Free5 Camera

A new
point of
STERIS® Free5™ Camera System
Have you ever wished you could
capture an important or new surgical
procedure from many different video
angles, and could reposition the OR
camera easily around the patient
during surgery? Have you been
limited by the fixed orientation of an
in-light camera? Compromise is no
longer necessary – the STERIS Free5
Camera System removes limitations.
Image is
Whether it is for live viewing or
for recording, the quality of the
video image is vitally important.
For this reason we designed the
Free5 camera to provide superior
visualization and exceptionally clear
images. You’ll see details you never
thought you’d be able to capture
with a camera. The Free5 camera
is a premium high-definition camera
complete with zoom, focus and
brightness adjustment capabilities.
The Free5 camera provides
accurate imaging with true-to-life
color rendition when routed to a
surgical HD monitor or recorded
to a device. This is a new point of
view that will exceed everyone’s
• HD video resolution
• True color rendition
• Razor-sharp images
• No discernable image lag
The Free5 camera
will change your
expectations of a
medical camera.
Tilt – move the camera
up or down
Pan – swivel the entire
camera left to right
A new
point of
Pivot – move the camera
freely in a full circle
Rotate – spin the image
around to get the best
Zoom – get closer to
the surgical site
The Free5 camera will change your
expectations of a medical camera. This
high-definition camera allows surgeons
to view and record the surgical site from
virtually any orientation and angle. The
camera system provides the traditional
pan, tilt and zoom capability, but the unique
4th and 5th axes of pivot and rotate allow
extraordinary positioning. The Free5
camera’s independent arm mount allows
the camera to move separately from the rest
of the ceiling system and can be positioned
anywhere over or around the surgical table.
Once you position the camera, it stays there.
The Free5 camera has the same driftfree technology as our high-performance
surgical lights. Now, surgeon and staff
can have an optimized, crystal-clear view
throughout each procedure, while the
camera captures the perfect video angle for
training purposes.
Positioning doesn’t need to be complicated.
The Free5 camera can be manually
positioned and manipulated using the
camera module. You can quickly get the
camera to the position and angle you desire,
and then use the powered controls to fine
tune its position, or zoom and rotate.
and control
STERIS understands your need for
open architecture; the flexibility to
combine surgical technologies in
a variety of ways and from multiple
sources. This is easy for the Free5
camera, which ties in beautifully with
our Harmony iQ Integration System, but
will also work seamlessly with any thirdparty integration system. This camera
will route high-definition images to
any monitor or recording device in the
OR and beyond. The camera has a
combination of automated features and
manual modes. It can be maneuvered
through the integration system touch
panel or right in the surgical field
by using the button controls on the
camera itself.
HD Camera (LHD0002)
Image Device
1/3-type CMOS
Effective Pixels
Approx. 2,000,000 pixels
Digital Zoom
12x (120x with optical zoom)
Video Output
Signal System
50 or 60 Hz
Resolution Value
High Definition (1080i)
For more information, please call your STERIS
account manager or visit
Manufacturer’s Recommended Cleaners
STERIS recommends that you protect your investment to ensure the camera does
not become compromised by cleaning and disinfecting it with Coverage Spray
TB Plus (1629B4) or Coverage Spray HB Plus (162477), both of which
are available online at or by phone at 800.548.4873.
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