Easy to use. Easy to choose.
Video Commander Surveillance kits are customizable to meet individual needs and
requirements. Add the components that you need from the list below, or work with
your dealer to build a kit that meets your project specifications.
1. Pick your kit
2. Select your options
3. Select two cameras that meet your needs
Video Commander® Series 1000W
• Two Wireless Covert Cameras of your choice
(Select from list of cameras on the right)
• 24 Hour Compact VCR with Time & Date
• (2) Wireless Transmitters (built-in camera) & (1) Receiver
with High Gain Miniature Antenna
• 5.6” Built-in Color LCD Monitor
• Black Ventilated Padlockable Heavy Duty Case
with Built-in AC Electric Port & cooling fan
• (3) T-160 VHS Video Tapes
• Comprehensive Tool Kit
Pick Your Kit:
Black & White
Video Commander® Series 1000 Wireless
Color Video Commander® Series 1000 Wireless
SW1000WIP Same as the Black & White SW1000W, but
can operate on AC electric or Internal Power
SW1000WIPC Same as the Color SW1000WC, but can
operate on AC electric or Internal Power
Choose your two Wireless Spyder® Covert Cameras:
SW1600 A
**SW2200 A
**SW2250 A
**SW2600 A
SW2900 A
SW0030 L
SW1300 L
SW1500 L
SW1900 L
SW2400 L
SW2500 L
SW2700 L
Spyder® Straight-Down View Smoke Detector
Spyder® Side-Angle View Smoke Detector
Passive Infrared Detector
Fire Strobe
Emergency Light
Industrial Wall Clock
Desktop Clock Radio
Hair Dryer
Exit Sign
Pencil Sharpener
If ordering a color kit, add “C” to the end of the model number for
color camera. Example: SW1600 AC
**These cameras require a battery to go in the dropped ceiling
or you can hook them into existing electric wiring
in the wall or ceiling.
Digital Video Recorder 30 GB Hard Drive NEW
Digital Video Recorder 60 GB Hard Drive NEW
Video Motion Detector
96 Hour Extended AC Recorder
Additional 12 volt Battery
(Must request with original purchase.)
Larger capacity digital recorders available upon request.
Sperry West manufactures the highest quality and most user-friendly video surveillance
systems available. We promise to deliver friendly, professional customer service,
technical support and personal attention with every Sperry West product sold. All Video
Commander® kits are backed by a 1-year warranty or replacement. See dealer for
(858) 551-2000
The Incredible
All Wireless...
Also n Digital
Series 1000W
Wireless Video
The High Definition Cameras
To conduct a
successful surveillance, your cameras must blend in
with the workplace atmosphere. For example, an exit
sign would look very conspicuous if there were no
door. You can’t expect one covert camera to look
right in every surveillance area, and no one knows the
layout of your company better than you, so who better
than you to decide which cameras come with your kit.
You choose any two of the wireless covert cameras listed on the back page. All Sperry West wireless cameras
are compatible with the Series 1000W so you can
upgrade your system by choosing more covert cameras at any time. Use our digital signal processing color
cameras for easy identification, or our black and white
cameras for low light levels. All Sperry West covert
cameras represent the industry’s highest standard for
ultra sharp, extremely clear, wide angle pictures and reliability.
The Compact VCR The 24 hour, triple density, real-time VCR,
records your surveillance from the Series 1000W padlockable
case. The receiver is already connected to the VCR; you just
press “record” (REC) to begin taping time and date stamped,
court admissible proof of illegal activities and inappropriate
behavior. You can choose the AC powered version, or you
can request that your VCR run on AC electric and internal
power so you can leave the case in more convenient
The Powerful Transmitters & Receiver
The transmitter can be the most important factor in achieving success with
your surveillance. The Series 1000W covert cameras come to
you with the transmitters already built-in, so all you have to
do is power the camera to send a signal. The Series 1000W
transmitters and receiver operate on 2.4 GHz frequency, giving the signal better clarity and greater range than most transmitters that commonly use a 900 MHz. These powerful transmitters actually penetrate walls, even outer walls and can
send the high frequency signal up to several hundred feet
inside most locations.
1 No Cables
2 Transmitters are built into the Cameras
3 Pre-Wired Receiving Components Operate Directly from the Case
Turn it on!
Test it!
To conduct a successful surveillance, you need to have as many options available as possible. In fact, the
more options that you have, the better your chance of getting the evidence you need, quickly and effectively.
With the Video Commander® Series 1000 Wireless kit, you will have more options than ever before. You
choose which two cameras come with your kit. You get a complete and easy to use system. Imagine, you just
plug the camera in and can start recording right away.
You have the option of choosing a receiving system that operates on AC electric only, or one that can be powered by AC electric or its own internal battery power. Usually you will be able to plug the Series 1000W
receiving unit into a power outlet, but there may be times when it would be better to use the system
on battery power. For example, if you need to move the receiving unit closer to the surveillance area, but
cannot find power, you could operate the system on battery, lock the case and place it in a closet or even
a dropped ceiling.
The Series 1000W will help you stop theft, vandalism and inappropriate behavior because it’s designed
to overcome the major obstacles facing video surveillance. This system gets the job done quickly and
economically, while being very easy to use. Every high quality component helps you achieve success:
Passive Infrared
Detector (PIR)
Emergency Light
Battery Meter
Exit Sign
24 Hr.
Digital Recorder
Wall Clock
Tool Kit
Hair Dryer
Pencil Sharpener
Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
The 30 GB (upgradeable to 60 GB) digital recorder
allows for extended recording times (36 days on AC
power) and virtually maintenance-free recording.
Quickly and easily access any part of the surveillance
by searching on time, date and camera number. The multiple
output options allow you to output video to a monitor, video
printer or VCR, meaning there is never a need to hand over
the DVR as evidence if an incident occurs.
Internal Power
The 12 volt battery will power the system for 24 hours in full
operation. This maintenance free power source recharges in a
few hours and comes with a built in cooling fan, 12 volt floating
charger, and battery power indicator. (Must request with
original purchase.)
96 Hr. Recorder
If you’re powering the Video Commander® Series 1000W
with AC electric, you may want to buy the 96 hour extended
play recorder so you change tapes less frequently. This
recorder is especially helpful if you need to leave your
surveillance up over a long weekend, when no one will be
able to change the tape. (Must request with original purchase.)
Battery Operated VCR
Video Motion Sensor
case keeps the contents of the Series 1000W secure.
The system was designed to operate from the case
and is padlockable, so you won’t have to worry about
someone tampering with the evidence. The AC electric
port on the side of the case makes powering the system
a snap, all you have to do is plug the case into an outlet
and you’re ready to begin your surveillance.
You can use this VCR anytime electric power is unavailable.
The Series 1000W internal power supply allows you to conduct
your surveillance for approximately 24 hours before
recharging. If you are using this type of VCR, you may want
to purchase a video motion sensor to conserve battery power
so you can recharge the battery less frequently. (Must
request with original purchase.)
Padlockable Case
Receiving System Power Switch
One button powers
the receiver and VCR so you can begin your surveillance
immediately. This switch is a positive indicator that you are
receiving the power needed for your system.
Use it!
Video Commander® Series 1000 Wireless
The Time-Saving Monitor
The Series 1000W built-in,
flat screen, 5.6” TFT, color LCD monitor allows you to view
the surveillance area or check camera angles easily and
immediately. The wireless camera begins transmitting a video
signal to the monitor as soon as power is applied to the
camera. The compact, battery operated monitor is installed
securely in the kit, meaning there is never a need for
additional equipment, even when reviewing tapes.
The Series 1000W Operates Directly from
the Durable Case A sturdy and rugged, foam-fitted
Smoke Detector
Mini Circuit Board
Camera w/ Pinhole Lens
Records directly from the case!
Using a motion sensor will significantly reduce the number of
hours you spend reviewing tapes, saving you valuable time,
while allowing you to use the same tape for extended periods
of time beyond 24 hours. Reviewing tapes will be quick and
easy because the motion sensor goes from standby to record
only when there is actual motion, so you won’t have to waste
time watching an empty surveillance area. It works with our
AC or battery powered kits.
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