Piano Maestro iPad app Teacher`s Guide

Piano Maestro iPad app Teacher’s Guide
Created by music educators for piano teachers
Piano Maestro (PM) is the only iPad app in the world that combines Piano Pedagogy with a REAL
instrument, no cables needed! Piano Maestro is the ultimate learning and practice tool for all levels
of piano students.
From playing a single note to complete pieces, Piano Maestro helps master sight-reading, rhythm,
technique and playing with both hands. Chosen by Apple as the #1 Education App in 20 countries.
The basics
Practice options
Connecting to your students: Upon inviting your students to download
the app on their home iPad, and connect to you, your accounts will be
synced. In addition you will be able to assign Home Challenges for your
students to practice in between lessons.
Piano Maestro includes practice options to make the learning
process easy and effective, step-by-step.
Options include:
• Turning note letters on or off
• Tempo adjusting
• “Hold on” for notes to wait until played correctly
“Journey” mode is student driven. Students need to level up and
unlock new sections by mastering the chapter’s content. Each chapter
adds new notes and techniques with fully orchestrated backing tracks.
You can find each chapter’s curriculum objectives within the sheet
music collection at
The “Library” contains over 2,500 songs, hundreds of exercises and
method books!
•`TV and Game Themes
•`Classical and Sacred Music
•`Pop and Rock
•`Exciting new music from the hottest new composers around
the world
New content added monthly
Method books - teach songs from over 50 method books in the
Library section, including Alfred’s Premier Piano Course, Jennifer
Eklund’s Piano Pronto and Daniel McFarlane’s Supersonics Piano.
Piano Maestro curriculum
The Journey Curriculum takes the student on a journey from 1-note
playing to Bach!
Chapters 1-13
introduce basic Middle C position using anchor
notes and sight-reading.
Learn mode
Learn mode is a fantastic feature that breaks the song down into easy
to manage sections! Students will need to perfect each section before
moving onto the next.
No iPad at home? No problem!
You can download sheet music to print out, enabling them to practice
at home or combine Piano Maestro with the method books included,
purchased from within the app!
A word about pricing
JoyTunes Teachers continue to get many teacher resources for free
like core teaching tools such as lesson management, teacher reports,
unlocked journey chapters, seasonal content (like Summer Camp), over
50 avatars(!) and a sizable collection of public domain and JoyTunes
songs. Additional premium features and licensed content require a
membership to cover the royalties.
JoyTunes Teachers Facebook Group
Join our thriving Teachers community on Facebook to get ideas on
how to use Piano Maestro in your lessons, connect with other likeminded teachers, suggest new features and ask any questions.
Of course, you can always write us at education@joytunes.com
Getting Started
This all sounds wonderful, how do I get started?
Chapters 14-16
include 8th note rhythms.
Chapters 17-23
add two-note playing, syncopation and
coordination challenges.
Chapters 24-37
feature songs in C, F and G.
1) Download Piano Maestro on your iPad from the AppStore
2) Create a JoyTunes teacher account with your email, under which, you
can have multiple profiles for each student.
3) Create a profile for your students inside the Teachers & Parents zone
(top right hand corner of main screen)
4) They can choose a cool avatar as their profile picture and get started!
5) Make sure your students connect to you so their progress can be
synced automatically at home
Studies and research projects commissioned by leading universities worldwide, including Berklee College of Music, Kansas University, Louisiana State University
In collaboration with
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