TRC 1000
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TRC Simulators - TRC 1000
Easy to connect
Complete System
Easy to configure
The TRC 1000 panels and Audio
Panel are recognized by the PC
as so-called HID devices. This
means that interfacing with the PC
is an easy task.
The TRC 1000 system comes
complete with all cables and power supplies to start using it immediately. VGA cables, power supply
for voltage from 100 to 240 volt
and for 50HZ are included.
The main display units are configurable by means of a so-called
dip switch. The identification towards the PC can be set as 1, 2
or 3 which enables you to create a
flight simulator setup with a maximum of 3 screens.
TRC Simulators recommends to
use the TRC 1000 with the professional Garmin G1000 student software from Flight1 Aviation Technologies for optimal performance.
The TRC1000 will be delivered
with clear documentation on how
to configure for best performance.
The TRC 1000 in combination with
the professional Garmin G1000
student software from Flight1 creates an extreme realistic training
environment in which students
learn all functions of the real
Compatible with ..
TRC Simulators - It’s all about realism
The TRC 1000 can be configured
exactly as you want. The left part
of the panel which holds a.o the
autopilot buttons can easily be
removed and replaced to eather
with or without autopilot or without the VNV Key (Vertical Navigation Mode) or a choice of the presence of each.
Multiple cover parts and buttons
are included with every TRC 1000
PFD and TRC 1000 MFD. This
makes it easy to create a panel
with physical autopilot and DME if
TRC Simulator - Audio Panel
Audio Panel
The TRC1000 Audio Panel is an individual unit holding all nessecary pushbuttons and rotary encoders. The red pushbutton
enables switches of the panels from PFD to MFD and vice versa.
Additional Storage
Each display has 2 SD-card slots and comes with 2 SD-cards of
1 Gbyte. All SD-Card slots are recognized by the PC as additional harddisk, enabling you to create “Flight Planning” on the TRC
1000 equipped simulator.
Technical details
Technical details
TRC 1000 System parts
Size PFD/MFD display units:
WxHxD 11.77” x 1.33” x 1.57” (299 x 194 x 56 mm.)
A complete TRC 1000 System includes 2 main
displays and one Audio Panel. The set includes
Size Audio Panel unit:
WxHxD 7.55” x 1.33” x 1.57” (192 x 34 x 40 mm.)
Weight PFD/MFD display units:
3 Lbs. (1.4 Kg.)
Weight Audio Panel unit:
0.66 Lbs. (0.3 Kg.)
Resolution PFD/MFD Display units:
800 x 600
100 - 240 volt 50/60hz
Power consumption
100 Watt / 3 Amp each MFD or PFD
The Audio Panel doen need additional power and receives power via the USB connection
PC requirements: (PC not included)
- windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
- Processor Intel DuoCore
- 4 Gb memory
- 2 additional VGA outputs
- 160 MB harddisk
- 3 USB 2.0 ports
- 1 PFD Display unit
- 1 MFD Display unit
- 1 Audio Panel
- 2 VGA cables
- 4 SD-cards 1Gb
- 3 USB cables
- Set of screws for mounting the modules
- 2 additional bezels with 11 positions for buttons*
- 2 Additional blank bezels*
*) As each display unit comes with all buttons for
the a.o Autopilot and DME in position, you can remove the bezel on the left side to replace it with
either the bezel with 11 button positions or for the
bezel with no button positions at your choice.
*) This is especially interesting when a simulator is
created with separate Autopilot and DME units as
available in some aircraft. No special tools are
needed for this replacement.
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