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Thank you for purchasing the Auto AirVent Mount by Accessory Power.
Use this convenient car mount for any of your digital devices such as cell
phones, GPS, MP3 players, or other devices. It sets up in seconds and is
removable when not in use. Enjoy your new convenient and practical car
mounting solution.
What’s in the box?
a - Device cradle
b - AirVent clip
a b
Product Diagram
1 - Wing-release buttons
2 - Cradle feet
3 - Cradle wings
4 - Angle joint
Operating Instructions:
Setting up the Auto AirVent Mount in your car
Connect the (a) Device cradle to the (b) AirVent clip as shown in the diagram
Select an air vent in your vehicle that offers easy viewing and access.
The (b) AirVent clip attaches easily to your vehicle air vent by simply using gentle
forward pressure. The (b) AirVent clip is spring-loaded and will latch on to your air
vent automatically.
After the Auto AirVent Mount is secure, press the (1) Wing-release buttons and
the (3) Cradle wings will widen. You can also adjust the (2) Cradle feet inwards or
outwards depending on the size of your device. For cell phones that are greater
than 4 inches in height, please recess the (2) Cradle feet so that you can insert
your phone in a way that will not block its side-charging port. The Auto AirVent
Mount will securely hold your device with or without the (2) Cradle feet engaged.
The Auto AirVent Mount can be adjusted 360o to provide either portrait or
landscape viewing. If you find that moving the Auto AirVent Mount to landscape
view is difficult, please loosen and adjust the (4) Angle joint by turning it counterclockwise.
The charging port on my device is blocked while using the Auto AirVent Mount.
- Please adjust the (2) Cradle feet so that it allows you to position your device
without blocking the charging port. The Auto AirVent Mount provides a secure
grip to mount your device even without the support of the (2) Cradle feet.
It is difficult to adjust the Auto AirVent Mount from portrait to landscape view.
- Please loosen the (4) Angle joint by turning it counter-clockwise. This will make
it easier to adjust the mount.
- Keep in a safe place free from dust, liquid and extreme temperatures
- Keep small pieces out of the reach of small children
Product Specifications
Holder Dimensions: 2.75 x 3.75 x 1.0 inches (7 x 9.5 x 2.5 cm)
Cradle wings expand to 3.4 inches (8.6 cm)
Weight: 3.9 ounces (110 gm)
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