Backing Plate Kit Installation Guide (Imperial or Metric)

V25 Series ArmorDome™
CCTV Camera
Backing Plate Kit
Installation Guide
(Imperial or Metric)
V25 Backing Plate Kit Installation Guide
(Imperial or Metric)
The V25 Backing Plate Kit helps you to mount your V25 Series
Camera in a wall or ceiling panel. The panel can be up to 1 3/4
inches (45 mm) thick and must be removable or accessible from
the back. An example of a typical mounting location is an acoustic
ceiling panel.
The V25 Backing Plate kit contains, in addition to this guide:
• One backing plate
• Four #6-32 x 2 inch Phillips machine screws OR four 3 x 50 mm
Phillips machine screws
Note Before installing your V25 Series Camera, you must
dissassemble it and set the internal camera brackets for
either wall or ceiling mounting. Refer to the instructions
in the installation guide that came with your camera.
To mount your V25 Series Camera using the backing plate:
1 Use the V25 backing plate as a template to mark:
• The circular cutout for the V25 base
• The four mounting screw holes on the mounting surface
2 Cut the circular hole for the V25 base.
3 Drill four mounting screw holes in the mounting surface.
Installation cont’d
4 Insert the V25 base into the circular hole. Hold the V25
backing plate on the back of the mounting surface and secure it
in place with the four #6-32 x 2 inch (or 3 x 50 mm) machine
screws (supplied).
Backing plate
Video output
Power input
V25 base
#6-32 x 2 in.
screws (x4)
(3 x 50 mm)
5 Refer to the installation guide that came with your camera to:
Wire, aim, and focus the camera.
Install the front plate and dome.
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