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MaxCore™ Platform
Data Sheet
The MaxCore™ platform
is a flexible appliance
with scalable x86 CPU
performance in combination
with many off-the-shelf PCI
Express cards
ƒƒ 3U by 508 mm for 19” racks
ƒƒ Redundant 1900W from
90-264VAC or -48VDC
ƒƒ Highest performance density
in 3U with 15 slots for Artesyn
SharpServer™ microserver
cards, with a total of 30
processors (two per card)
ƒƒ Redundant and hot-swappable
cooling and power supply
ƒƒ Cable-less internal architecture
for microserver cards
ƒƒ Artesyn SharpServer Intel®
Xeon® processor D microserver
ƒƒ PCI Express and Ethernet
networking infrastructures
ƒƒ 4 x 2.5” drive bays and 4x
10GBaseT built-in
ƒƒ Designed for NEBS and ETSI
ƒƒ Multiple system configurations
are possible: Any mix of
microservers, Artesyn media
processors and 3rd party PCI
Express cards
Product Of The Year
Versatile and Dense Compute & Media Platform
The Artesyn Embedded Technologies MaxCore™ platform offers a versatile and dense
architecture to achieve maximum compute and media processing density. Through its use of
Artesyn technology microserver cards, Artesyn media processing PCI Express cards and 3rd
party PCI Express cards, it offers maximum flexibility, maximum density per rack unit (RU), and
unmatched innovation in design for both datacenter and carrier grade applications.
The MaxCore platform enables you to build an economical and application focused appliance
within a short time. Flexibility is achieved through its capability to perfectly balance I/O, compute
and compute-associated accelerators within the same box. Economy comes through its ability to
achieve a cost-effective framework for densely configurable content. It accelerates time to
market by leveraging the vast market of COTS PCI Express cards available which can be used
interchangeably on the MaxCore platform and other platforms.
Within the world of platform infrastructure, the MaxCore platform is unique in its ability to
combine CPU-attached PCI Express cards with an extremely flexible communication network
between all of the CPUs. Traditional single box server architectures either provide a single
multi-core server that can be combined with a small number of PCI Express based I/O cards, or
they offer multiple independent server nodes with no or minimal local I/O extension. The
MaxCore platform supports both architectures while breaking down the individual limits and
enabling any combination in-between.
The MaxCore platform is designed with the most demanding applications in mind through its
optimal cooling and accommodation for PCI Express cards that require additional power and its
ability to meet NEBS environments. The MaxCore platform is also designed for maximum cost
efficiency, delivering 7 times the performance density, 80% less power/heat and 90% fewer
cables than traditional servers. Whether the application requires dense computing through the
use of MaxCore microserver cards, multiple media processing cards, or a combination including
3rd party PCI Express cards, the MaxCore platform offers a superior architecture with flexibility in
MaxCore™ Platform Data Sheet
2+1 redundant AC/
DC or DC/DC power
converters (hot swap
from rear)
15 PCIe & microserver
cards with 0.9” pitch
ƒƒ Dimensions: 3U by 508mm for 19” racks, option for rail mounting
Auxiliary power option
for each card slot
ƒƒ Cable-less internal architecture for Artesyn SharpServer™
microserver and SharpSwitch™ cards
ƒƒ Optimal platform cooling with internal connectors for optionally
supplying additional power for PCI Express cards requiring more
than 75W
Four 2.5”/ 9mm SATA
storage devices (hot
swap from front)
LEDs & buttons
RJ-45 & USB for
debug & boot
Chassis Features
Ethernet I/O
Three redundant fans (hot
swap from front); Hidden
behind bezel with air filter
(not shown)
ƒƒ 15 PCI Express slots
4x PCIe Gen3 x16 (each x16 link can be split into four x4 links)
11x PCIe Gen3 x8 (each x8 link can be split into two x4 links)
Full length PCI Express slots
ƒƒ 90 - 264VAC and -48VDC support
2 + 1 redundant 1900W total for all slots
Non-redundant 3300W for the platform
Hot swappable
ƒƒ 2x 1/10G with SR-IOV support for shared usage between
multiple server cards
The versatile MaxCore chassis holds 15 cards. One of the cards is
designated for the Artesyn SharpServer™ dual Intel® Xeon® processor
D-1500 microserver card, and 14 card slots are available for additional
microserver cards or any type of PCI Express card. The MaxCore fabric
employs an innovative new PCI Express switching technology which
now allows many CPUs to be associated with many PCI Express cards,
unlike classical server architectures that always assume a single host
CPU. The MaxCore user can create several independent server
domains in the same shelf or can share individual PCI Express cards
between many CPUs. Configurations from a single CPU with 14 PCI
Express accelerator cards to 28 CPUs with a single PCI Express I/O
card can be created. Adding redundancies is also possible for the
systems integrator.
ƒƒ 2x USB, dynamically connected to active and standby system
host processors
One microserver CPU takes the role of the system host. A second CPU
can take over that role in the case of a failure. That CPU function is then
responsible for the MaxCore housekeeping and acts as boot and file
server for the other microservers. Four SATA drive bays and two USB
connectors can be configured to be owned by a redundant pair of
system host CPUs. With the system host accompanied by a BMC
microcontroller, the MaxCore platform can be remotely manageable like
an enterprise class rack mount server.
Two 10GBaseT ports are directly accessible MAC devices connected to
the chassis fabric. These interfaces are either solely dedicated to one
CPU or shared as virtual functions among the CPUs in the system. In
addition the platform also provides an optional on-board Ethernet
switching infrastructure for all micorserver cards and with external fiber
or copper connections.
The system includes fault tolerant power supplies and cooling
subsystems with those devices being hot-swappable. With just a few
components in the critical system core, the MaxCore platform offers
outstanding reliability.
ƒƒ LEDs: Major/Minor/Critical alarms, SATA
ƒƒ Switches/Buttons: Power, Reset, NMI
ƒƒ Redundant fan blocks
Hot swappable
Front-to-rear cooling
Air filter, replaceable
ƒƒ 4x 2.5” SATA hard-drive bays for use by system hosts
ƒƒ BMC for remote platform management
IPMI 2.0 support
1x 1000Base-T and sideband access to two 10GBaseT ports
ƒƒ Three platform types readily available:
Copper version with RJ-45 network connections, Ethernet
switching infrastructure included
Network connections with SFP/SFP+, Ethernet switching
infrastructure included
Copper version with RJ-45 network connections, Ethernet
switching infrastructure not included
Other platform variants available on demand
MaxCore™ Platform Data Sheet
Artesyn MaxCore PCIe Cards
SharpServer™ Card Features
SharpStreamer™ Pro Card Features
ƒƒ PCI Express card form factor, single slot
ƒƒ PCI Express card form factor, single slot
ƒƒ Two Intel Xeon D-1540 (8-core) or D-1567 (12-core)
ƒƒ Up to eight (8) HEVC 1080p30 transcodes
ƒƒ Dual Intel® Xeon® E3-1578Lv5 GT4e-enabled scalable video
processing engines
Up to 64GB DDR4 per processor (128GB per card)
Up to 4x PCI Express Gen3 x4
2x 1Gbps Ethernet to optional internal Ethernet infrastructure
ƒƒ Up to 32 AVC 1080p30 transcodes
Local Flash mass storage per processor
ƒƒ Up to two (2) 4KP30 HEVC encode streams per card
2x DIMMs per CPU, up to 32GB per CPU
ƒƒ 1x USB per processor
ƒƒ Network bootable reference OS: Centos 7.x
ƒƒ 1x Reset per processor
ƒƒ Intel® MSS, optional transcoding software
ƒƒ COM port access (serial console) per processor
ƒƒ Common hardware for different applications:
USB connection to simplify debugging
ƒƒ Software includes Linux KVM, Intel DPDK support, multi-host
PCI Express I/O virtualization support
H.264/AVC & H.265/HEVC transcoding and encoding
VDI applications
Image processing equipment
SharpMedia™ Card Features
SharpSwitch™ Card Features
ƒƒ Leading solution for voice and VoLTE systems
ƒƒ PCI Express card form factor, single slot
ƒƒ Up to 7680 G. G.711 <=> G.729AB transcodes per card
ƒƒ Intel® FM10840 Red Rock Canyon SOC
ƒƒ Single slot full length, full height PCI Express card with x4
ƒƒ High performance media processing core based on powerefficient DSPs
ƒƒ Optional 2x GbE ports (RJ-45) with NAT function for direct
network attachment providing server offload
ƒƒ Comprehensive voice and video processing firmware and
programmers interface included
ƒƒ Support for 720p and 1080p video conferencing
ƒƒ Designed for NEBS Level 3 and ETSI telecom standards
compliance when used in a suitable carrier grade enclosure
ƒƒ Supports Opus (used by WebRTC) and SILK (used by Skype)
audio CODECs
~100GE aggregated bandwidth (PCIe 3x16)
Built-in switch for cut-through traffic and traffic through CPUs
Open vSwitch and Stateful Load Balancer via ECMP
Integrates with OpenStack
I/O: 2x100GE, 8x25GE, or 8x10GE (requires breakout cables)
ƒƒ Intel® Xeon® D-1541 8-core processor
System host capability
Up to 64GB DDR4
PCI Express Gen3 x8 connection to RRC switch
2x SATA connection; 1x USB; 1x Reset
COM port access (serial console)
ƒƒ USB connection to simplify debugging
ƒƒ Software includes Linux KVM, Intel® DPDK support, multi-host
PCI Express I/O virtualization support
MaxCore™ Platform Data Sheet
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