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Configure iOS Apps User Guide
Configure iOS Apps is a utility that eases the preparation of in-house
apps for distribution to managed mobile devices.
It re-signs your in-house app, creating a version of the app bundle that
is immediately ready for distribution to the mobile devices.
To use Configure iOS Apps, you need:
A computer running macOS 10.6 or newer on which Apple’s
iOS SDK is installed: The provided script requires this operating
system and development environment.
Since LANrev is not required for using Configure iOS Apps, it
often will be easiest to use it on the development computer
that was used to create your in-house apps.
An MDM server that is fully set up (see “Installing MDM
support” in the LANrev User Guide for details)
A valid signing identity, accessible through the macOS
Keychain utility, that corresponds to your organization’s iOS
distribution certificate
An enterprise distribution provisioning profile that is to be
attached to the app. It must correspond to the signing identity.
The iOS app bundle (an .ipa or .app file) that you want to install
Using Configure iOS Apps
To prepare an app for distribution:
Launch Configure iOS Apps.
The Configure iOS Application for Deployment window opens.
Configure iOS Apps User Guide
Configuring LANrev Apps
2. Drag the app package (an .ipa or .app file) to the iOS application
file field or click the Choose button and choose the file.
3. Drag the enterprise provisioning profile to be used for distributing
the app to the Provisioning profile field or click the Choose button
and choose the profile.
4. Choose whether to embed the profile in the final app file by
selecting either Embed provisioning profile in IPA or Create IPA
without embedded provisioning profile.
In most cases, you will want to embed the profile, which makes for
easier and less traffic-intensive employment.
5. In the Signing identity field, enter the name of the Keychain entry
that contains your code-signing certificate that you received from
6. If you are configuring LANrev Apps for deployment, additional
settings must be made in the lower half of the dialog. Perform the
steps described in “Configuring LANrev Apps”, below, before
continuing with step 7 in this procedure.
Click Save.
A standard system Save dialog is displayed.
8. Choose a name and location and click Save.
Configure iOS Apps re-signs the app and saves it as an app bundle at
the chosen location under the specified name.
You can deploy the app as described in the LANrev manual.
Configuring LANrev Apps
LANrev Apps, the mobile client app of LANrev, is configured in the
same way as other apps but offers some additional options in the lower
part of the dialog (which are not displayed for other apps):
Configure iOS Apps User Guide
Configuring LANrev Apps
To configure LANrev Apps for deployment:
Perform the standard configuration steps, as described in step 1
through step 5 in Using Configure iOS Apps, above.
2. In the MDM server URL field, specify the URL of the MDM server
through which you will manage the devices.
Make sure to use a fully qualified URL, that is, the URL as it must
be specified on a device outside of your internal network.
3. If you want LANrev Apps to have a different name when deployed,
enter the desired name in the Custom Application name field.
If you leave this field empty, the app will be deployed as “LANrev
4. If you want to enable geotracking of managed devices on which
this copy of LANrev Apps is installed without enabling it individually
for each device, drag the token that you received from HEAT
Professional Services into this field.
5. If desired, specify a custom icon that LANrev Apps will have when
If you want to use a custom icon, you must always specify the iOS
6 standard resolution icon for iPhone. Optionally, you can specify
additional icons for other devices and for iOS 7 and up. If you do not
specify these additional icons, the standard iOS 6 icon is used to
represent the app. (Any icons specified for iPhones are also used
for the iPod touch.)
The required sizes for the icons are displayed as tooltips when you
point to the icon wells. They are:
iPhone, iOS 6, standard resolution: 57 by 57 pixels
iPhone, iOS 6, retina resolution: 114 by 114 pixels
iPhone, iOS 7, retina resolution: 120 by 120 pixels
iPad, iOS 6, standard resolution: 72 by 72 pixels
iPad, iOS 7, standard resolution: 76 by 76 pixels
iPad, iOS 6, retina resolution: 144 by 144 pixels
iPad, iOS 7, retina resolution: 152 by 152 pixels
To add a graphic as an icon, drag it into the desired well. If the
graphic does not have the required dimensions, it is automatically
To remove an individual icon, click in its well and press the Delete
key. To remove all icons at once, click the Clear All button at the left
of the tab.
6. Continue with step 7 in “Using Configure iOS Apps”.
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Configure iOS Apps User Guide
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