Flash Voxstack Gateway Board with USB-TTL cable

Flash Voxstack Gateway Board with USB-TTL cable
1. Install USB driver:
2. Install tftp32.exe:
3. Hardware connection:
4. Connect gateway with serial port cable after installed USB driver:
Notice: Please pay attention to the COM number of serial port.
5. Turn on the power, you will see output on the putty window.
Login bootloader:
Notice: When you see “Hit any key to stop autoboot”, please press “Enter” at once.
Otherwise it will auto boot the system if you do not press the “Enter” in 3 seconds.
6. Execute “print” command:
You will see detailed info about the flash:
7. Set IP address of tftp server (the IP address of PC which is running tftp32.exe) and ip address
of the gateway board:
Set board ip: setenv ipaddr
Set server ip: setenv serverip
8. Open tftp32.exe, choose the latest firmware file you’ve downloaded from openvox website:
10. Set the firmware filename:
setenv fsfile wg400-current.img
11. Execute “run updatesecond” to flash the firmware:
Check “rootmtdblock=/dev/mtdblockX” filed, if it shows “mtdblock6”, then execute “update
second” to flash firmware; if “mtdblock4”, then execute “update first”.
12. Execute “run bootcmd” to reboot and login new system:
Finished! Enjoy!
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