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Coesys Mobile eVerification
Terminal Solutions
When Identity Verification is a priority
F I N A N C I A L S E R V I C E S & R E TA I L
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Coesys Mobile eVerification
Terminal Solutions
When Identity Verification is a priority
State-of-the-art document
authenticity verification
is particular, Coesys Mobile eVerification
Teminal Solutions are flexible and can
be tailored to fit your needs.
The Coesys Mobile eVerification delivers
the most extensive electrical security
features verification set to check
document authenticity. It includes:
• Readers: Contact Contactless, MRZ
• Biometric readers: fingerprint
• Communication modules:
Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM,GPRS,EDGE
• The latest ICAO chip authentication
– All MRZ format reading and integrity
– BAC, SAC, Active Authentication,
Passive Authentication
– EAC: chip/terminal authentication,
grant secure access to fingerprint
and then to Identity Verification
• Support all other non ICAO Document
and specific security mechanism as
for eID, eRP, eDL
The Mobile eVerification Terminal is fast,
simple and improved for field utilization.
It supports all existing electronic travel
and identity documents:
Stringent biometric identification
Design for easy and efficient use
The terminal integrates a fingerprint
reader for cardholder’s biometric ID
verification, by a 1:1 or 1:n biometric
verification with:
Handheld, light and compact, the
terminal features a high-resolution large
touch screen display that is readable
in both direct and low-light conditions.
The device is based on a rugged
field-proven PDA and is capable of
reading all identity documents, thanks
to its MRZ (1,2,3 lines MRZ), contact,
contactless,1D/2D barcode readers.
It comes with flexible communications
modules, including cellular (GSM/
GPRS/EDGE), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
• Match on Card (Fingerprint template
stored and verified in the card)
• Match on Terminal (Fingerprint
template stored in the card extracted
and verified by terminal).
• Fingerprint enrolment on the fly
and on the spot to perform 1:n
biometric verification thanks to an AFIS
back end access, or to manage local
AFIS database.
As each document verification use case
• Compatible with all ISO 14443 type
A/B chips
• Compatible with all ICAO 9303
• Document presence is automatically
• Document readers have proved their
reliability and robustness in the field
• High battery capacity & high power
Tailored to your project and your
The terminal can be customized and
support many languages and display
modes for inspectors. The solution can
work with any type of watch list systems
(textual watch lists, AFIS watch lists,
immigration databases etc.) and linked
to any type of information databases
(document status, additional document
information as eDL points).
Coesys Mobile eVerification Terminal is
a multi-ID document reader designed
for use in environments where
documents and identity verification is a
The terminal allows police officers to
read and authenticate all the traditional
ID documents and new electronic ones
such as e-Passport, e-Identity, e-Driving
License, e-Resident Permit Card.
The device is based on a rugged fieldproven PDA and is capable of reading
all identity documents with its MRZ,
contact, contactless,1D/2D barcode
reader as flexible options.
It comes with additional configuration
for communications modules, including
cellular (GSM/GPRS/EDGE), Wi-Fi
and Bluetooth. With the new terminal,
document authentication is optimized
through the support of the following
protocols: BAC, SAC, AA, TA, and EAC.
This reader can perform back-end
verification research in document
database (stolen, lost) or citizen’s
credentials database. In addition to
instant card authentication, the terminal
offers, as an option, cardholder’s
biometric ID verification by a 1:1
biometric verification with Match on Card
(Fingerprint template stored and verified
in the card) or with Match on Terminal
(Fingerprint template stored in the card
extracted and verified by terminal).
Police officers can also perform
fingerprint enrolment on the spot and
verification against a central police
database (1:n) to identity an individual
(AFIS with back end access).
The system comes as a turnkey software
solution. It is fully tailored according to
the options and configuration selected.
Gemalto solution is a complete offer of
support, maintenance for convenience
with high service levels and efficiency,
additionally the Terminal Management
System permits after deployment in the
field, the administration and management
of the mobile terminals to optimize their
Coesys Mobile
eVerification Terminal
is a multi-ID document
reader designed for
use in environments
where documents and
identity verification is a
Technical specifications
> Mobile eVerification Terminal
• PXA270 624 MHz Processor
• 1 GB Flash ROM, 256 MB RAM
Operating System
• Microsoft Windows Mobile® 6
Classic, Professional
User Interface
• Color touch-screen display 3.7’’
Full VGA 480 x 640 resolution,
Transflective, portrait mode TFT,
Sunlight readable (for outdoor use)
• Keyboards Backlit, high-durability
hard-capped keys Full alphanumeric
Qwerty or Numeric only
• Audio: 90 db mono speaker & mono
microphone, 86 db beeper
Wireless Communications
Optional expansion modules for:
• 802.11a/b/g Compact Flash Radio/
Integrated antenna for 2.4GHz and
5GHz bands
• GPRS EDGE - 850/900/1800/1900
voice and data
• Integrated Bluetooth® Class II, V2.0
• Note: 802.11 b/g, GPRS /HSDPA,and
Bluetooth are available simultaneously
• Note: All expansion modules are
available factory configured or user
Barcode Applications
• Optional 1D imager expansion module
• Optional 2D imager expansion module
• Optional 1D SE955 laser scanner
expansion module
• Optional 1D SE1223 high
performance laser scanner expansion
External Connectors
• One tether connection with full RS232
and USB On-The-Go (USB 1.1)
Expansion Slots
• One SD/MMC memory card slot –
user accessible
Fingerprint Module
UPEK® TouchChip® TCS1 Sensor
• FIPS 201 Compliant
• Certified by GSA and FBI as Single
OCR-B Swipe Reader
• Miniature Bi-directional hand-swipe.
• Machine Readable Travel Document
Conforming to ICAO Document 9303.
Contactless Card Reader
• ICAO compliant: Fully interoperable to
read all type of e-passport
• Compliant with ISO 14443 type A and
B standards
Contact Card Reader
• Fully interoperable to read all type of
e-ID documents
• Compliant to ISO 7816 1/2/3 (T=0
• Withstands multiple drops (1.8m &
• Rain/dust: IP65 and IP54, IEC 60529
• Operating temperature: -4°F to 122°F
(-20°C to +50°C)
• 5%-95% RH non-condensing
• Storage temperature: -40°F to 140°F
(-40°C to +60°C)
• ESD: +/-8kVdc air discharge,
+/-4kVdc contacts
> Terminal Management System
Mobile Terminal Admin Manager
and Mobile Terminal Remote
Support Manager (Helpdesk)
• Web Admin interface
• Granular terminal system management
(by serial number or groups of serials
numbers) and Automatic (batch)
• Through Secured Wire or Wireless
To perform:
• Access terminal system info
• Backup & restore terminal profiles
• Deployment of applications/
• Management of Key and Certificates
• Retrieval automatically files & Log
• Access for terminal reboot/suspend/
• Help Desk with full terminal remote
> Software and SDK
Based on own Software module
Developed by dedicated Gemalto R&D
teams for Windows Mobile 6.1, in
.NET Framework 3.5
• For all Document authentication: ICAO
SDK (Standard ICAO engine) BAC,
(with Local and external request)
• For all Biometrics verification:
Biometric Module MoC (Match on
Card) and MoT (Match on Terminal)
Fingerprint extracting & matching
• Back end connection module:
Watch List Module (with Local and
external request)
Watch list or blacklist access, key and
certificate management
Customizable and easy to integrate to
other Software solution
• Graphical User Interface (GUI)
• Designed in order to be user friendly
& intuitive
• Language customization (Support
of right or left language with
configuration options)
• Kernel SDK (management of
configuration, devices, comunication,
power management)
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