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FM made friendly
Classroom FM
has never been easier
Children depend on FM at school, but using FM solutions is far from easy. Teachers can´t
be sure that their voice is being transmitted clearly. And they get no confirmation that
the child is actually receiving the signal.
But one thing they do know is that when these systems break down – they lose valuable
teaching time. So they contact you for help. Until now, FM troubleshooting has been
complex and time consuming, but all of that changes with the new Oticon Amigo.
Oticon Amigo represents a new generation of solutions that rewrite the rules governing
classroom FM. State-of-the-art technology makes Amigo easier to use and more reliable
than any other FM system on the market. The Amigo family offers:
> Certainty:
Removes all doubt that the child can hear
> Durability:
Less downtime means more teaching time
> Voice Priority:
A clean and consistent speech signal
> Convenience:
Programming in the palm of your hand
The Amigo educational transmitter
The Amigo multi-channel receiver
Amigo at a GLANCE
The Amigo multi-channel receiver is compatible
with virtually all BTE hearing aids and Cochlear
LED status indicator
Europin connector
3-position mode switch
Europin rotation lock
Channel seek/toggle
> Multi-channel capabilities
> Programming range ~ 30 cm.
> Low receiver current drain of 2.0 mA
> FM transmission range ~ 30 m
> Receiver sleep mode
> SNR: 50 dB
The Amigo educational transmitter provides an
easy and friendly interface to using and fitting
LED status indicator
2.5 mm microphone jack
High resolution LCD display
Team Teaching
Clear entered values
Synchronize receiver/enter
3.5 auxiliary audio input jack
“MiniB” USB charge jack
> AA Standard NIMH batteries
> Multi band FM capability
> Fail safe charging sensor
> All channels available
> Keypad lock
> FM Channel Wizard
> External antenna built into mic. cord
> Synchronization range ~ 50 cm
> Transmitter and programmer in one
> FM transmission range ~ 30 m
How do you know
that the child can hear?
What good is FM technology if you can’t be SURE that it works?
Today’s FM systems have a major drawback in that they provide no confirmation that the
equipment is functioning properly or that the child is hearing the signal. Young children
can’t be expected to give teachers on-the-spot feedback; the FM solution should do that.
And that’s exactly what Amigo does with a unique, built-in Light Emitting Diode (LED)
light in the receiver. When the light is on, the teacher KNOWS that the system is working
and that the child can hear their voice. The LED confirms that:
> The hearing-aid battery is functioning
> The receiver is ON
> The transmitter and receiver are both working
> The child is on the right channel
Amigo provides on-the-spot feedback
Only Amigo can make you feel confident that young children are getting the
input they need.
How Amigo PROVES that the child can hear
Young children typically find it difficult to
provide accurate feedback on the performance
of their FM system. But with Oticon Amigo,
they don’t have to. The receiver communicates
directly with the teacher’s transmitter, remembers its programmed channel settings and sends
clear confirmation that the child can hear. This
allows teachers to focus on teaching – and their
students to focus on learning.
SEEING that the FM solution is functioning
Amigo’s red LED confirms that the Amigo transmitter and receiver are working and syncronized to the same channel. And its backward or
forward positioning offers visibility from any
angle. The LED can be programmed to shine
constantly or blink every two seconds. It can
also be completely disabled - a feature ideal for
older students seeking a more discreet solution.
Teachers can easily synchronize the receiver
wirelessly by standing within a range of about
50 cm. The receiver acknowledges the command with three rapid blinks of the LED.
If you see the light then you know that:
> The hearing-aid battery is functioning
> The receiver is ON
> The transmitter and receiver are working
> The child is on the right channel
ENSURING optimal hearing
To ensure that the child’s receiver retains its
channel setting, the Amigo receiver can be programmed to wake up in any channel, e.g. last
channel used. This prevents accidental channel
If necessary, all of the transmitter’s switches
can be disabled, so changing functionalities can
only take place with the help of a teacher.
The Amigo LED is very flexible: it can be positioned so the light is visible from the back as
well as the front.
Downtime is
wasted time
Classrooms are tough. Why can’t FM solutions be tougher?
Classrooms are challenging environments. Teachers and audiologists shouldn’t have to
spend too much time on troubleshooting. And children shouldn’t have to wait while FM
systems get repaired. Teaching time is far too precious to squander on system downtime.
Such demanding school settings are no match for Amigo. From the exterior casing to
the internal components, Amigo is the toughest FM solution ever made.
> Withstands accidental dropping
> Moisture repellent
> Fail-safe battery recharging
We believe in Amigo – so should you!
We know that teachers need reliable FM solutions. We believe so much in
Amigo that we are ready to back every product up with an extended warranty
Amigo makes DOWNTIME a thing of the PAST
and construction; the exceptional battery consumption and the fail-safe charging system all
help to make FM system downtime a thing of
the past.
Classrooms and staffrooms put special demands
on FM systems. Fortunately Amigo solutions
are exceptionally well protected – both internally and externally. The mechanical design
1 The microphone jack can tolerate
10,000 insertions.
1 Gold plated Euro-pins ensure
corrosion resistant connections.
1 The keypad swi
1,000,000 presse
2 The LCD shield is made of the
same material as used in bullet
proof glass.
2 Ultrasonically welded seams
cannot come apart.
2 Keypad sealed w
for moistume re
Accident PROOF
Amigo FM products can withstand accidental
dropping on the floor without suffering permanent damage. The Amigo receiver has been
ultrasonically welded together, creating a very
robust unit that - combined with its extremely
low weight – makes it highly resilient to damage.
FM systems encounter all sorts of fluids – from
finger paint to water and hot coffee. Therefore
the buttons of the Amigo transmitter have been
sealed with silicone rubber, making the unit
both moisture resistant and safe to clean. The
Amigo R1 receiver boasts similar moistureresistant benefits: the shell has been welded,
and the few apertures that do exist are tightly
LONG battery life
Amigo receivers have an automatic Sleep-mode
function that conserves battery power. Whenever
more than 60 seconds elapse between signals,
the receiver shuts down all functions, with the
exception of a small signal sensor. This procedure reduces battery consumption by more
than 50%. The instant the FM signal returns,
all systems are re-activated. And the LED light
confirms this change.
FAIL-SAFE charging
The Amigo T20 and T21 use a single rechargeable AA NiMH battery that can be exchanged
with a standard Alkaline battery if necessary.
The battery charging censor in Amigo prevents
Alkaline batteries from being accidently recharged. The battery lifetime of the rechargeable
battery is more than 10 hours allowing the transmitter to provide constant support throughout
the school day.
tches can tolerate
1 The 3-position switch can tolerate
10,000 operations.
1 The rigid centre frame protects
Amigo’s internal components.
with silicone rubber
2 The channel switch can tolerate
50,000 presses.
2 Moulded rubber ensures a safe grip,
yet absorbs impact if dropped.
voice over noise
Classrooms are noisy environments. Can the child ever get a clean speech signal?
A clear signal means more than just sending it from A to B; the FM solution must ensure
that only the most relevant sounds are transmitted to the child.
Amigo is the first FM solution to intelligently clean up the signal and prioritize voice
over noise. And it harnesses the very latest hearing aid technologies to achieve this.
> Reduces noise before transmitting to the child
> Balances varying voice levels
> Compensates for different microphone
> Shifts into mute mode when no voice is
Reducing the need for boom microphones
Boom microphones are not always a teacher’s first choice. Amigo’s advanced
technology ensures consistent sound quality and reduces the need to use boom
microphones to improve the Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).
Speech in Quiet
Speech in Noise
Noise only
No attenuation
Full comfort based
Utilizing technology from Oticon’s most sophisticated digital hearing instruments Amigo intelligently prioritizes voices over noise. It carefully
removes noise and shapes the speech signal to
keep it clear and stable. With this kind of technology the child will always have access to the
most important sounds.
REDUCING intrusive noise
Amigo analyzes the audio signal for the presence
of speech and noise. Whenever the harmonics
and modulation patterns of speech and noise
appear, Amigo will immediately detect them
and attenuate accordingly. This strategy preserves the integrity of the speech signal for optimum intelligibility. With Amigo, teachers won’t
have to compete with noisy heating or cooling
systems or the sounds of traffic outside, because
all of these noises will be gently reduced.
When speech is not present the transmitter mutes itself
TRANSMITTING only what matters
Amigo constantly scans for the presence of
speech and if the teacher isn’t speaking it automatically attenuates the microphone signal, so
the child doesn’t have to listen to papers shuffling or other incidental noises. This makes it
easier for them to concentrate on their immediate task and participate in class.
BALANCING the speech signal
Amigo monitors the output level to fit the needs
of the child. Whether the teacher’s voice is dynamic and booming or calm and quiet, Amigo
makes adjustments to keep the signal comfortable and consistent.
Loud teacher voice
Soft teacher voice
Comfortable voice
COMPENSATING for microphone placement
Amigo also compensates for the varying signal
levels caused by microphones placed in locations other than the ‘ideal spot’. So no matter
how these microphones are positioned on the
teacher’s upper body, the signal will remain
Enlarged Microphone “ideal-spot”
SUPPORTING Team Teaching
The Amigo T21 makes Team Teaching easy
with a simple touch of the ” ” button. The
signal from the T20 transmitter (worn by the
supporting teacher) will then automatically be
adjusted via an Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
and mixed in the primary transmitter to compensate for the difference in teachers’ voice
levels. The Team-Teach solution offers full
channel flexibility to accommodate local
channel management programs.
A fitting tool
in the palm of
your hand
Why can’t FM programming be quicker and easier?
Programming and fitting FM systems can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Cumbersome because of all the extra hardware, cables and software. And time-consuming
because channel management and troubleshooting involve a lot of trial and error. This
forces you to spend more time on equipment and less time on counselling.
Amigo is the only FM solution to offer full programming and diagnostics capabilities in
the palm of your hand. This all-in-one solution helps you solve problems quickly.
> The transmitter IS the programmer
– i.e. no other equipment needed
> FM channel wizard guides you in proactive
channel management
> Wireless programming of receiver on the ear
No hassle. And no time consuming complications
The Amigo transmitter boasts a wealth of programming and diagnostics features.
All are easily accessible through easy-to-use menus that save time in a busy daily
Why Amigo is EASY to FIT and PROGRAM
Amigo FM solutions are pre-programmed to
suit the needs of the vast majority of users. But
if you should need to customize the receiver
and transmitter, you’ll find the process easy.
No extra equipment is required because all
programming and troubleshooting can be performed via the Amigo FM transmitter itself.
GET IT RIGHT the first time
Channel management doesn’t have to be complicated: Amigo’s channels are all pre-programmed and the built-in FM Channel Wizard
makes channel-management and diagnostics
extremely easy.
The Channel Wizard helps you in three different ways:
> Scan & Select Primary Channel
The transmitter will scan the environment
for interference and offer a list of interference-free channels.
> Scan & Select Team Teaching Channels
The transmitter will scan the environment
for interference and suggest primary and
secondary team teaching channels.
> Monitor Single Channel
With the earphones plugged into the transmitter you can monitor the signal quality on
a specific channel.
Program TRANSMITTER - Directly
In programming mode the transmitter provides
a complete FM toolkit for the professional.
Fitting is done wirelessly – i.e. no cables or
other equipment are needed. It allows you to
enter school and classroom information and
customize the transmitter to the individual
who will be using it. You can also disable more
complex functions like Team Teaching, individual FM channels and advanced digital audio
Fitting RECEIVERS – Live
Fitting receivers can be performed live on the
child’s ear at school, or inside a test box at your
clinic. This eliminates today’s tedious trial-anderror process of receiver fitting. All Amigo functionalities can be customized to suit different age
> Small children will need a high level of
tamper resistance and system transparency.
> Young children will most often use the default setting (based on the ASHAA* standard
of +10 dB FM gain).
> Older children will want to handle the
various functions themselves.
Amigo T21
Name 2:
Channel Set:
See List
Advanced DSP
Channel Set:
See List
Adjust Contrast
Erase Settings
About Amigo T21
Amigo R2
FM Gain:
FM+HA Gain:
3-Pos. Switch:
Locked: FM+HA
LED Light:
On: Steady
Beep Tone:
Beep Volume:
Channel Switch:
Channel Set:
See List
Channel Seek:
Erase Settings
About Amigo R2
Full compatibility
CI: Amigo receivers are compatible with CI processors
BTE: Amigo receivers are compatible with all BTEs
FM: The Amigo FM solution is compatible with FM systems
* American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Inside and outside
the classroom
Shouldn’t children benefit from multi-channel FM outside the classroom?
FM systems improve communication in the classroom, but they can also be useful elsewhere. Wherever noise presents a problem, children can overcome it with a portable FM
The new Amigo T10 transmitter and Amigo R2 receiver offer both portability and flexibility: the transmitter can be held in the hand, worn around the neck or even placed on a
table. It can also be used in classrooms at home or during social activities. With superior
directionality and multi-channel capabilities the T10 and R2 promise a clearer sound
signal in any kind of environment.
> Superior directionality for a better
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
> Multi-channel capabilities
> No programming required –
just charge it and go!
Amigo benefits outside the school
The Amigo T10 transmitter and R2 receiver also offer full multi-channel FM
benefits in most everyday situations outside the classroom.
How Amigo helps INSIDE & OUTSIDE the
FM systems are invaluable in the classroom but
children can also benefit from them at home.
The new portable Amigo T10 transmitter is an
enhanced version of the sleek, superstylish Lexis transmitter. When used in conjunction with the Amigo R2 receiver the T10
offers multi-channel capabilities, outstanding
directionality, more natural sound quality and
longer battery life.
Multi-channel INTELLIGENCE
The R2 receiver has a manual Channel Seek
button which allows the older child to toggle
through a list of FM channels. These are either
pre-programmed or adapted to the individual.
Children can also use this button to automatically search through the channel list until they
locate an active FM signal.
Great SOUND quality
The Amigo T10 uses four microphones and
advanced digital signal processing to create a
broad, flat, frequency response – an approach
that raises the sound quality to a much higher
With the T10, the articulation-directionality
index (AI-DI) is up to 40% higher than other
fixed directional FM systems. This allows children to focus on what they want to hear simply
by pointing the transmitter in the right direction. The multi purpose transmitter can also be
placed on a table or worn around the neck in
various operational modes.
The futuristic, ergonomic design of the Amigo
T10 helps to reduce the stigma so often associated with hearing solutions. Design-wise,
the T10 is in the same class as other popular
consumer gadgets such as mobile phones and
MP3 players. The cool design helps to motivate
children to use the device – even when not
observed by parents and teachers.
Super Focus 8,5 dB AI-DI
Focus 6 dB AI-DI
Placed on a table in omni mode,
the T10 picks up the voices of the
child’s companions.
The T10 can be worned lavalier
style in Focus mode, e.g. in a noisy
The T10 quickly and easily connects
to external audio sources such as a
TV, PC or MP3 player.
Making it easier
to help children
achieve their full potential
Children deserve every opportunity to explore the world, perfect their skills and achieve
their full potential. Helping them in the pursuit of these goals are devoted parents, audiologists and teachers. And these dedicated caregivers merit all the support they can get.
An attentive partner
Oticon makes a contribution by developing genuinely child-friendly hearing solutions.
The needs of the child and family drives our innovation. And even though our solutions
are as sophisticated as can be, they are also practical and exceptionally easy to use.
Technology is only a part of the solution where children are concerned. We aim to give
people the support tools they need to ensure that the formative years of the children in
their care are as fruitful and as rewarding as possible.
That’s what “child friendly hearing care” is all about!
At visitors can explore topics related to the world of FM.
Meet the Amigo Family
Oticon Amigo T20
The Amigo T20 is a body-worn transmitter for use in
classrooms. The transmitter also serves as a programming
and fitting unit through a special menu.
Oticon Amigo T21
The Amigo T21 transmitter offers the same functions as
the Amigo T20 with the addition of a built-in team teaching function.
Oticon Amigo R1
The Amigo R1 is a standard multi-channel receiver that
can be used with most BTE’s and CI’s from any manufacturer via its universal Euro connector.
Oticon Amigo R2
The Amigo R2 offers all the functionalities of the R1, plus
a manual Channel Seek functionality.
Oticon Amigo R7
The Amigo R7 is a dedicated receiver for the SUMO hearing aid family. The receiver offers the same functionality
as the R2.
Oticon Amigo T10
The Amigo T10 transmitter is a multi-purpose transmitter designed to be used inside and outside the
Oticon Amigo WRP
The Amigo Wireless Receiver Programmer (WRP) allows
wireless fitting of all Amigo receivers. Additionally it offers FM channel wizard functionality for pro-active channel
Amigo microphone options
Amigo comes with a high quality omni-lapel microphone. In
addition, three types of optional microphones are available - all
with a built-in external antenna in the microphone cord:
- Lavalier microphone
- Directional lapel microphone
- Boom microphone
Oticon Amigo FM-CI
The Amigo FM-CI adaptor offers full compatibility with
body-worn CI processors.
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We believe that it takes more than
technology and audiology to create
the best hearing instruments. That’s
why we put the individual needs
and wishes of people with hearing
loss first in our development of new
hearing care solutions.
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