Double Robotics Telepresence Robot Users Guide

Double Robotics Telepresence Robot Users Guide
Double Robotics Telepresence Robot Users Guide
Double Robots are available to all UNE students, faculty and staff.
Each campus library has one robot. Book a robot by:
Biddeford Campus robot:
Portland Campus robot:
When you book the robot, you will be sent an access link giving you control of the robot for up
to 24-hours. If you need it longer than 24 hours, please ask – use can be extended based on
availability. You can give control of the robot to someone else by forwarding the email link to
them. You will remain responsible for the robot while it is signed out to you regardless of who is
in control of it.
Planning your use:
When picking up the robot for the first time, please allow for about 15 minutes for a brief
tutorial. Keep in mind:
 The robots are for inside use only
 Remote use of the robot works best with a “handler” who can be onsite to guide the
robot through doors and transport it to and from the library.
 The robot needs a strong, steady WiFi connection.
 Don’t dress up the robot – it throws off the balance.
 Make sure the robot stays away from hazards like staircases, sources of water etc.
 Turn the robot off when transporting. The off-switch is located on the back of the
unit base. The parking-brake will turn on automatically when the robot is switched
 Transport the robot carefully. If traveling by car, make sure that it is secured and
that the weight of the robot is not resting on the small plastic parking-brake on the
unit base.
Battery Life
 A battery charge lasts 8-10 hours. If you need to use the robot for longer, the
charging base can be borrowed along with the unit.
 Charge time from empty to full battery is approximately 8-10 hours.
What you will need:
A desktop or laptop equipped with a camera and microphone, or a tablet computer (iPad) or
smartphone. A hardwire connection to your internet connection is recommended. The robot
works best when controlled by a laptop or desktop computer using Chrome as your browser.
laptop or desktop (recommended)
iPad, tablet or smartphone
Use Chrome as your browser (download extensions if
Download the Double Robotics App from the App Store
and allow for location services to be activated.
Basic Operations:
 Drive the robot using the arrows on a computer keyboard, or using the touch screen
of a mobile device.
 Change the height of the robot using the sliders on the top right menu or
automatically shrink or grow to full height by clicking the small and tall icons.
 Control volume using the sliding bars on the Robot’s iPad interface. Sound can also
be muted.
 Activate the parking brake using the P icon on the top menu. If the robot will be
standing in one place for a long time, activate the parking brake.
 Share access with up to 5 others at a time by clicking on “multi-viewer mode” on the
right top menu. Viewers can see and hear the robot, can speak through the robot
microphone, but cannot control its movements.
 Click on the screen sharing menu option to change the robot’s iPad screen to display
the screen of the computer controlling the robot, or a selected file, photo.
 Display a webpage on the robot’s iPad screen by clicking on the link menu button.
Users can interact with the robot using the iPad touch screen.
 Use the camera icon to take photos. Photos will be saved to your local computer.
 If people on the other end cannot hear you, check your computer’s volume settings
to make sure your computer is not muted.
 Mobile devices may have difficulty transferring between Wi-Fi networks when
controlling the robot. If the Wi-Fi connection is lost, you may need to clear the
previous Wi-Fi setting in order to establish a new connection.
For the manufacturer’s guide, visit
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