Felston DD540 Digital Audio Delay

Your TV’s Sound & Picture
…Back in Perfect Sync
Felston DD540
Dual-Source Digital Audio Delay
Out-of-sync audio (“lip-sync error”) is
a significant and frustrating problem.
If you use an A/V amplifier then the
Felston DD540 is the answer.
Modern displays such as plasmas, LCD screens
and digital projectors are a major cause. Their
sophisticated processing produces superb picture quality but is often at the expense of displaying the image a few frames after the audio
- lip sync error.
In addition, lip sync error can also vary between
DVDs, television channels and programs,
meaning instant, easy adjustment is what is
needed to keep lip-sync error at bay.
The DD540 gives you just this, adding lip sync
correction to your A/V system. It works with any
digital audio source (DVD players, many digiboxes/satellite/cable receivers, etc.)
The diminutive DD540 corrects
out of sync sound and picture
by delaying the audio by whatever amount you need. Instant
adjustment if and when you
need it via remote control.
Audio sync correction for your A/V system
DD540 Digital Audio Delay
DD540 Digital Audio Delay
How It Works
The DD540 connects to up to
two sources of digital audio (S/
PDIF) and to the digital audio
input socket(s) of your A/V amplifier.
The DD540 delays the digital
audio signal reaching your amplifier by whatever time you require, thus re-syncing picture
and sound perfectly.
Simply adjust the delay required
using the remote control.
The DD540 can also connect to an
A/V amplifier using a single output.
In this case, whichever source is
active will be routed to that output.
A/V Amplifier
DD540 (rear panel)
Digital Audio Source A
e.g. Digibox
Optical connection
Coax connection
Digital Audio Source B
e.g. DVD player
Dual-Source Capability
Both optical and coax digital audio connections are provided. Either or both may be
used, allowing up to two digital audio sources. If two sources are connected, the
DD540 selects the active input automatically, or the input may be selected via the
remote control.
Whenever the input changes, the delay last used for that input is immediately restored. This is invaluable if one input requires a different delay to the other, requiring no user action to the DD540 when changing sources.
Delay Adjustment
Any delay between 0 and 680 milliseconds (two-thirds of a second) may be selected
using the remote control. 6 user-programmable presets per input allow instant selection of your most common requirements. If no delay is required, put the DD540
into standby and the signal passes through without delay.
The easy-to-use remote control allows
full and instant command of
the DD540 from your armchair
Audio Quality
Delaying the audio does not mean compromising audio quality either. With bitperfect reproduction and re-clocking, the DD540 maintains complete integrity of the
original digital audio signal.
Audio Delay Capabilities
• 0 - 680ms (milliseconds) in 1ms steps (for 32-48kHz sample
rate signals)
• 0 - 340ms in 1ms steps (for 96kHz sample rate signals)
• 12 x user-programmable presets (6 per input)
Audio Signal Compatibility
• Digital Audio (S/PDIF):
• All current broadcast/DVD standards (Dolby Digital/EX/
DTS/ES/PCM etc.)
• Audio sample rates of 32kHz, 44.1kHz,
48kHz (standard DVD), 96kHz (e.g. DTS 96/24)
• Digital Audio Inputs (2):
• Optical socket
• Coaxial, RCA phono socket (75Ω, 0.5V pk-pk)
• Digital Audio Outputs (2):
• Optical socket
• Coaxial, RCA phono socket (75Ω, 0.5V pk-pk)
Other Features
5 display brightness levels; configurable output socket options;
discrete IR commands for Pronto and other learning remotes
Dimensions, Main Unit (W x D x H)
5.7” (145mm) x 4.1” (105mm) x 1.4” (35mm), 9.9oz (280g)
Power Consumption
3 Watts max.
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