A cost savings power cord tester equipped with the same features

A cost savings power cord tester equipped with the same features
found on other systems for nearly half the price. Production testing
has never been so easy.
The Cordtest 100 offers versatile quality assurance testing for all your production cord
Automatic test cycling achieves higher output than manual testing with ergonomic twohand photo sensors for activation start. Cycle times are 3 to 6 seconds depending on
dwell and options selected for test.
The CT100 offers standard 5k VAC progressive HiPot testing. Regardless of fluctuating
AC line source the output is maintained to your preset voltage. Dwell time
from 0 to 999.9 seconds combined with "skin test" fixtures that ensures no stray
strands exist on or close to the molded surface.
Selectable resistance testing to 30-amps on all three conductors with a built-in software
driven verification menu to test fault detection circuits. Component integrity
is monitored during every test cycle.
Each cord is automatically branded on the face of all passed cords and defects are
automatically detected and destroyed.
Custom cords are no problem, we can design a tester to meet your specific application.
Multiple extensions, "Y's" or strips can be automatically tested, something the high
priced testers can't perform.
The CT100 conforms to the most stringent testing parameters in the computer
cord industry including IBM, Dell, Compaq and Hewlett Packard.
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