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“Tested time after time against the
best headsets from the other two
competitive brands, the 610 always
come out on top in terms of
acoustics, reliability and durability. ”
Professional Telephone Headset
There is absolutely no debate when it comes to choosing the toughest headset for the
harsh environments of call centers. The 610 series from Accutone® is by-far the most
popular professional headset the company has ever build. Tested time after time
against the best headsets from the other two competitive brands, the 610 always
come out on top in terms of acoustics, reliability and durability.
Acoustically, the 610 is the only headset to house an astonishing 40mm wideband
loudspeaker. Paired with the company famous proprietary noise-canceling
microphone, the 610 is designed specifically for noisy environments. Structurally,
most parts of the headset use hexagon shapes to ensure the strongest strength against
bending and damage. In terms of comfort, the headset comes with a large high-grade
leatherette ear cushion to minimize fatigue and discomfort from long shift hours.
Along with a built-in acoustic shock protection (ASP) feature that provides a circuitbreaker-type of protection against sudden loud-noise from the speaker source, the
610 is the perfect tool for professionals.
The 610 is also one of the most versatile series from Accutone. Aside from the
standard RJ-modular telephone headset models, the 610 also comes in USB models
supporting Microsoft® Lync Server, UC version for Avaya, Cisco and IBM, as well as
generic Accutone UC version for generic connectivity.
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metallic headband
Professional Telephone Headset
610 Series Key Features
40mm wideband loudspeaker
Ÿ Most Durable Headset. Hexagon-shape enhanced
structural design for maximum strength against bending and
physical damage. Surpassing the most rigid accelerated life
tests (ALT) in the industry.
Ÿ 40mm Wideband Loudspeakers. The only headset to be
equipped with an astonishing 40mm diameter speaker with
high-fidelity wideband performance.
rotatable mic boom
noise-cancelling mic
single headset cord
WM610 Version
Ÿ Comfortable Wearing. Designed for extensive usage, the
large speaker chambers covers most ear-size comfortably
with high-grade leatherette ear-cushions.
Ÿ UC Compatible. The 610 is only one of three models
610 Series Detail Product Specifications
from Accutone to be use for Unified Communications.
Whether it is for OC (Microsoft® Lync Server) or UC
(Avaya, Cisco or IBM), the wideband 610 is a perfect
balance between price and quality.
Ÿ Perfect Fit and Adjustments. With an extendable metallic
headband, rotatable earpiece and multi-adjustable
microphone boom, the 610 fits users of all head sizes and
Ÿ QD and ASP. Sound protection against sudden burst of
incoming signal is protected by the Acoustic Shock
Protection circuitry. Quick disconnecting cable provides
convenience as well as flexibility in choosing direct cable
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UC Controller
WB610 Binaural NC Headset. For users who
need to the most concentration during their
teleconversation, the WB610 is the perfect
noise-isolation handsfree solution. The WB
model comes in standard RJ-modular jack with
QD. Simply choose the appropriate bottom
cable to fit your telephone model.
UC610D Unified Communications Stereo
Headset. Considered one of the most reliable
UC headset in the market, the UC610 series
are both durable and versatile. Connected via
Accutone’s UC Controller, this product comes
in either Microsoft OC version or the generic
UC version.
UC610M Unified Communications Mono
Headset.The monaural version of the UC610
series, this USB plug-and-play solution is voted
by corporate users as one of the best choice in
the UC market today. Single earpiece design
frees up user’s ear for better attention of the
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