Quick Guide - BASF Federation Service

Quick Guide
Hardware Replacement
 Backup 1/2
After you receive your new device, please perform a backup of the data
stored on your current GPSIII device by using an encrypted USB stick or
encrypted external hard disk. You can use the external hard disk which
was delivered with your GPSIII device
 Backup 2/2
Press “Run last backup now” to ensure that the
latest state of your GPSIII device is backed up. Be
sure not to save additional data after you have
performed the last backup.
You also won’t be able to save any data in
MyBASFData anymore!
GPSIII Computer
external USB hard disk (encrypted)
The Data Migration Wizard will guide you through the process.
To open the program click the Windows Button on the bottom left of your
screen and select All Programs. Click on BASF IS Support Tools and
start the Data Migration Wizard.
Important: If you would like to save additional data after
you already selected “Run last backup now” you can use
your external storage device for this.
 Unbox
 Replace
When your new device gets delivered, you can immediately start to
unbox it.
Important: Existing Dell Docking Stations require an
exchange! Make sure to exchange your current Docking
Station and the power supply + cable with the new Dock
from your parcel. All other cables (network, USB) can be
reconnected to the new Docking Station.
Do not connect the external disk at this point!
Your new device
 now supports USB 3.0
 BVG A3 checked till 2020
 power supply
New Docking Station
Make sure to remove
the protection around
your power supply.
Unbox your
new device
Power connector
 Attention
 Start installation
Before setting up your machine you have to take care of two important
Make sure that your new device is connected to the BASF Corporate
Network either through the Dock or directly to the device. Therefore
please use the existing network cable from your old device.
1) When you receive a new docking station make sure that the lock
switch is switched to the right position before you connect your
Notebook, Ultrabook or Tablet
Your new device
Standard Desktop
Your new device
New Docking Station
Network cable
Network cable
BASF Corporate Network
BASF Corporate Network
Power on your new device
2) Do not connect your external hard disk to your machine!
 Getting ready
 Your first logon
The preparation of your new device will take less than an hour. After that
you can log in with your user account. Please note that the first login
might take a while.
After the successful installation of your machine you will be facing the
following lock screen:
To continue to the login screen you have to push any key on your
Afterwards you’ll be able to log in.
If you used a SIM card on your old device, please remove it now.
 Connect
 Configuration
Connect your external USB hard disk to your new device and enter your
BitLocker To Go password.
After logging in, the BASF Welcome Wizard will help you set up your
new device. It will also help you install your default printers and migrate
your local data from your old computer to the new cloud based data
storage solution OneDrive for Business, where you can store your
personal business data.
New device
external USB hard disk (encrypted)
In case you want to use UMTS on your new device, please
insert the SIM card now. If you do not have a SIM card, please
ignore this.
Data recovery 1/2
After clicking on “Restore your data“ and selecting your external hard
disk, the following dialog window will appear:
Data recovery 2/2
After the successful migration of your data you will see the following
If you select “Yes” it will start copying your files to your local OneDrive –
BASF folder and it sync them afterwards to the cloud. If you click on “No”
you will get the following notification before the copy job for your data
From now on your data should be stored in OneDrive for Business
(OneDrive – BASF) as long as they are not (strictly) confidential!
Important: After the migration you will be able to find your
migrated data via the following symbol on your desktop:
Note: All of your OneDrive for Business files which were
located in your “Shared with Everyone” folder are now
located in the folder “unshared”
Ship your GPSIII computer with mouse, keyboard, docking station, power
supply and mobile power supply back using the provided return label.
Put the old device and accessories into the box
Use the provided return label to ship the old device back.
Docking station (incl. power
Mobile power supply
optional: external drive*
optional: external drive*
*can be kept and used to save (strictly) confidential data in the future
In case you are facing any problems during your migration feel free to
contact your local Service Desk for assistance.
On some sites like BASF Ludwigshafen you’ll have to apply for a new
approval to be allowed to take your machine outside the site.
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