Users Guide Printer 3 v1.1

Users Guide Thermo printer set 3 ”Gebe Flash”
Version 1.1
Firmware in BS7-P > 5.56
Thermo printer set 3
GPT-4378-Flash-IrDA-V.24 thermo-printer
BS7-P Printer-station (read-out station) incl. cable
Power supply 230V–>6V DC
RS232 cable ”mini usb” (printer –> BS7-P)
RS232 cable ”zero-modem” (BS7-P –> dator)
”Service-Off” lilac card
”Clear backup” lilac card
”Print results” lilac card
Inductive coupling stick
”Start” lilac card
10 roles of thermo paper
- Direct printout of times from the SI-card
- Basic result list from the printer
- Mass start
- Changing the print out layout
- Data from Printer station to PC software
- How to charge the internal battery
- Update the BS7-P firmware
- Check and change the settings in the printer
- Set the time in the Printer station
Direct printout of times from the SI-card
Plug in the cable (4) between the Printer and the Printer station
Insert the SI-card into the hole of the Print out station and wait for 1-2 seconds until the print out.
Basic result list from the printer
By inserting the lilac card ”Print result” into the Printer station a basic result list will be printed immediately.
This result list is sorted first by the course and then by the result (finish time – start time). The print out station is
able to sort out 16 different courses depending of the 6 first controls.
How to do it:
Before each event you have to clear the memory of the station. Simply insert the lilac card ”clear
backup memory”. The station will confirm the clearing with one (1) beep.
As soon as you want to print a result list, insert the lilac card ”Print results” and the list will be printed.
NB! Do not forget to clear the memory in the Printer station before the event. The memory can store 1022 SIcard 5 or 340 SI-card 6 or a combination of both. After the memory is full the first data will be overwritten.
Mass start
Normally every runner starts one by one when punching the Start station. However, if a bigger number of
runners will start at the same time in a mass start, it is not convenient that every runner punch. Instead it is from
firmware 5.45 possible to insert a special lilac ”Start” card at the time for the start. The Print out station will now
keep this time as the start time for each runner and when the runner have done the finish punch and read out the
SI-card the start time from the mass start will be used. If some runner in should have another start time it is
possible to mix these both methods. A start punch in the SI-card will overwrite the mass start punch.
How to do it:
Synchronize the clock in the Printer station using the SI-Master or the PC software SI-config.
Synchronize all other stations such as start, finish and the controls to have the same time in all stations
using SI-Master
At the time for the start, insert the lilac card ”Start” into the Printer station.
Changing of the printer layout
It is possible to within some restrictions change the layout of the header and foot of the print out. It is also
possible to “translate” a code number into text, such as a name or a place.
To be able to change the layout you need to use the free software SiPrint. With this software you can change the
layout in the PC and transfer the new layout to the Printer station. The software is available here:
How to do it:
1. Install the software SiPrint
2. Start the software SiPrint.
3. Connect a Master station model BSM7.
4. Place the Printer station upside down on top of the Master station with the inductive coupling stick in
5. Choose the right serial port. If you have a problem to connect to the station try to open the port menu.
6. Make sure you selected”Remote” in the box left of”Clear Layout in station”.
7. Check the connection by pressing the clock icon. Both the time in the PC and the time in the station
should be shown.
8. Open one of the sample layouts and select the Head & Foot to make changes.
9. Save the new layout.
10. Press ”Save layout in station” when you want to transfer the new layout to the station.
11. The message ”Print layout is loaded” confirms that the new layout is stored in the station.
12. Make a test print.
You can select some of the sample layouts that come with the installation. By changing H0 to H1 or H2 the font
will increase.
Open ”sample1_gebe.xml” and select C1-8. Here you can see how code nr. 31 will be written as Paris etc.
OBS! Always end the string with H0, otherwise the font of the times will also be adjusted. This can result
in incomplete columns.
Data from Printer station to PC software
The printer station stores 1022 type SI-card 5, when the memory is full the first SI-card will be overwritten. If
SI-card 6 is used 340 SI-cards can be stored (SI-card 6 use three times the memory size as SI-card 5).
Using for example the PC software OE2003 the data stored in the Printer station can be read out to OE2003 like
Before the event, CLEAR the printer station memory by inserting the lilac card ”Clear backup”.
In OE2003, write in name, class, courses and the SI-card numbers you are going to use.
NB! If a SI-card number is missing in OE2003, this SI-card data will be stored as ”reserve” in
Evaluate SI-cards. They can then be assigned to a runner later.
Connect the Printer station to the PC
a. either via a Master station as ”remote” (use to work better)
b. or directly via the zero modem cable as ”direct”
Start software OE2003.
Select Competition day / read SI-cards.
Select the correct serial port.
Select ”Read Master station”.
Make sure it says ”Master” when using method a. in the box above Read or using method b. it should
say “direct”.
Press ”Read” (if you get read error, try changing the serial port and try again). When all SI-cards are
read in, press Save to insert them into OE2003.
How to charge the internal battery
This Printer is equipet with an internal rechargable battery.
NB! Since the Printer is always on (it goes into sleep mode when it is not used) it consumes minimum
power. It should be charged the day before you want to use it to make sure there is enough power.
How to charge it:
1. Check that the power supply is set to 6 voltage.
2. Connect the power supply to 230 voltage.
3. Connect the round plug to the printer.
4. The green status LED should now start to flash to indicate the beginning of the charging cycle..
• A fully dischaged battery will be charged in 3-4 hours.
• When the battery is almost charged the green LED will be fixed and not flashing. The battery is not yet
fully charged so it needs 1-2 hours more to be fully charged.
It is possible to print at the same time as the battery is charged.
Update the BS7-P firmware
Since both the calculating of the times and the layout for print out is coming from the Printer station, it is very
important that the firmware is up to date. Sportident recommend that you several times per Year checks for
updates. The firmware is available here: In the right column
under Firmware update you find all necessary information.
Trouble shooting
The internal battery is not recharging
Strange text is printed
Times are not calculated or calculated wrongly
Check that the power supply is set to 6 voltage.
Check that the green status LED starts to flash
immediately when the power supply is connected. If
not, there might be a problem with the power supply.
The settings in the printer have been changed. Change
the settings of the printer.
Check the time of the Printer station. Make sure it has
the same time as all other stations. Look at Set the
time in the Printer station.
Change the settings of the printer
If the settings in the printer has been changed the print out will look strange.
Check the settings like this:
Press both the buttons at the same time for 1 second. Then release both buttons at the same time.
The correct settings should be like this:
Welcome to the OPD menu x.xx
Setup timeout after 10 minutes
Actual Printer settings:
Ubat: 5.4 V
Tbat: 21 C
(shows the internal battery voltage, fully charged should be above 5.5 volt)
(shows the printer temperature)
Firmware: GE-3300 (shows the firmware of the printer, not to be mixed up with the firmware of the Print out
Speed/Quality: med (64)/med
4800 ,n,8,Tx+
5 sec
Font #:
Char. format:D0,W0,H0,S0,48
if the settings is wrong comparing to above press the button FEED/ENTER to change the settings.
first setting is now printed (Denisty: 25).
a. To change this, press FEED/ENTER serveral times until the correct value is printed.
b. To move on the next setting without changing anything press OFF/NEXT
go through all the settings change them into the correct values.
exit the setting by pressing both the buttons at the same time. SETUP FINISHED is printed.
Set the time in the printer station
To be able to calculate times more than 12h and when
mid day the internal clock in the Printer station in
conjunction with the finish station is used. Therefore it is
important that the time in the Printer station is
synchronized with the finish station. Therefore you
should set the time every month.
Connect the Printer station using the zero
modem cable to the PC serial port.
Start SIConfig
Select the correct serial port.
Select ”direct” mode
Check and adjust the PC clock to official time.
Press the”set time” button.
Confirm by pressing “ok”
Check the times in the check box.
Press ok to confirm.
Have fun using Sportident!
Sportident International AB, phone +46 8 654 71 40
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