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Deleting a title from your iPod**
Automatic Borrowing
If you'd like a hold to be automatically borrowed
**Note – you must be in “Manually Manage Music and
Videos” mode in iTunes to do this (See #2)**
Titles should disappear from your iPod the first
time you sync it after the title is returned. To delete a title
on your own, plug your iPod into your computer.
If iTunes does not automatically open, open iTunes. In
the top right corner click on your
For MP3, click on “Music.” Scroll through the titles or
enter the title you wish to delete in the search box in the
upper right hand corner of the screen. Right click on a
track and left click “Delete.”
For WMA, the title of the book will be a playlist listed
under the name of your iPod. Right click on the playlist
and left click “Delete.”
Placing and Retrieving a Hold
If a title is not currently available, the “Borrow” option
will be replaced by “Place a Hold.” Click “Place a
Hold” next to the eBook you want. You will then be
asked to enter your email address twice, and then click
the “Place a Hold” button.
Suspend Holds
Select your Holds page.
Select Suspend hold from the Options drop-down
menu next to the hold you'd like to suspend.
Choose the number of days you'd like to suspend
your hold, then select Submit
for you when it becomes available, make sure that
"Automatically borrow this title when it becomes
available" is selected.
How to Download a
Library eAudiobook
to your iPod
You can turn automatic borrowing on or off for any
title you've placed on hold by visiting your Holds
page and selecting the [Edit] link under "Auto
When the eAudiobook is available, you will receive an
From the time the email is sent, you have three days to
return to OverDrive, retrieve your hold and check out
the eAudiobook.
To retrieve your hold, return to the OverDrive site and
click on “Account.” Sign in to your account. Click on
“Holds.” Next to the title of your book, click on
“Borrow” to check out your book and proceed with
your download.
Need more help?
On the Overdrive home page,
click on Help.
Call or stop in at your
local public library—
we’d be happy to assist you!
Or visit and click on
“Ask a Librarian Delaware”
Want to suggest an eBook for purchase? Have
a comment about our eBook site?
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Revised 10/2014
Click “Download.”
What you’ll need to get started
A library card in good standing. You do not
need your PIN to use Overdrive.
OverDrive Media Console software (version or newer) installed on your computer.
To download WMA titles you will also need the
Windows Media Security Upgrade.
iTunes software (version 9.1 or newer)
installed and authorized on your computer.
Cable to connect your iPod and computer.
Checking out and Downloading
An eAudiobook*
*Note: WMA files are NOT compatible
with Macintosh computers
Go to
Click “Sign in” (top right of the screen)
Type in your library card number (all digits, no
spaces) and click “Sign in.”
Before you begin downloading books, it will be
helpful to set your default checkout times by
clicking “Account” and then “Settings.”
Search for an eAudiobook using the search box in
the upper right corner of the page.
All MP3 titles and most WMA titles will play on
an iPod.
A menu drops down so for you to
choose the type of audiobook you
wish to download. Place a checkmark
next to “MP3 Audiobook.” Click
“Confirm & Download.”
If you discover you have chosen the incorrect title,
after clicking “Borrow”, but before attempting
to download, you can click the “Return Title” button. The book will be removed from your account.
If not, proceed with the next step.
Select the parts to transfer. Click “Next”
When download is complete, click “Finish.”
In iTunes, safely eject your iPod from your
The OverDrive Media Console will open. You may be
asked to create a folder to save your downloads. Click
**If OverDrive Media Console does not open, go to the
OverDrive Help page and
search “How to set Console to open ODM files”
Select the parts to download. Click “OK.” The download
may take a few minutes, depending on the book and your
Internet connection.
Transferring an eAudiobook
to your iPod
Leaving the OverDrive Media Console open, connect
your iPod to the computer using the USB cable. If iTunes
does not automatically open, open iTunes.
In iTunes, on the left side menu, click on the name of
your iPod. On the Summary page, under Options, make
sure there is a checkmark by the “Manually manage
music and videos” option. If there is not, click the
option and click “Apply.”
When you have found an audiobook, click on the
title of the book. Click “Borrow.”
The book is now checked out to you and will be
displayed on your Bookshelf.
Back in the OverDrive Media Console or if you are
just transferring an MP3 eAudiobook, click on the
eAudiobook you wish to transfer. Click the “Transfer”
button. Click “Next.”
If you are transferring a WMA eAudiobook, changing the
import settings in iTunes will significantly decrease the
download time. To change your import settings:
In iTunes, click on “Edit” > “Preferences” In the General”
Tab, click on the “Import Settings” button.
In the “Import Using” field, select “AAC Encoder.”
In the “Setting” field select “Spoken Podcast.”
Click “OK” to close each window.
If you copy music from CDs into iTunes, be sure to change
this back to “High Quality” or “iTunes Plus” after completing
your eAudiobook transfer.
On your iPod your MP3 titles will be in Music >
Albums. Your WMA titles will be in Music > Playlists.
Click the title, click the part you wish to hear.
Click play.
Renewing your eAudiobook
Select the Renew icon next to the title you'd like to renew.
Note: This option does not appear until three days
before the title is due to expire.
If the Renew icon is green, you can borrow the title
again once your checkout expires.
If the Renew icon is grayed out, there are existing holds
on the title. You can use the Renew feature to be
placed on the title's holds list.
Enter and confirm your email address, then click the
Renew button.
Returning your Library
eAudiobook early
Your eBook will automatically become “disabled” after
the due date. You will no longer be able to transfer it to
a device, or listen to it on your computer after that time.
To return an MP3 title early,:
In the ODMC, click on the title of the eAudiobook you
wish to return. Click the “Delete” button. Click “Return /
Delete.” The eAudiobook will be returned for you—and
will be deleted from your computer.
Due to licensing restrictions, WMA titles cannot be
returned before their due date.
*Note: audiobooks may NOT be returned early
on the OverDrive Media Console for Mac.
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