PART I: Downloading and installing the `SNQ Mobile

SNQ Mobile Transport (iPad)
PART I: Downloading and installing the ‘SNQ Mobile Transport’ app
1. Connect to Internet with the device that you are going to use, open a browser and navigate to the
exact address:
2. Log in using your SNQ Transport login details.
3. Once logged in, save the page link to Home Screen: Click the button to the left of the address bar and
select ‘Add to Home Screen’:
4. Provide a name for the application (e.g. ‘Transport’) and click ‘Add’:
5. Close the browser, and access the newly created link from Home Screen:
SNQ Mobile Transport (iPad)
6. The first time you open the SNQ Mobile Transport app you need to have Internet access, and you will
be asked to log in again.
7. Subsequently, the SNQ Mobile Transport app may be used offline (without Internet connection).
PART II: Working with the SNQ Mobile Transport app
1. Click the ‘Ny Neonatal Transport’ menu item and start entering the data.
2. The app has 5 separate tabs where information can be filled. If you are not able to access another tab,
check the data that has been entered for errors.
3. You can always navigate to the Homepage of the app and fill in missing data later. Entered data is
saved, but may be modified. It is not uploaded.
4. You may delete the currently opened transport by selecting the ‘Radera’ button in the top-right of the
screen, provided that the transport has not been saved using the “Spara på denna enhet” button.
5. You may have incomplete information for more than one transport on the tablet. Just navigate to the
homepage of the app and select the desired number of the transport.
6. Once the data was filled in, you can navigate to Page 5 (‘Avvikelser’) and save data locally by clicking
‘Spara på denna enhet’. This will prepare the data to be synced with the server, once an Internet
connection is available. After using this function, the data may no longer be edited via the app.
7. After saving (‘Spara på dennna enhet’), click the ‘Första sida’ button to return to the homepage.
8. If there are items saved by “Spara på denne enhet”, and thus ready to be synced, you will see a ‘Sync’
menu button. When an Internet connection is available, clicking this button will send the information
to SNQtransport. NOTE: If data was entered in the offline mode, syncing with SNQtransport requires
9. Once information on a transport has been synced to the server, it is removed from the app.
NOTE: Once the ‘Spara på denna enhet’ function has been used, the transport’s data may no longer be
edited via the tablet. It can only be edited via the SNQtransport web interface after being uploaded to the
PART III: Uninstalling the app and erasing the data
SNQ Mobile Transport (iPad)
To uninstall the SNQ Mobile Transport app, delete the icon on the Home Screen button (‘Transport’). NOTE:
This will erase any information not saved to SNQtransport.
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