Dear Customer,
thank you for choosing SmartCrane “STORK”.
This unique product is combination of professional Crane and fully functional Slider.
SmartCrane gives cameraman brand new possibilities, letting him capture images from
unusual angle or taking dynamic and smooth shots.
Thanks to innovative solutions, Crane's Head keeps right Camcorder vertical position
independently of the boom movement. Cameraman may adjust camera position pointing it
- if needed - up or down.
Numerous accessory sockets let you mount additional equipment such as lighting or
microphone. Crane is also supplied with special holding arm for LCD Screen.
Slider lets you achieve new quality in film production, changing static takes in dynamic film
scenes. Light and stable design is perfect for unusual places, no matter indoors or
outdoors. Thanks to modular build, Slider may be disassembled from Tripod and used
separately. Slider is equipped with own adjustable feet that guarantee stable position
despite of bedding. You may also use various available surrounding elements such as chairs
or tables as mounting base.
We strongly recommend reading this User Guide carefully, as it will help you assemble
SmartCrane properly and introduce you to basic product operations.
1. Basic information.
Maximum boom length - 365 cm
Minimum boom length - 182 cm
Tripod maximum height - 145 cm
Maximum operation height - 310 cm
Slider length - 160 cm
Trolley and accessories
Boom (Slider)
Tripod - 9.9 kg
Boom (Slider) - 8.7 kg
Trolley - 2.6 kg
SmartCrane with additional weights - 27.6 kg
Maximum SmartCrane load: 4 kg
2. Assembly.
To assemble the SmartCrane “STORK”, you need to
mount the boom (Slider) in the holder on top of the
Tripod (1) and secure it with knobs 2 and 3. Next you
need to put the brake on and lock it with knobs
(5 and 6).
Tripods Head is equipped with horizontal movement
fixing knob (4). Regulating knobs 2 and 3 lets you
adjust vertical arm movement resistance.
Disassembling occurs in similar manner.
3. Tripod.
Tripod legs are equipped with regulated feet that
let you level SmartCrane despite of bedding.
Tripod is supplied with three wheels for easy
SmartCrane transportation. Each such wheel is
equipped with own break which let you stabilize
SmartCrane properly.
If you’d like to use wheels instead of feet, first you
need to loosen the knob (9) and push the leg
bracing down. Then you need to fix the knob (9)
to secure the
aż do momentu
4. Crane.
Before you start Crane operations, you’ll need to
set right arm length first. Next you’ll have to put
the cord on the head's and the crank's
(10). “STORK”
is supplied
długości.with three cords
of different length. The choice is based on set
arm length.
While operating the crane, the crank (11) let you
move the head and adjust camcorder vertical
The crank and the head are equipped with
independent F-Absorbers - innovative absorbing
systems which guarantee smooth camera
Three basic regulations (12, 13 and 14) helps you to level
camcorder properly. That means that should keep right
vertical position while let freely.
Mounting additional weights (15) at the end of crane arm is necessary for proper crane
functionality. Telescopic system lets you prolong arm’s length on both ends which facilitates crane
LCD holding arm (16) may be mounted in different places, which helps adjusting SmartCrane
to cameraman individual needs.
5. Slider.
To prepare Slider for work, first you’ll have to set
boom (Slider) in desired position and then secure
it with additional supporting arms (17 and 18).
Supporting arms applied properly guarantee
sliders stability. Telescopic design of supporting
elements (17 and 18) allows easy and secure
adjust of Sliders position.
In Slider operation mode, the crank (11) may be
used as a trolley drive.
160 cm
Slider may be used as a separate device.
Thanks to adjustable feet it may be properly
leveled on different bedding and surfaces.
You may also use surrounding equipment,
f. e. chairs, stools or tables as mounting
basis, to get right high or angle.
6. Trolley.
After mounting trolley on sliders rails you
may link it with the cord (19). With linked
trolley, you can use the crank as a trolley
Trolley is equipped with double set of wheels
with adjustable grip. In horizontal and
oblique sliders position, additional wheels act
as brakes.
In vertical sliders position, trolleys
head may be mounted at 90 degrees
angle for easier operations.
While not used, trolley may be attached at the end of cranes arm for easier storage. It also helps to
get right crane balance.
Supplied elements let you transform trolley, making it suitable for independent work. It may be set
to move in straight line or in circles. Silicon overlays effectively eliminate vibrations being result of
harsh surface.
Thank you for choosing our product. We've made all the possible effort to make SmartCrane
“STORK” product of the best quality and exceptional functionality. Please let us know, if operating
our product creates any questions or this User Guide does not explain any issue in sufficient way.
We promise to provide any needed help for you to get full advantage of our product.
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