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Q: What is a controller?
The airQast Wi-Fi Network Music System is operated by a controller. The
controller is an application that is downloaded from the app store to your Androidor iOS-based smartphone/tablet. With this application you can select music
sources, create collaborative playlists, and control the speaker volume.
Q: What devices can I use as a controller for airQast?
The airQast Controller App is compatible with a wide range of operating systems.
Supported controllers include Apple™ devices running iOS 4 or newer (iPod Touch,
iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPad) and Android™ devices running Android
2.2 or newer. Proprietary Android operating systems such as those on the Kindle Fire©,
Kindle Fire HD©, Nook Tablet© and Nook HD© are not supported at this time.
Q: What is the server?
The server is the airQast software program installed on your PC or Mac. The server creates
a bridge between the airQast speakers and controller application that facilitates access to
Internet Radio and music files stored on your PC, Mac or network attached storage drives.
Q: Does the airQast server need to be active for the mobile controller to work?
The mobile controller will control the airQast speakers without the server running. However,
it’s important to note that that some sources require the server to be running. Accessing
Internet radio and files stored on your home’s network will require the server to be active.
Q: What is direct streaming?
Direct streaming transmits music services such as Pandora™ and music
files stored on your smartphone or tablet directly to the airQast speakers
via Wi-Fi network without the need to go through the server.
Q: Can I play music on airQast that is DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected?
No, music that has DRM is paired with the player associated with the music. As an example,
if files in your iTunes account are DRM protected, airQast will not be able to play them. If
music files in your iTunes account are non-protected (no DRM) airQast will be able to play
them as long as you have mapped your iTunes folder to the airQast server during setup.
airQast™ FAQ’s
Q: Are there any network setups or conditions that interfere with airQast or its operation?
Yes, airQast requires that a wireless router or wireless access point support
multicast. If this feature is disabled, please enable it to continue. Most commonly
used routers today support Multicast and have this feature enabled by default.
Q: What kinds of Wi-Fi networks support airQast?
airQast can connect to an 802.11G or 802.11N network. airQast can’t connect to an
unprotected or “open” network. The network must be secured with a password.
Q: My speakers are plugged in but aren’t playing any music
Make sure the POWER switch is engaged and the white light is illuminated
Make sure the light next to the AUX button is illuminated; if not press the AUX button
Make sure your speaker is within range of your Wi-Fi network
Make sure the setup procedure is properly completed and your
airQast speakers are connected to the Wi-Fi network
Q: My airQast system is playing music but only one through one speaker
Make sure the supplied speaker wire is securely attached to the connectors on both speakers.
Q: My speakers have no bass or sound distorted
Make sure the speaker wires are connected in the proper way (polarity). Ensure that the red
wire is connected to the red terminal on both speakers, and the black wire is connected to both
black ports. If these wires are crossed the speakers will be out of phase and cause distortion.
Q: My airQast speakers are connected to my TV but there is no volume
• Ensure that the speakers are in the “Line Input” mode. Ensure that
the white light next to the AUX button is NOT illuminated
• Make sure the speakers are not in mute mode
• Make sure the TV audio output isn’t set to variable mode and is set to FIXED mode
• Make sure the TV audio output isn’t muted
Q: I cannot access streaming music services
• Make sure that the server software is activated and running
• Make sure the correct login information is entered for Pandora, LastFM™ and SiriusXM™
• Make sure the speakers and controller are connected to the Wi-Fi network
Q: I cannot control my music through my smartphone or tablet
• Make sure your device supports the airQast app
• Make sure your airQast system and controller are both connected to the Wi-Fi network
For technical assistance, contact Legrand Tech Support at (800) 321-2343 or visit
airQast™ FAQ’s
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