SS-1204BT/BT-S FASTstart

SINGLEstream SS-1204BT/BT-S
FASTstart Guide
What is included?
(1) SS-1204BT/BT-S w/ mounting bracket (for use with RMC-2 or RMC 12-2)
(2) Power Supplies, Universal can be used worldwide
(2) AC Power Cables (connector, in most cases, matches the country where the product is shipped)
(1) DB-9 M-F Straight Through Serial Cable, 2m
(1) Ethernet cable RJ45-RJ-45. 1m
(1) CD with Flashutils software for upgrading firmware
(1) Download Card (tells where to download more product information)
The SS-1204BT/BT-S Ethernet TAP from Datacom Systems will tap a single network link and make a copy of the traffic travelling
in each direction. The copies can be aggregated together to make 2 identical copies, or be left separate. In our example
below, we show a tapped connection between a firewall and a router.
Installation The SS-1204BT/BT-S Net ports A and B are inserted between two directly connected network devices (i.e. firewall and
router). Traffic will flow between these network ports even if the tap is not powered. The clicking sound is normal, see below.
Connect monitoring devices or SPAN ports to ports 3 and 4. Ports 3 and 4 can be used as inputs or outputs. Default setting sends
traffic between port 1 to port 2. See commands below to send traffic to/from ports 3 or 4.
Ports 3 and 4 can be used for either outputs
(monitoring) or SPAN or mirror port inputs.
Copy from Firewall and Router
Copy from Router
What’s that clicking
That’s the relay
between ports 1 and 2,
part of our LinkProtect
For more information
on how these relays
can improve your
network analysis visit
our website.
Front View
Default login: Administrator
Default password: admin
Read/Write Login: su
Read/Write password: password
Serial port settings 8-N-1 No flowcontrol
Default IP address:
Back View
Common Commands
help show se po sp 3 AUTO se po mo 3 from 1,2
se po mo 4 from 1,2
se po mo 3 from 1
se po mo 3 off
exit (shows available commands)
Find out more. Visit
(shows product firmware and mgt port settings)
(sets port 3 speed to AUTO, 1000FULL, 100FULL)
(steers traffic from ports 1 and 2 to port 3)
(steers traffic from ports 1 and 2 to port 4)
(steers traffic from port 1 to 3)
(clears any traffic from going to port 3)
(always use this when you leave your telnet/serial session, it automatically saves the configuration)
For More information
Customer Service is available from our website: or by calling +1 315 463 9541
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