
antenna system are:
Rigid, non-corrodible, maintenance free construction
Small dimensions and easy to mount.
Replaceable amplifier.
Omni-directional, no adjustments.
Integrated VHF/AIS suppression
Frequency range:
Noise factor:
Max. output level:
(2 signals -50db IMA)
Output impedance:
Supply voltage:
Current consumption:
Operation temp. range:
40-860 MHz
14-25 dB
<-10 dB@156 MHz (Radio telephone)
<-10 dB@162 MHz (AIS)
6.0 dB
111 dBμV
75 ohm
BNC male
15 V DC
approx. 140 mA
EN 50082-1, 55024-2, 55024-4
-40 - +70°C
3 kg
ABS white
DNV’s Standard for Certification No 2.4,
chapter 3.6.2, Sweep Sine Test, vibration
strain class C
IP68, housing only
1. 156 MHz -7.4 dB (VHF) 3. 170 MHz
2. 162 MHz -15.8 dB (AIS) 4. 230 MHz
Since 1971, the objective of Naval Electronics has been to offer the
best possible products for TV and Radio reception at sea. Naval
began with omnidirectional antennas and is the world leader in this
field of technology today. Now, with an expanded product range, the
name Naval means much more than antennas. Naval operates in
more than 40 countries and has installations on thousands of
vessels all over the world.
All specifications stated are subject to change without notice.
© Copyright 1992 Naval Electronics AB
23.4 dB
25.0 dB
Naval Electronics AB
Höjdrodergatan 18, SE-212 39 Malmö, Sweden
Tel. +46(0)40-29 20 45. Fax +46(0)40-18 74 13
(Excl BNC connector)
Changing the amplifier
(* local supply)
Colour mark
Red: Mark 20CA
Yellow: Mark 22CA
Antennas are as standard
delivered with the amplifier
mounted and sealed with silicon
compound. The coaxial cable is
supplied with a female connector
which must be carefully
sealed after connecting the
replaceable amplifier. Compress
the rubber covers and secure with
vulcanizing silicon rubber tape.
Mechanical measurements All measures in mm.
Mounting of cable holder
Trouble shooting
If the system is not working satisfactory, please check
the following:
1. Proper supply voltage to powersupply
2. Connections
3. Output voltage from powersupply to antenna
(should be +15 V DC)
4. Antenna current (approx. 130-150 mA)
Antenna identification
(to be stated when claim is made)
Order No. 201.001
Shippingweight: 5.5 kg
Standard package: 1
Volume: 59 cdm
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