How to Save a Daily Check or ECG

How to Save a Daily Check or ECG
Before starting: Using the Daily Check feature
Daily Check takes a 20-second ECG and summarizes Heart Rate, SpO2, QRS and PI over the 20 second
period. For more on these parameters, contact Sentier or visit our support page.
The Daily Check recordings, along with all other recordings made by the Vetcorder, can be downloaded
and shared with our mobile application called Vetcorder Mobile.
Step 1: Download the Vetcorder Connect App
Go to the iTunes or Play App store and search for Vetcorder Connect:
Step 2: Open Vetcorder Connect
When you open the Vetcorder Mobile application, you will see
the following screen:
Step 3: On Your Vetcorder’s Second Screen, Press the
“Bluetooth” or “Connect” button
Swipe to the second screen of your Vetcorder and select the “Bluetooth” or
“Connect” button. The button you have depends on your Vetcorder version.
Step 4: Select your Vetcorder on the
Vetcorder Connect App
After a few seconds, the last four digits of your Vetcorder’s serial
number will appear on the screen of the mobile app. Select your
Vetcorder to enter the application and begin downloading your
The first time you select your Vetcorder, enter the code “8888” to
confirm the Bluetooth connection.
Once your Vetcorder connects to the app, you can download any
recording available on that Vetcorder. The following instructions show
how to download a Daily Check or ECG recording.
Steps to Download Daily Check
Step 1: Select your pet
When you first enter the application, your “Guest” records will
display on the app.
Click the button on the top-right to open the menu that will show
all of your records – then select the pet who’s Daily Check you
would like to download.
In this example, we’ll download FIDO’s Daily Check.
Step 2: Download the
Daily Check
Once you’ve selected the pet, you
will see the list of Daily Checks
performed. Select the one that
you’d like to download and the
arrow will change from a “Down”
arrow to a “Right” arrow.
Once the record is downloaded, you
can select it to view details and
Steps to Download ECG
Step 1: Select the Three Bar Menu
and then select “ECG Recorder”
The “three bar” menu at the top-left of the screen
and then select “ECG Recorder” to access your
Vetcorder’s ECG recordings:
Step 2: Download the ECG
Select the ECG Recording based on its time
stamp and press the “Down” button to
download the ECG recording to your
phone. The “Down” arrow will change to a
“Right” arrow.
Once the record is downloaded, you can
select it to view details and share.
Final Step: Share the Daily Check or ECG
Select the Daily Check you just downloaded, then select the “Share” icon located in the top-right corner
of the app. From here, you can select any method of sharing your record – in this example, we’ll finish
with email.
Step 4: Print or Store Your File!
You now have a Daily Check file that you can print, store or share with others any way you wish. The
following page shows an example of this report.
Download PDF