2014 AdVertisinG informAtion

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2014 ADVERTISING information
Mechanical information
Advertising on www.arktimes.com
The Arkansas Times will make every effort to print your file properly,
but cannot be held responsible for the printed result of supplied
material. Please be aware of the following:
The Arkansas Times website is one of the largest and fastest-growing websites in the state. In fact we rank #20 nationwide in Alternative Newspapers
combined “print” and “web” market reach.
• All ads supplied are to be PDF files. No other format is acceptable without
prior approval. In the case of problems with a PDF file, a live file may be
See www.arktimes.com promo for complete details and rates. Print advertisers do receive a generous discount.
• Printers marks, crop marks and bleeds are not necessary on partial page
ads. Only Full Page ads require bleeds.
• All fonts must be embedded in the PDF file.
• We require 200 DPI minimum resolution for 4-color and gray images,
1200 DPI for monochrome images. All color must be in CMYK. Client will
be contacted for ads using RGB color. We can convert RGB color to CMYK
if requested, but cannot guarantee a perfect match..
• All PDF files received by Arkansas Times are checked through Adobe
Acrobat with PitStop for possible printing problems. Any problems found
will be reported back to the client.
• We do not recommend using Photoshop as a layout program to create
ads. The default black in Photoshop is a 4-color black and can result in out
of register text. Ads using this will be printed “at own risk.” If a Rich Black is
needed, please use a mix of 60% cyan, 40% magenta, 40% yellow, 100% black.
• We recommend that reversed text to be no smaller than an 8 pt. bold, sans
serif typeface ­— Helvetica, Myriad, Futura, Arial or similar. Due to various
characteristics of typefaces and backgrounds, reversed text is “at own risk.”
• We are printed on newsprint. Please allow for 20%-25% dot gain.
• Our printing process is web offset using four-color process inks. No PMS
inks are available, all colors are produced by four-color process. Color
reproduction is “pleasing color” — we cannot guarantee a perfect match.
Preprinted Inserts
Standard inserts are 8½ X 11 and weigh no more than 1.9 oz. per piece. Net
cost: $80 per thousand. Inserts weighing over 2 oz. will be charged in $5
increments per each additional ounce, per thousand.
Inserts LARGER than the Arkansas Times will be charged an additional $5
per thousand. Folding is an option and required prior to inserting, or we
can quote a folding cost.
Any insert that must be manually inserted will be charged a minimum $100
per thousand.
Inserts must be received the Monday the week the insert is to be run. Insert
reservations need to be made Monday two weeks before the insert run date.
Ship to: Breese Journal & Publishing Company, 8060 Old US Highway 50,
Breese, IL 62230, Attn: Josh Mahlandt. Phone 618.526.7211. Fax 618.526.2590.
Credit & Payment Terms
New accounts are required to pay in advance. A monthly late charge will
be assessed on any unpaid balance. Payment in advance is required from
new advertisers until credit has been established. Credit applications are
required to establish credit. Advertisers are billed weekly. Payment is due
on receipt of invoices. In addition to receiving these invoices, any advertiser
whose account has shown any activity or who has an outstanding balance
will receive a monthly statement.
Digital image files should be 200 dpi and within 20% of the final printed
size. EPS, JPEG or TIFF formats are acceptable.
Vector graphic files must have all text converted to paths or outlines.
Text files must be saved as “text-only,” and, if e-mailed, sent as an attachment,
not pasted into the e-mail message.
Live files are not accepted without prior approval.
We can accept photos and materials to scan but cannot be responsible for
image reproduction quality if scanning from printed material.
Ads and materials may be supplied on CD, DVD or emailed to:
201 EAST MARKHAM, SUITE 200 • P.O. BOX 34010
(501)375-2985 FAX (501)376-1259 • www.arktimes.com
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2014 ADVERTISING deadlines, sizes, production rates
Live Copy: 19.25W x 11.25H
Trim: 20W x 12H
Bleed: 20.5W x 12.5H
Live Copy:
9.25W x 11.25H
10W x 12H
10.5W x 12.5h
deadlines and placement
Ad rates reflect a per ad cost, based on the frequency
agreement. Frequency agreements include all sizes.
Short rates will be applied to unfulfilled agreements.
3/4 V
6.875W x 11.25H
3/4 h
9.25W x 8.375H
1/2 v
4.5W x 11.25H
1/2 h
9.25W x 5.5H
1/2 island
6.875W x 8.375H
3/8 v
4.5W x 8.375H
1/3 h
9.25W x 3.565H
1/4 h
4.5W x 5.5H
1/4 stretch
9.25W x 2.625H
1/4 v
2.125W x 11.25H
3/16 v
2.125W x 8.375H
3/16 h
6.875W x 2.625H
Issue Date: thursday
Ad Closing Date: Wednesday, week prior to issue date
Ad materials for ads to be produced by Arkansas Times
are due Wednesday, same day as closing.
Press-ready PDF ad files are due by Friday after closing.
No Cancellations after Wednesday, day of closing.
Some early deadlines apply for special sections and holidays.
Guaranteed Placement
Certain positions in the newspaper have guaranteed
placement. 2nd and 4th covers are priced accordingly.
Other special positions are available at no additional
cost on a contract and/or availability basis only. Those
include: Page 3, Observer, Letters, Center Spread, Afterdark
Sponsor and the Shopping Column.
1/8 v
2.125W x
1/8 stretch
9.25W x 1.1875H
1/8 H
4.5W x 2.625H
1/6 H
4.5W x 3.565H
1/12 H
4.5W x 1.655H
2.125W x 1.1875H
2.125W x 2.625H
all dimensions are INCHES, width x height.
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