Pro 405
Type of Product
Portable professional mixer
for clubs or DJs, 5 channels and
single Crossfader (assignable).
Input Channels
4 Stereo (Phono/Line/Mic),
1 Mono (Mic)
Outputs (Stereo)
Master (unbalanced),
Aux (unbalanced),
Rec (unbalanced),
Headphones, 1 Expansion Link
Input impedance (Ohms)
Phono 47k, Line 68k, Mic 5k
Frequency Response (Hz)
Phono, Line, Micro
20 ÷ 20,000 ± 0,5 dB
Input sensitivity (mV)
Phono: 4.5; Line: 140; Mic: 4
Maximum input level (mV)
Phono: 320; Line: 2,700; Mic: 250
Output impedance (Ohms)
Master: 50; Aux: 50
Signal-to-noise ratio (dBA)
Mic ≥ 76; Phono ≥ 69; Line ≥ 79
Input Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Pan,
Cueing, Crossfader assignment,
channel insert, Crossfader, Mic 5
input level, Treble, Bass, DJ Mic,
Headphone level, Master output
level, AUX output Level
Weight (kg.)
Net (Gross) 4.5 (6)
Dimensions (cm.)
Height (with packing)
Width (with packing)
Depth (with packing)
10.7 (17)
21.8 (29)
36.4 (55)
• Four mic/line/phono stereo inputs plus one balanced dj/mic input.
• Linking possibility up three PRO 405 without inputs losses.
• Quick-action lever for instant channel insert.
• Assignable cross-fader.
• Adjustable talk-over.
• Mobile DJs, clubs.
• Multipurpose entertainment rooms.
Outline Pro 405 is a particularly compact club mixer, whose narrow
high lines, number of channels and functions have been a source of
inspiration for at least twenty similar products worldwide.
There's a total of 5 channels: four stereo (with spider potentiometer
and able to take Phono, Line or Mic signals) and one Mono, with
rotary potentiometer for use exclusively with the DJ's microphone
with two tone controls and manual talkover function.
The four main channels have the same functions of the Pro 408 Mk
IV/Vintage (Gain, Treble, Mid and Bass Tone Controls, L-R Pan, Cue
insert button, quick-action lever for instant channel insert) plus a
selector for assignment to the Crossfader (which is in common: 13, 2-4).
There are two outputs, a Master and an Aux, both “unbalanced” and
doubled-up RCA pin connectors.
All Pro Series mixers have an exclusive modular frame in painted and
printed aluminium, ensuring users a feeling of solidity and sturdiness
unequalled by those built from sheet metal.
The Pro 405 has an exclusive “Link” function, designed to daisy-chain
two identical mixers: as well as obviously doubling the inputs, this
also enables two DJs to work together.
This is done by fitting a multipole cable (available as an optional)
between two Pro 405, using the two connectors on the mixers' rear
As well as the two aforementioned possibilities, this function also
enables clubs to play host for an evening to an outside “artist” who
brings along his own “flightcase” with turntables and Pro 405, without
any problems.
Pro 405
Via L. da Vinci, 56 - 25020 Flero (Brescia) Italy
tel. +39 030 3581351 - fax +39 030 3580431
www.outline.it - e-mail: info@outline.it
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