The Manfrotto 682 is the only other “self-standing” monopod on the market of
which we are aware. There are a number of notable differences between a
TrekPod and this product.
The legs “store” in the base of the bottom leg and must be unscrewed from
their storage position, then rethreaded into their tripod position. While in their
stored position, the legs “clank” loudly inside the lower aluminum tube when
the monopod is moved. Because of this issue, plus the poor “swing weight”
balance, the 682 really isn’t a practical walking stick. (If a walking stick is
heavier at the bottom, as is the 682, it is much harder to “swing” forward while
walking, making the perceived weight seem much higher than the actual
Also, because of the much lower rigidity of the Manfrotto legs and the higher
center of gravity of the leg attachment design (in tripod mode), you will find that
the 682 is much less rigid than the TrekPod, particularly with heavier cameras.
In either the monopod or tripod mode, the TrekPod is lighter, significantly
stiffer, and rated for a heavier load, and the TrekPod is truly unique as a
hiking staff–plus it has MagMount™. We urge users to compare these two
products before assuming they’re “about the same”.
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Manfrotto 682
Maximum Height - Tripod mode
67.2" / 170.7 cm
58.0" / 147.3 cm
Maximum Height - Monopod mode
65.2" / 165.6 cm
62.5" / 159 cm
Minimum Height - Tripod mode
48" / 121.9 cm
43" / 109 cm
Minimum Height - Monopod mode
31.2" / 79.2 cm
46.5" / 118 cm
Folded Length
29.2" / 74.2 cm
35.5" / 90 cm*
Load Capacity - Tripod Mode
5.5 lb / 2.49 kg
9 lbs / 4 kg**
Load Capacity - Hiking Staff Mode
100 lbs / 45.4 kg**
Leg Sections
Leg Lock Type
Flip levers
Independent Leg Spread
Yes (limited)
Center Column Sections
Center Column Type
Center Brace
Spiked Feet
Head Type
Swivel/Tilt Head
Ballhead with QR
Head Mount Thread Size
1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16
2.27 lb / 1.02 kg
1.9 lb / .85 kg
Internet Price Range (US $'s)
$109.95 - $111.11
$139.95 - $155.55
Comparison Data
TrekPod™ .vs Manfrotto 682
*Disassembled into two sections - **See for more load & rating info ***Optional 2007
All comparison data was compiled from the internet mid-2005, and is accurate to the best of our
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