Series composition ・SMD2-Adv. (up to 2M pixels) ・SMD3

High resolusion and precision graphics board for Medical Imaging
The VREngine/SMD Adv. series is the newest line of Medical Imaging boards using the Lupin 2 Medical
Imaging Processor for high to super-high resolution LCD monitors from RealVision. The VREngine/SMD Adv. series
boards are designed for demanding medical applications, such as CT, MRI, and other advanced modalities, that require
high performance and high precision. The VREngine/SMD Adv. Series is composed of three boards: the SMD2 Adv. for
up to 2MP resolution applications; the SMD3 Adv. for up to 3MP resolution applications; and the SMD5 Adv. for up to
5MP resolution applications. The VREngine/SMD Adv. series boards are single lane PCI Express boards, with driver
support for the Microsoft® Windows®XP and Linux operating systems.
Series composition
Frame buffer size
・SMD2-Adv. (up to 2M pixels)
・SMD3-Adv. (up to 3M pixels)
Fine View TechnologyTM on-board
・SMD5-Adv. (up to 5M pixels)
Duallink outputs
Display resolutions
OS :
・Up to 3840 * 2400 pixels (single head display)
・WindowsXP Professional
・Up to 2560 * 2048 pixels (dual head display)
・WindowsXP Professional x64 edition
Colors depth
・Up to 4096 grayscale (12-bit)
・Up to 1G colors (30-bit)
WEEE and RoHS compliant
Hardware rotation (Portrait display)
Board Size
・224mm X 111mm (braket not included)
PCI Express 1 lane card
Number of occupied slot
・1 slot (PCI Expess)
・FCC Class B, UL, CE/CL
Medical Imaging Processor Lupin 2
VREngine/SMD Adv. series outline
DVI Interface
Medical Imaging Processor
Lupin 2
DVI Connector
Channel 2
DVI Connector
Channel 1
PCI Express 1 lane
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Display Memory
512Mbytes DDR
Display Clolors
Following list shows Color data formats stored in display
Board Block Diagram
PCI Express
8-bit grayscale
10-bit grayscale
12-bit grayscale(Note)
8-bit RGB(256 color)
16-bit RGB(64K color)
24-bit RGB(16M color, True Color)
30-bit RGB [10:10:10]
(1G color)
(Note) Internal gamma table that can set 256 scales from 1024scales
VREngine/SMD-Adv. Series
Display Resolution
- Please refer "Display Format and Maximum Display Resolution"
Number of connectable monitors
- Connectable up to two monitors
Display Controller
Lupin 2
(More than 3 monitors are connectable by using multiple boards)
Display Mode and Maximum Display Resolution
Display memory to/from Display memory
Host memory to/from Display memory (using Scatter Gather DMA)
SMD2 Adv.
SMD3 Adv.
2M pixel
3M pixel
Dot Clock
Vertical timing signal
Refresh Rate
Max screen size
SMD5 Adv.
Max 60Hz
Max 60Hz
>5M pixel
Note) SL : Single Link, DL : Dual Link
Bus Interface
- PCI Express 1 lane
Power Dissipation
- Max15W
Operating Environment
- Host System
Windows based PC (PC/AT compatible)
- CPU Cloclk
- System Bus
PCI Express
- System Memory >256Mbytes
Operating System
- Windows XP Proffessional
- Linux (contact out sales office)
2560 (SMD5 Adv)
2048 (SMD3 Adv)
1600 (SMD2 Adv)
4096 (SMD5 Adv)
3072 (SMD3 Adv)
2400 (SMD2 Adv)
2560 (SMD5 Adv)
2048 (SMD3 Adv)
1600 (SMD2 Adv)
5120 (SMD5 Adv)
4096 (SMD3 Adv)
3200 (SMD2 Adv)
2048 (SMD5 Adv)
1536 (SMD3 Adv)
1200 (SMD2 Adv)
- Transparent BLT
- Index DIB color conversion (8-bit index color)
- Raster operation (Dynadic operation)
Display Mode
Variety of display modes are supported when using multiple
monitors. Following configurations are available.
- Use two monitors as one monitor
- Same image is displayed on two monitors
- Use two monitors as independent monitors
Hardware Pivot
- Portrait display is hardware accelerated by Lupin 2.1
VGA display capability (depends type of monitor)
- VGA, SVGA standard compliant
Gamma Correction
- Possible to use linear, non-linear or dynamic palette mode
- Calibrates two monitors independently
Display Memory
- On board 512Mbytes DDR-SDRAM
Video Output Specification
2048 (SMD5 Adv)
1536 (SMD3 Adv)
1200 (SMD2 Adv)
2560 (SMD5 Adv)
2048 (SMD3 Adv)
1600 (SMD2 Adv)
2048 (SMD5 Adv)
1536 (SMD3 Adv)
1200 (SMD2 Adv)
Display output interface
- DVI (Digital Visual Interface) DVI-D 2 channels
- Support Duallink
Maximum display performance
- Host memory to/from Display memory : 192MB/sec
- Display memory to/from Display memory : 1141MB/sec
Display Functions
- Landscape and Portrait display
- Point drawing (1 pixel width)
- Line drawing
- Polygon drawing
Landscape +Portrait (DualView Mode)
- UL/cUL, FCC, CE, WEEE, RHoS compliant
Mechanical Specification
- Size
353.00 (width) x 126.68 (height) mm
- Weight
- # of slot
1 slot
Connectable Monitors
- 2M, 3M or 5M pixel digital LCD monitors
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