KX-TDA PBXGateway™ and EXTender

KX-TDA PBXGateway™ and EXTender
KX-TDA PBXGateway™ and EXTender™
Network satellite office and home office solution
Your worldwide office
We all know that good communication is one of the most
important parts of running a successful business. In a
modern company, where branch offices and home workers
are often many miles apart, effective communication can
be a costly problem.
The KX-TDA PBXGateway™ and EXTender™ solution from
Panasonic gives your staff, regardless of their location,
access to the features of your central telephone system.
Whether in area offices, remote call centres or based at
their homes, your people are never more than an extension
call away.
Cutting costs, improving productivity
The KX-TDA PBXGateway™ works by allowing the installation and operation of digital handsets in
remote locations, all of them governed by your head office Panasonic KX-TDA telephone system. The
PBXGateway™ is linked to EXTender™ units at your branch offices and home worker sites over IP WAN or
broadband links.
With the KX-TDA PBXGateway™ system, callers can be transferred quickly and easily to the office
that can best serve their needs, regardless of its geographical location. Your caller will be totally
unaware that the second person they talk to may be many miles away from the first.
To increase efficiency, more than one location can use an extension. For example, John works his shift,
connecting to extension 207. When John disconnects, his number is taken over by another worker in
a different site.
Office call costs are reduced as your remote offices become extensions to your central network, rather
than separate lines on a different system.
Branch Office
KX-TDA PBXGateway™ and EXTender™
Connection diagram
EXTender™ 6000
KX-TDA PXBGateway™
Head Office
Public or Private
Kilostream, DDS
Frame relay
EXTender™ 4000
Home Office
KX-TDA PBXGateway™
The core of the system is the PBXGateway™, which is
installed at the KX-TDA system of your head office.
From here you can choose a combination of EXTender™
modules to suit your needs. The EXTender™ 6000 unit
for branch offices or the EXTender™ 4000 for home
based workers.
EXTender™ 6000
For sales offices, satellite call centres, retail operations
and any other facility that requires multiple handsets, the
EXTender™ 6000 is a key piece of equipment. Each unit is
connected through an IP router, has simple plug-andplay installation and supports up to eight handsets.
The EXTenders™ can also be remotely managed from your
main site. Application scenarios include:
• Sales offices
• Satellite call centres
• Retail operations
• Franchise outlets
• Banking or financial institutions
• Government or local authority departments
• Manufacturing operations
• Schools and Local Education Authorities
• Healthcare networks
EXTender™ 4000
The EXTender™ 4000 is designed for remote users
working from home who only require a single handset. It
utilises the worker’s existing IP connection or broadband
modem to link in to your corporate system. The 4000
provides both a key phone port and PC port for connection
to the network.
The KX-TDA PBXGateway™ EXTender™ system provides an
ideal communication solution for the modern business.
Delivering high-quality voice over your IP network, it offers
a flexible, cost effective and easily maintained system to
keep you connected.
KX-TDA PBXGateway™
EXTender 6000™
EXTender 4000™
Key benefits
Key benefits
Increased productivity
Key features
Mix and match remote modules up to a total
of 8 users per PBXGateway™ unit.
Branch office users get fully featured digital
sets and all corporate KX-TDA, messaging,
call accounting and ACD features.
Increased productivity
Remote employees are able to use the same
digital sets as their KX-TDA system, giving
them access to features such as voicemail
and messaging.
Network efficiency
Network efficiency
Plug and play installation. Corporate and remote
management tools provide flexible administration.
Leverages existing KX-TDA and data networking
resources. Variable compression rates minimises
communications cost.
• Auto Connect Mode
• Comfort Noise Generation
• Dynamic and Static IP Addressing
• Support for IP Precedence and DiffServ
QoS mechanisms
Voice protocols
• See KX-TDA PBXGateway™ voice protocols
• A choice of network topologies and
variable compression rates minimises
communications costs
• Leverage IP data network infrastructure
for both voice and data traffic
• Simple to use configuration tools enable
virtual management of remote users
from a central location
Key features
• Call blocking
• Encrypted username and password allocated
by system administrator to each port
• Support for IP Precedence and Diffserv
QoS mechanisms
Key features
Software support
• Encrypted username and password allocated
by system administrator to each port
• Support for IP Precedence and DiffServ
QoS mechanisms
• When running Remote Voice Protocol over IP
(RVPoIP) the gateway connects to a network
access device via the LAN port
• Minimal setup programming required,
accomplished via Telnet, HTML, RS232
console interface or inband RVP
• TCP/IP protocol support for IP traffic
and management access
• RVPoIP used UDP/IP protocol for
voice transmission
• Management and utilities – Telnet,
RS-232 console interface and HTML
Voice protocols
• Choice of voice compression standards:
- G.729A (8 kbps)
- G.726 (24 or 32 kbps ADPCM)
- G.711 (64 kbps PCM)
• G.165 echo canceller software, with proprietary
double-talk detection enhancement
• Remote Voice Protocol over IP
• IP voice packets are tagged for network
prioritisation using IP Precedence or Diffserv
• Form Factor: Low profile, 1U rack
mountable unit
• Internal power supply
• Line voltage: 100-240v
• Maximum power consumption: 75 watts
• Size: 432mm x 203mm x 44mm
• Weight: 3kg
Operating system and upgrades
• Wind River’s VxWorks® operating system
• Software upgradeable via LAN FTP, RS-232
serial port to PC, or inband connection
between the EXTender™ 6000 and
KX-TDA PBXGateway™
Operating environment
• Temperature: 32˚-130˚F (0˚- 55˚C)
• Relative humidity: 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
Voice protocols
• See KX-TDA PBXGateway™ voice protocols
• Form Factor: Low profile, 1U rack
mountable unit
• Internal power supply
• Line voltage: 100-240v
• Maximum power consumption: 75 watts
• Size: 432mm x 203mm x 44mm
• Weight: 3kg
Regulatory approvals: FCC Part 15 Class B and FCC Part 68, CE Mark, TUV, NRTL/CSA, VCCI Class 1
and CISPR 22 Class A. The design and specification of the products is constantly changing in the
interest of improvement. Whilst every care is taken in preparing this brochure some changes may
occur after publication. Please check with your Panasonic dealer for details. © 2004 Verso
Technologies, Inc. PBXGateway, EXTender6000 and EXTender4000 are trademarks or registered
trademarks of Verso Technologies or its wholly owned subsidiaries in the US and other jurisdictions.
For full details of a KX-TDA PBXGateway™ and EXTender™ solution to
suit your business, please contact your local Panasonic dealer.
Panasonic Business Systems UK,
Willoughby Road, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 8FP
• Form Factor: Small footprint, desktop or wall
mountable unit
• Connectors included on unit:
- One RJ-45 port for digital telephone set
- One RJ-45 10 Base-T Ethernet for
PC connection
- One RJ-45 10 Base-T Ethernet for LAN
or WAN connection
- One power supply
• External power supply adapter (included)
• Size: 160mm x 136mm x 34.25mm
• Weight: 0.3kg
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