8816DM Roady Card Keys

8816DM Roady Card Keys
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Roady Home Kit
Installation Guide
Roady Home Kit Set-up
Set up your Roady Home Kit as follows:
Your Roady Home Kit contains the following components:
For Use With Roady™ and Roady2™ Satellite Radio Receivers
XM® High-gain
Home Antenna
Roady Home Stand
Warning: This guide and the user
guide that came with your Roady or Roady2
contain important safety and operating
information. Please read and follow the
instructions in these manuals. Failure to do
so could result in personal injury or damage
to your unit or property.
6V A/C power adaptor
Figure 1. Roady Home Kit components.
1. Connect the XM Home Antenna to
the jack labeled .
2. Connect the power adaptor to the
connector labeled “6V.”
3. Connect the ministereo (black
connector) end of the audio cable
to the jack labeled
. Connect the
red and white connectors to the
input jacks of your audio equipment.
Or, connect a set of powered speakers
directly to your unit by plugging the
speakers’ cables directly into the
Caution: Connect only
appropriate input devices to
the unit’s jacks. Connecting an
incorrect input device may
damage the system and/or any
external electronic device. It is
recommended that you use
only the A/C power adaptor
that came with your Roady
Home Kit. If you need to use a
different adaptor, it must be a
6V, 100mA DC adaptor and
must contain a unified polarity
type jack, identified by the
Audio cable
Figure 2. Connect components to your unit as shown.
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Roady Home Stand Installation
Figure 3. Attach unit to the Roady Home Stand as shown.
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1. Insert the unit into the Roady Home
Stand and press the power button.
2. If the display reads “ANTENNA,”
check that the antenna connection
is secure and completely pushed in.
Next, change channels (from 0 to 1
or from 1 to 0 if the receiver is not
authorized yet). If the “ANTENNA”
message remains, power down the
radio, unplug the antenna, and
look for any obvious damage. If no
damage is detected, reconnect the
antenna, turn the unit back on, and
change channels again. If the message
still appears, contact your retailer.
3. If the display reads “NO SIGNAL,”
your antenna needs to be repositioned. See the next section for
more information.
XM Home Antenna Set-up
The position of your antenna must be
optimized to receive the strongest possible
signal and consistent, mute-free reception.
Your unit has a basic signal-strength
indicator visible at the top of the display
screen during normal listening. It has
from zero to three vertical bars; three
bars represent the strongest signal.
The supplied antenna is a high-gain
antenna that can receive XM’s signal
from one of XM’s satellites and/or,
depending on where you live, XM’s
terrestrial repeaters. For best results,
the antenna should be positioned near
a south-facing window or outdoors with
a clear view of the southeastern sky. In
some cases, it will be possible to
receive XM’s signal through standard
home walls or a roof.
You can install your antenna either indoors
or outdoors, following these steps:
Indoor installation on a flat surface
1. Set the antenna flat against its base
on a flat (horizontal) surface.
2. Turn the base of the antenna so that
the XM logo is facing south if you
are in the eastern half of the U.S., or
to the south/southeast if you are in
the western half.
3. If necessary, experiment with different
locations until you receive the
strongest signal.
Your antenna comes with 20 feet of
cable. If that is not sufficient to locate
the antenna where there is a strong XM
signal, purchase a 50-foot cable extension
(Delphi model number SA10006) from
your retailer. Up to two extensions can
be used together for up to 120 total
feet of cable. Note: Using more than 120
feet may result in sugnal degredation.
Outdoor installation or
indoor wall mounting
The antenna can also be attached
vertically to an external or internal wall
if that is more convenient than placing it
on a horizontal surface.
1. Holding your antenna up, find a wall
location that provides a strong signal.
You can use an extension cord to
temporarily locate your Roady Home
Stand outdoors while optimizing the
antenna location.
2. Attach four screws to the wall using the
screw-locator pattern in figure 4. Use
screws with head sizes small enough
to fit in the center of each of the four
holes but large enough not to pop
out of the elongated sections. Leave
1/8 inch of the screw shanks behind
the heads sticking out of the wall.
3. Tilt the antenna fully back on the base,
place the antenna base on the four
screw heads with the antenna pivot
on tip, and pull down approximately
1/4 inch until the base is firmly
secured. Note that the XM logo will
be upside down when the antenna is
properly installed.
4. Tilt the antenna away from the wall/base
until the signal strength is optimized.
Note: Do not cut the antenna cable and
attempt to splice it or attach alternative
connectors or cable. The cable and connectors
used in your Roady Home Kit are specially
chosen and attached at the factory to ensure
that they will work with XM’s unique frequency
band. Use an XM-approved extension kit
(Delphi model number SA10006) with your
unit. Failure to do so could damage the unit.
Warning: Take note of all electrical wiring and heating ducts near where you are installing the antenna. Use extreme caution when cutting or
drilling around these areas. Always wear protective eyewear when using tools. If using a ladder, follow manufacturer’s instructions.
1.4 in. (35 mm)
1.6 in. (40 mm)
8816DM Roady Card Keys
Figure 4.
Photocopy this
diagram of the
pattern on the
bottom of your
XM Antenna to
use as a template
for wall attachment.
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