Connecting the Webcam Transcript

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Connecting the Webcam Transcript
>>Jeff Fazakerley: In the event that your instructor has enabled webcam rights for participants
you will see a webcam icon at the top in between the microphone and the emoticon man icons.
To begin using your webcam, either click directly on the webcam icon at the top of your screen
or click on the Start My Webcam button at the center of the video pod.
Connect your Flash player when prompted by clicking allow. Your image will appear in
preview mode. Once you’ve made sure you are presenter ready you can click Start Sharing at
the bottom of the screen.
Pause the image to offset the audio issues that can occur when using the webcam. To unfreeze
the webcam click on the button again.
Note that if the video has trouble loading make sure that you have turned off other webcam
programs such as Skype or Photobooth.
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