Netlink USB Cable

Netlink USB Cable
Connect 2 PCs with Netlink, then add
more when you’re ready!
Key Features:
USB Host to Host communication or
Create mini- network up to 16 user
Date transfere rate to 6mbps
No external power required
USB full speed conection
Easy Installation and configuration
Firmware downloadable
With the netlink cable from Black Box you can create a mini
network of up to 16 users
Date transfer rates of to 4 Mbps can be achieved which makes
this an ideal soloution for USB networking.The plug-and-play
functionality of the product makes it completely compatible
with windows 95/98.The cable is interfaced powered so no
bulky power supply is required.
The cable is compliant with USB specification 1.0 and is fitted
with USB type A connectors. An added feature of the netlink
cable is the split screen formatts showing local and remote
systems listings.
Ordering Information
Hardware requirments:
PC that supports USB
specification1486 DX 66 mhz or
Software Requirments: Windows 95
OSR2.1 / Windows 98
Standards :
USB 10
Connectors: (2) USB Type A
Power: from the interface
Length- 1.8 m
Netlink USB Cable
1.8-m (6ft)
Remember! Black Box can provide trained professionals to install your product to ensure that it is set up
properly and its performance is optimised. For further details, just ring 0118 965 5000 and ask for the
installations team.
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