DS-540 - Habey USA

DS-540 - Habey USA
All RAID levels’ capacity can exceed 2 Tera Bytes. It behaves as a fully 48-bit LBA
addressing RAID drive and is 100% ATA compliance.
For host controller, each DS-540 RAID acts just like the same as a single regular hard disk
although it generally consists of more than one hard disk drive. Therefore, no extra BIOS,
driver or software is needed. If the host controller is SATA Port Multiplier supported
controller (like the one packaged with DS-540E, 540P or 540S), the DS-540 could work
under Port Multiplier condition.
There are two ways to configure the DS-540 RAID modes: via DIP switch or via HW RAID
Manager software (Windows and Linux only)
RAID configuration via DIP switch
Use the DIP switch and reset button on the rear panel of the DS-540 to configure the RAID
Step 1: Turn off the system power
Step 2: Set the DIP switch to NO RAID Mode (all OFF)
Step 3: Press the Reset button while turning on the system power, hold the Reset button
for 15 seconds then release, turn off the system power
Step 4: Set the DIP switch to desire RAID Mode according to the following table, repeat
step 3 to complete setting.
Warning: Data loss will likely result due to RAID Mode changes, please back up your data if
Quick Setup Guide
Version 1.0
A copy of the above table is also located on the bottom of the unit.
RAID configuration via RAID Manager software
Install the HW RAID Manager software on the driver CD. Refer to Chapter 9 of Installation
Guide on the CD about using the HW RAID Manager software.
Optional Parts:
Part Number
Spare DS-540x SATA II hard drive holders
Silicon Image SiI3124 PCI/PCI-X host controller with 4 x eSATA
Silicon Image SiI3132 PCIe x1 host controller with 2 x eSATA
Package Contents:
DS-540 enclosure
Four SATA drive holders
One external SATA II cable
One external USB cable
One internal SATA to eSATA adapter bracket
Quick Setup Guide
Utility CD-ROM with Installation Guide and software
Screws for hard drive mounting
Installing hard drives
1. Push to unlock the latch to open the front door.
2. Secure two screws on each side of the hard drive holder.
3. Slid the hard drive with the holder into the open slot.
Front View
4. Push into the slot until the latches on both sides of the hard drive holder are locked.
Removing Hard Drives
1. Use two fingers on both hands to push down the hard drive holder until the latches of
both sides are unlocked.
2. Hold down and pull the hard drive holder with two fingers out of the hard drive bay.
Rear View
Connecting to Host System
The system can be connected via an eSATA cable or USB cable to the host system. When
connecting via an eSATA cable, you can connect to the eSATA port built in the host system,
use the eSATA adapter provided or connect to a eSATA controller (optional).
RAID configuration
The hardware RAID Engine built-in the DS-540 provides data striping, mirroring, XOR
calculation and data verification. It supports RAID level 0, 1, 3, 5, 10, JBOD and CLONE.
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