Compatible Payment Scheme

The Nayax VPOS All-In–One Reader Solution for
Vending Machine Cashless Environments.
The VPOS accepts Contact, Contactless and
Magnetic Stripe payment methods.
The VPOS is the latest addition to the Nayax
cashless reader family, supporting payment &
loyalty programs while providing unsurpassed costto-performance results. The VPOS is compatible
with major financial contactless programs such as
EMV Contact payment schemes, MasterCard’s
PayPass™M/Chip, ExpressPay from American
Express and Visa Contactless programs as well as
supporting EMV with MasterCard’s M/chip and Visa
Wave qVSDC for contact and contactless.
Enhanced features offered by the VPOS allow for
faster transactions and the ability to support
multiple application & other proprietary programs.
The VPOS is available with multiple encryption
configurations to ensure the highest level of
security for each transaction. It is optimized to read data from a variety of sources, including
Contact smart Cards, Contactless credit cards and key fobs that comply with ISO 14443 type A or
B. NFC, MIFARE &, ISO 15693 are supported. The VPOS is equipped with a display screen easily
configured to support multiple languages along with visible LEDs on both sides, offering quick
transaction confirmations and providing excellent user experiences at the point of sale.
The VPOS fits on any vending machine or can be wall-mounted, taking as little counter space as
possible. The VPOS is UL, CE and FCC compliant. Among its unique features for vending machine
operations are voice instructions, remote logistic & support management and simple integration
(plug and play) with most vending machine and payment environments.
Compatible Payment Scheme
MasterCard PayPass Mag Stripe
MasterCard PayPass M/Chip
Visa PayWave MSD
Visa PayWave qVSDC (EMV)
American Express ExpressPay
Discover Zip – in process
MIFARE, Secured Mifare
EMV Level 1 Contact card
EMV Level 2 Contact
EMV Level 1 Contactless
Supports major financial Contact, Contactless and Magnetic Stripe programs:
Interface options to POS
RS232 Communications interface
In system programming of firmware of 512 KB flash memory via RS232 communication
Secure and Flexible Platform
Support for multiple payment applications
High security encryption system (AES/DES/RSA/RNG)
On-board EMV SAM support
ISO 7816 Contact Smart Card compliant and EMVco approved for Contact Smart Cards
payment applications
ISO 14443 Type A and Type B Compliant and EMVco approval for Contactless Payment
ISO 15693
General Features
Flexible, software configurable microcomputer-based design
13.56 MHz transmission frequency conforming to ISO 14443 standard
Four programmable indicator LEDs and buzzer
Display screen with two character lines programmable in multiple languages
H – 4.13” (105 mm) x W - 3.31” (84 mm) x D – 1.90” (48.3 mm)
Mechanical Dimensions
Physical Dimensions
o H – 4.13 (105mm)
o W – 3.31 (84mm)
o D – 1.9 (48.3mm)
Weight – 230 gr.
o Storage: -25 ̊C to 85 ̊C
Humidity 0% – 95%
Regulatory Compliance
o CE
o UL
Secured Applications
o Secured applications with SAM option
General Features
RF Interface:
o Bi-directional RF interface between
reader and the passive contactless
smart cards
o Carrier Frequency: 13.56 MHz
o RF Output: 450 mWatt
o ISO 14443 Type A & B
o Protocol: T=CL
o ISO 15693 Support
o HID iClass cards supported
Smart Card
o ISO 7816 Compliant
o Contact EMV Level 1 certified
o Contact EMV Level 2 certified
o EMV SAM equipped
o Protocols Supported: T=0 and T=1
o Baud Rate: 9600,
up to 38,400 – optional
o Support of 5 & 3 Volts smart cards
o Supports Smart card power
consumption up to 60 mAmp
o Contact Smart Card Acceptor lifetime:
o >10,000 insertions
Magnetic Stripe Card Decoder
o ISO 7811
o Track 1 bit density of 210 bit/Inch
o Track 2 bit density of 75 bit/Inch
o Reads High and Low Coerecivity cards
o Magnetic Head Life time:
Approx. 300,000 passes
SAM Interface
o EMV Compliant
o HID compliant
Communications links
o RS-232 up to 115,200 kbps
o 8 bit, Even parity, 1 stop bit
o Optional additional RS-232 port
o 2 X 16 Characters LCD Display
multi-language support
o 4 LEDs
o Buzzer
o Speaker: Improved access by
Multilanguage local voice messaging
o Transaction Cancel button
o ARM Cortex 3, 32 Bit processor
o Clock: 72 MHz up to 120 MHz
o FLASH: 512 KByte up to 1 MByte
o RAM: 64 KByte up to 128 KByte
o Lockup protected: – Watch Dog Timer
o Secure remote Firmware update
o Support of AES, 3DES, SHA1
Power Supply:
o 8VDC – 16 VDC
o Max power consumption:
Inrush: <2 Amp.
Steady: <0.5 Amp. @ 9 Volt
o Support and use of DES, 3DES, AES, RSA,
SHA1 algorithms.
o Support and use of Secure access for
MIFARE and HID contactless cards.
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