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Tactical Headsets
Cobalt offers the largest selection of tactical
and special application headsets available anywhere.
Our TM throat mic has become one of the most popular Cobalt
products. It features dual mic pickup build into a wrap around
back-of-neck plastic house with an integrated acoustic tube
ear speaker kit. Our throat mic is comfortable to wear and
provides loud and clear speech audio. It is applicable for use
with protective face gear such SCBAs, but it works great as a
noise canceling mic in high noise areas.
TTAK is a single ear low profile headset which is secured to
the head with elastic straps. Our newest headset is ideal for
wear with kevlar helmets, welding shields or PAPRs. TTAK
comes with a combination trigger PTT and jack assembly.
OEM-style Speaker Microphone
SPMR Speaker Microphone
Heavy Duty, Water Resistant, Wireless Speaker Microphone
AMPS-BLUE Wireless Speaker Mic
The new AMPS-BLUE is a loud, heavy-duty Bluetooth
remote speaker microphone, designed to be water
and dust resistant ,and with extended battery life.
This compact, lightweight ear bone microphone combines both a speaker and
a special microphone that picks up sound through bone vibrations in the ear
canal. Its unique shape helps secure the ear microphone in the ear. Perfect for
security personnel who must retain the ability to help, hear and speak directly
to those not on the communication system. The T-EM may also be worn with
protective masks and works in high noise environments, since the in-ear
microphone will pick up less background noise.
T-EM Ear Bone Microphone
Our TTAK tactical headset is a single ear speaker with boom
microphone which is secured to head with adjustable elasticized
straps. With it low profile, close to head design, the TTAK can be
worn with Kevlar tactical/combat helmets, welding shields, PAPR
masks and other specialized head or face gear. It also will stay in
place on head during violent and kinetic movement such as while
running. TTAK’s cord is terminated with a Nexus U-94 NATA plug.
Purchase with our combination U94 jack/trigger grip push-totransmit switch/heavy duty
clothes pin-style clothing clip
with radio connector cord.
Most radio cords available.
Tactical Headset with Nexus jack/PTT
TTAK Tactical Headset
This solidly built speaker microphone
is modeled after radio manufacturers’
remote speaker mics, but at a discount.
Like other Cobalt RSMs, it has a 3.5 mm
jack for audio ear kits. IP56 Water rated.
The AMPS-BLUE joins our
SPML-BLUE compact
BT speaker mic and
lapel mic surveillance
kit. It also mates with
our Cobalt BLUE BT
radio adapters.
BLUE BT-TOP2 Headset Kit w/Mic Choice
Bluetooth Headset Kit with Lightweight Boom Mic or Rugged Throat Mic
The BLUE BT-TOP2 has an 4-contact 3.5 mm audio jack (same as
Apple iPhone) for compatible wired audio accessories such as our
signature TM-SH throat mic or DLSM-SH D-ring ear shell. Turn your
boom headset into a Bluetooth headset! Other Cobalt headsets with
compatible connector cords are available, or any iPhone, as well as
other wired smart phone headsets
10+ hours of battery life
Built-in wireless PTT
Built-in microphone (for earphone-only
applications) with auto-switch technology
Covert LED, hidden so it does not attract
Adjustable volume controls that remember
settings, even when unit is turned off
Micro USB charging jack compatible with
1000’s of aftermarket battery chargers
360˚ swivel metal clothing clip allows user
to wear comfortably
Compatible with Cobalt BLUE BT radio
adapters and most cell phones (supports
dual-pairing operation)
Integrated vibration mic & high-performance speaker
Noise reducing mic element (typically >95dB)
Ear mic design is comfortable and secure
Rugged Kevlar reinforced cables
Jack for optional remote finger PTT
Durable PTT module has reinforced cable strain reliefs
CL Mobile Dock
C5/F5 Series
Mobile Dock
w/Key Lock
Bluetooth back
illuminated keyboard
Our Cobalt EZ Dash Mount solution with tablet computer and illuminated BT keyboard
replaces the vehicle mount laptop computer. EZ Dash Mount supports a variety of tablet
computers and docks from Motion Computing and other tablet brands. Cuts the area required
for vehicle computers by two/thirds with our unique dash mount package. Improve vehicle
crash safety by eliminating computer floor stands.
Straight ahead
Tilt right
With Cobalt AV’s new EZ Dash Mount system, your tablet is securely
Straight ahead
Tilt left
Straight ahead
other vehicles available.
EZ Dash Mounts for
Flip up
and frees up valuable interior space!
mounted on the vehicle’s dash, adjusts for multiple viewing positions,
Tilt left
T-10 & T-20 Lightweight Headsets
Lightweight Padded Headsets
T10 for mobile radios
Both styles feature:
Adjustable speaker housing assembly
Replaceable leatherette speaker cushion, cloth covered foam
also available
Flexible metal boom mic with replaceable windscreen
Noise reducing condenser microphone element (available as
electret, pre-amp’d electret and dynamic)
Rugged in-line PTT switch for two-way radio uses
Reinforced strain reliefs at all attachment points
Versions available for portable and mobile radios, headset
intercom belt packs or desk stations, general aviation,
dispatch and wireless phones.
Lightweight over-the-head headset T-20 dual ear headset
comes with a removable strap and buckle 90 degrees from
headband. By shifting headband to neck and cloth strap to
over head, it then can be worn with hard hats, helmets or
other head gear. Features padded, adjustable metal headband
(with replaceable padding). T-10 single ear headset features
adjustable padded T-bar.
Our newly re-designed T-10 and T-20 series lightweight single and dual ear headsets
set a new standard for lightweight headsets. These high performance padded headsets
with noise reducing boom microphone is lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear.
Padded headband and speaker combined with rugged over-the-head design make these
headsets the perfect for users who have to wear headsets for long periods of time.
T20 available with
aviation plugs
T20 w/ hard hat
COBALT Signature Blue Muff Headsets
Cobra Mic
BT-TOP Bluetooth adapter
wirelessly links Cobalt headsets
to portable and mobile radios
and cell phones.
We also offer Cobalt fire truck
intercom systems for use with
our muff headsets.
Cobalt headsets are available
to plug into most brands and
models of portable two-way
radios, mobile radios, wired and
wireless intercoms, and wireless
Our muff headset styles include
24 dB hearing protection rated
behind-the-head support for
wear with hard hat or helmet,
(also available as vented to
allow hearing of outside noise),
hearing protection over-head
support, single ear and hearing
protection hard hat slot mount.
The behind-head, over-head
and hard hat slot mount styles
are also available as listen-only
headphones with a jack for
speaker mics.
Our signature Cobalt “blue”
muff headsets are known for
their comfort, ruggedness and
the wide variety of devices
and applications they support.
Cobalt offers one of the largest selections of headsets anywhere.
BT-TOP wirelesss headset
The Cobra noise canceling mic for
extreme noise conditions is available
for an extra charge.
TACTICAL Headsets, continued
The TTC and TT are bone conduction dual speaker
headsets with vibrate sound energy thru the skin
and bone to the inner ear. The speaker element
sits on the temple or side burns leaving the ear
canal free to hear background sounds or ability to
wear hearing protection ear plugs while monitoring
radio communication. The headsets use micro-flex
gooseneck boom microphones. TT comes with a
standard inline PTT switch.
The economical TKLSA has a similar appearance
to the TTC and TT, but uses a single over the ear
speaker to hear audio.
The standard assembly for the TM, TTC,
TKLSA is our large round inline tactical PTT
switch. Our belt and finger switch combo may
be substituted for an additional charge.
Compatible cords for most radio models
are available.
belt and finger
PTT combo
Tactical PTT
Cobalt AV is the accessory brand division of ComtronICS Inc. Introduced
in 2003, Cobalt AV provides complete 2-way radio audio accessories
and peripherals; always bringing you innovative high quality, value priced
products --from a single source.
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