Philips AC4062 Clean air system

Philips AC4062 Clean air system
Clean air system
Fresh air at home - Always
with 6-stage CleanAir system
Fresh air
• 6-stage Clean air system for clean and fresh air
• 3-stage Electro-clean system charges and traps all particles
• Active oxygen sterilizes pollutants and rejuvenuates filter
• 2-stage Fresh air system removes gases and odours
Clean air system
6-stage Clean air system
Active oxygen
Design specifications
• Product dimensions (W x D x H): 481 x 220 x
490 mm
• Product weight: 7.9 kg
• ESP particle filter: AC4106
• Zeolite gas filter: AC4116
The advanced and innovative 6-stage Clean air
system removes and sterilizes even the finest
particles and a wide spectrum of gases and odours. *
The 3-stage Electro-clean filtration system efficiently
removes particles * The 2-stage FreshAir filtration
system removes gases and odours * The active
oxygen sterilizes trapped particles and constantly
rejuvenates the zeolite filter, ensuring longlasting
superiour performance.
The active oxygen, which is generated by the Corona
Field Charger, sterilizes harmful germs such as
bacteria and viruses that are trapped in the ElectroStatic Precipitation (ESP) filter. It then passes
through the zeolite filter, where it oxidizes the
trapped gases, rendering them harmless. Thanks to
this process, the zeolite filter is constantly
rejuvenated and its life can be extended over many
3-stage Electro-clean system
2-stage Fresh air filtration
Frequency: 50/ 60 Hz
Voltage: 220-240 V
Cord length: 1.8 m
Noise level: < 47 (JIS compliance) dB
Effective area: up to 40 m²
Operating relative humidity: 20 - 90 %
Power consumption: 65 (at 220-240V, hi speed) W
• CADR: > 128 ft³/min
• Gas removal efficiency: > 99 (run at hi speed over
3 mins inside 1m3 box) %
• Particle removal efficiency: > 99 (particle size at
0.02 - 10 µm) %
• Color - air outlet mesh/ control panel: christal
• Color - control button: silver blue
• Color - front cover/ air inlet mesh: christal silver
• Color - rear housing: translucent algiers blue
Key specifications
• Operating temperature: 5 - 40 °C
The 3-stage Electro-clean filtration system works
three ways. * First, the pre-filter blocks larger
particles, such as hairs, animal dander and house dust
allergens. * Second, the finer particles that have
passed through the pre-filter, including bacteria and
viruses, are charged by the Corona field charger. *
Third, the Electro-Static Precipitation (ESP) filter
attracts these charges particles to its surface and
keeps them safely trapped.
The 2-stage Fresh air filtration system uses advanced
Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidization (NCCO)
technology. Firstly, the hi-grade zeolite filter traps a
wide spectrum of gases and odours and subsequently
uses the active oxygen that passes through to
neutralize them, constantly rejuvenating the filter.
Compared to the traditional activated carbon filter,
this hi-grade zeolite filter performs more stably in
different humidity conditions, and because it is
rejuvenated by the active oxygen, it can last a much
longer life of upto five years.
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