RDA1 Wiegand card reader DA Instructions

RDA1 Wiegand card reader DA
The RDA1 distributes the data from one Wiegand reader to up to three data access control panels.
Monitors the LED outputs of the data panels and outputs an LED “access granted“ in the case of any
panel valid card read or a “access denied” if all three data panels report non-valid card reads.
Power input / output
The RDA1 accepts 12vdc in and consumes 20ma of power. It has a +12v or +5v output that can be used
to power up the reader. The RDA1 can supply up to 500ma 5v power to the reader. If the Wiegand reader
requires 12vdc power, select the 12v position of the reader power jumper. If the reader requires 5vdc
power, select the 5v position.
Data outputs
Whatever data comes out of the Wiegand reader will appear at the terminals of the D0 and D1 terminals
of the access control panel outputs. Connect these outputs to the access control panel reader inputs. See
figure 1. Note- no card read data is stored in the RDA1.
LED signals
All LED inputs are normally high. The inputs to the RDA1 from the access control panels can be 5v or
12v. When a valid card read is detected by any of the 3 “green LED” inputs going low, the RDA1 will send
a “green LED” signal to the Wiegand reader green LED terminal (logic low). If an invalid card read is
detected by any or all of the 3 “red LED” inputs going low, the RDA1will send a “red LED” signal to the
Wiegand reader red LED terminal (logic low). See figure 1 For connections.
Run a #22 6 conductor shielded from the Wiegand reader to the RDA1. Run up to 3 each #22 6
conductor shielded cables from the RDA1 to each access control panel. The shield can be used as a
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Figure 1.
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