Operational Instructions

Operational Instructions
For wiring/cable instructions, check out http://www.burrissamps.com/RoyalBluesman.htm
Think of this as the effects dry to wet, mix
All the way down has little effect on the dry signal.
Simple single Tone control
Counter clockwise rotation produces a darker tone. As the control is rotated clockwise, the effect is increased.
Enable/Disable from optional VIB+ pedal (QED9929)
Clockwise rotation produces brighter tones.
Noon position is neutral.
Controls the loudness
of the preamp
The pulse tempo control: Turning this
counter clockwise slows tempo.
The tempo frequency increases as
the control is turned clockwise.
This turns the power amp on.
Note: The speaker must be correctly
connected before flipping the
power switch up or
damage will result.
This turns the power off.
HI-Z Guitar Input
This allows the unit to be used as a
This controls the overall
stand alone reverb/vibrato, into
The amount of reverb effect added
of the power amp.
another amp without a speaker
The volume setting
to the dry unaffected signal. This Amp is not a cascaded gain design.
attached to the Royal Bluesman,
of the reverb driver amp.
Overdrive is produced in the power amp. by connecting a shielded cable from
Full counter clockwise settings mute the reverb. As the
Turning down the Master will the effects send on back panel to the
control is increased clockwise the harder the reverb tank
a cleaner tone not overdriven.
input of another amplifier.
is driven. Like the guitar preamp, lower settings will
For natural overdrive, crank it up!
Unity gain is achieved by adjusting
produce a cleaner tone giving cleaner reverb. Higher
send level control.
settings clockwise will distort the signal and make the
Tip: When used in conjunction with
reverb a more complex signal. Too much dwell level
another amplifier, make sure only one
makes the reverb muddy.
is grounded (ground lift adaptor).
IEC Power Inlet
Fuses and International Voltage Selector
120v or 240v only
50/60 hz
Power Footswitch
Sends pedal power to footswitch. Allows other effects pedals
to be powered from this power source up to 500mA (approx 10 effects).
As well as, vibrato enable/disable control.
Use ONLY optional VIB+ pedal (QED9929) with TRS (Stereo) shielded cable.
(Maximum cable length of 25ft)
(Optional) VIB+
Tip: To operate
the Vibrato without
the VIB+, just insert a
naked TRS (Stereo connector)
completely into the FS jack.
To disable just remove plug.
Speaker output jacks = Ω (ohms)
The total speaker ohms load must match the output jack rating
before flipping power switch to UP position. Only 1 output jack
can be connected at a time!
Return Level control adjusts the amplitude of a line level device
(CD player, multi-track recorder, digital preamp, drum machine, etc.)
This level must be set to maximum counter-clockwise position when
effects loop jacks are not used.
Return Jack
An instrument level device (Guitar or Bass) can be plugged into the return jack.
At this time the return level control becomes the volume control for channel 2 and is
in parallel with front panel preamp. (An instrument plugged into front input and a
second instrument plugged into the return jack can be played simultaneously.)
Level control adjusts
amplitude of onboard preamp
including reverb and vibrato effects to
another destination (I.E. Another guitar amp’s
input, a Mixer, a DI... etc.) This level must be set to
maximum clockwise position when effects loop
jacks are not used. This is the jack used for stand
alone reverb/vibro function in conjunction with
power switch being set to the down (FX setting).
Send Jack
Plugging all the way in (3 clicks) is a normal line level
effects send. Plugging only 2 clicks in, reverses signal
direction and creates a second return. However, this will
mute front panel Preamp controls.
Burriss Amps is not responsible for damage
due to misuse of this product.
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