MML Mix Matrix Output Easy Pro Series

Easy Pro Series
Analog Output
No configuration
No administration
Connect the analog output and it is ready to use on the user interface.
The symmetrical Class D Digital Analog Converter from Acousta guarantees highest dynamic,
even for low impedance Headphones. High efficiency, State-of-the-Art, filterless Σ-Δ Modulation
106.5 dB Signal-to-Noise ratio 0.004% total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise (THD + N).
The Hi Res Discret Digital Audio (DDA) processing of the 105 Analog/Out is realized with a low power high speed FPGA.
256 Analog Outputs can be connected via Mega Media Link
(Cat5) with the ultra high speed network of the Acousta Easy Pro Series.
8 x symmetrisch Class D DA Converter
8 x 4 Band Eq
8 x Dynamics
8 x Delay
8 x GPI 8 X GPO
1 x MML 8 In 8 Out 192kHz 24Bit
1 x MML_B parallel
141 x 150 x 17 mm
Mix Matrix
MML = 8 x Audio <>
16 x GPIO
48V Power
up to 100 Meter
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Cat5 6,3mm Adapter
Cat5 XLR_M Adapter
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