How to configure IP Upsell

Purpose: To enable IP Upsell and how to assign a public address to the user. In
order to use IP Upsell, AAA must be enabled.
In order to assign a user a public address using IP Upsell, the user must have DHCP
enabled on their PC.
Step 1: Set the pool (Private) for IP Upsell
Click on private pool Server-IP address, in the example below. Check
IP Upsell option and click Modify.
Note: You may change the pool to any other desired network/subnet
( For example) and click “Modify”
How to configure IP Upsell (updated 1/23/17)
Step 2: Add a new pool (public)
Enter the IP addresses that are available (not used by any other devices) on your network,
specify lease time, check Public Pool and IP Upsell Pool options as it shows on the
example below and click Add.
Note: IP addresses have to be on the same network/subnet as the Nomadix gateway.
How to configure IP Upsell (updated 1/23/17)
Step 3: Complete IP Upsell configuration
Enable IP Upsell and check Save to enable. NOTE: Subnet-based DHCP will be enabled
when you enable IP Upsell.
In the picture below it shows two (2) DHCP pools, 1 Private and 1 Public. Both set to IP
Upsell (YES)
How to configure IP Upsell (updated 1/23/17)
With IP Upsell, the lease time will be set to match the amount of time purchased for the
user and not based on the lease pool setting. If you want the lease time to match the lease
time configured for the DHCP pool instead of the service plan, then you will need to
disable the “Upsell Lease – Session Time” setting. This can only be done through the
command line interface. Connect via telnet or the serial interface and go to Configuration
then DHCP.
Server Enabled?
IP Upsell
Subnet Based
Forwarded DHCP Clients
Upsell Lease = Session Time
] : en
] : en
] : dis
] : dis
] : dis
Internal Database – when creating the user profile, you can select Private or Public for
the DHCP Address Type.
How to configure IP Upsell (updated 1/23/17)
Internal Web Server Billing Options - set for Public and Private Plans
Radius – add the Nomadix-IP-Upsell to your dictionary and
Nomadix-IP-Upsell = 1 attribute to the subscriber’s profile
How to configure IP Upsell (updated 1/23/17)
Information and Control Console (ICC) – With the ICC enabled and a Public and
Private billing plan enabled, a user who originally purchased a private plan can upgrade
their plan to a public one.
XML - By adding the IP_Type attribute to the User_Add command, you can assign
either a private or public address for the subscriber.
</IP_Type>PUBLIC</IP_Type> - allows the subscriber to receive a public DHCP
How to configure IP Upsell (updated 1/23/17)
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