Pilot Lite V1522 Data Sheet

Pilot Lite V1522
Matrix Switching and Control System
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Big Functionality for Small CCTV Systems
• 32 camera x 8 monitor system supports PTZ and fixed cameras
• Easy-to-use Configurator simplifies system setup and programming
• Touch-sensitive front panel brings control of many common functions to your fingertips
• Multiple alarm, event, tour and preset options
The Pilot Lite™ V1522 Matrix Switching and Control
System is the ideal system to control smaller scale
CCTV systems of up to 32 cameras by 8 monitors.
Everything you need to connect cameras, monitors,
keypads, receivers and alarms is contained in a single
unit. Programming the system is accomplished using
the built-in Configurator. The Configurator provides
an intuitive graphical user interface that enables you
to set up system parameters, such as :
Timed or Triggered Event Programming
Keypad Setup
Receiver Profile Configuration
Camera Setup
Titling and Identification of Cameras, Monitors
and Presets
Monitor Setup
Salvo and Tour Configuration
Alarm Processing Configuration
Manual and sequential switching options are supported,
including ascending order and random order switching.
Full camera-monitor partitioning and up to 32 timed
events may be programmed. Default camera-monitor
assignments or a default tour may be programmed for
power-on system startup after a power outage.
Switching modes also include salvo or zone switching
and sequencing salvos, with up to eight camera-monitor
pairs per salvo. These may be selected manually or
automatically. Salvos may be called up manually or by
alarm. Each salvo can have a unique combination of
camera, monitor, and preset position.
The Pilot Lite also provides touch-sensitive front panel
controls with an integral keypad and LCD display. Many
common operations can be performed using the front
panel controls.
Technical Specifications
Input Voltage: Current:
Power Consumption: Alarm Inputs: 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz.
60 W.
All inputs are NC or active high (CMOS/
TTL compatible).
32 inputs from receivers; 32 direct alarm
Alarm Output: Normally open (NO) relay closure
provides operation of remote units such
as VCRs under alarm conditions. Relay
rated at 1 A, 30 V.
Application: Indoor.
Mounting: All units may be rack mounted in a
Dimensions: Width (W): 17.63 in. (448 mm).
standard EIA compliant rack,
Depth (D): 15 in. (381 mm).
Height (H): 3.5 in. (89 mm).
Weight: 16.3 lb (7.4 kg).
Color: Front Panel: Silver; Case: Black.
Video Input Level: Input/Output
Impedance: Input to Input
Isolation: Video Gain: Video Frequency
Flatness: Total Bandwidth: Tilt: Field/Line
Short-Time Distortion: Chrominance to
Luminance Delay: Crosstalk Isolation: Operating
Temperature Range: 32 to 122° F (0 to 50° C).
Humidity Range: Up to 90%, noncondensing.
1.0 V p-p nominal.
Terminated: 75 ohms.
Looping: High impedance (6.8 kohm).
Typical -52 dB at 4.2 MHz.
Unity, ±0.3 dB.
100 kHz to 10 MHz ±0.9 dB.
1 Hz to 20 MHz, @ -3 dB.
Less than 1%.
Less than 1%.
Less than 50 nsec.
Typically -50 dB at 4.2 MHz between two
adjacent input channels routed to two
adjacent output channels.
Hum and Noise: 70 dB below 1 V p-p up to
5 MHz.
Ratio: Greater than 61 dBrms typical
unweighted,15 kHz to 5 MHz.
Connectors: Video Inputs: 32 BNC connectors;
Video Outputs: 8 BNC connectors;
Alarm Inputs: 32 on two terminal blocks;
Looping Video Outputs: 4 D-Shell
Alarm Relay Outputs: 3 on terminal block;
Keypad Inouts: 6 on terminal block;
Receiver Inputs: 6 on terminal block;
Audioswitch: D-Shell connector for
connection to Relay/Audio-Follow-Video
PC Connections: Mouse PS/2, Keyboard
PS/2, VGA Output, Serial Output 9-Pin
D-Shell, RJ-45 network, 2 USB 2.0,
S-Video output, Composite video output
(Not Used), microphone input, line input,
speaker output.
Product Code 9145-00
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