How to get help Contact Fred

How to get help
Contact Fred for:
New purchasing of computers, reinstalling of old computers
Software Availability such as Matlab, Office, Anti-Virus
Contact COE Help for:
User Accounts
COE/ECE accounts and email (help and FAQ)
Setup Website by:
Using ssh to connect to then type the command:
-bash-3.00$ Setup
This program will help you configure your COE account.
What would you like do? Choose a number or type q to quit:
1. Change my password
2. Check my disk quota
3. Set up my WWW home page
4. Turn on error reporting for my WWW home page
5. Set up or remove email forwarding
6. Set up or remove vacation autoresponder
Contact Main helpdesk for:
NEU/Husky accounts
Sponsored Accounts
Sponsored accounts will allow you to get available
software directly from the main helpdesk and gain
access to the VPN (virtual private network) this will give
you a secure connection to computers on campus and
allow you to read IEEE papers hosted at the library.
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